Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari tells Hanuman he is very proud of him. Matang Rishi says everyone is proud of the son who gives his best to fulfil his parents’ words. Hanuman says I got pretty late in fulfilling the fast. Mother should not delay anymore. He leaves to bring the puja thaal. Anjana does puja of Chandra Dev while Matang Rishi says the mantras. Anjana completes her puja. Hanuman feeds her water and kheer. Nani says your mother got extra energy after eating from her son’s hands. Kesari affirms the fact. She was alive as soon as she saw you. Anjana wants to know how Shani Dev forgave Chandra Dev. Hanuman agrees to tell her everything in detail, but first tell me what you want to eat. She replies that he is her everything. Your mere presence before my eyes is enough for me. They share a hug. Kesari

remarks that a mother and kid’s real happiness is in their touch and nearness. This relation is a hint of God itself.

At night, it is all stormy outside. Hanuman comes outside. He hears someone laughing evilly. It is time. You wont be able to do anything. Hanuman looks up surprised. What is it? The shadow laughs. This is what will happen with your loved ones now. Hanuman is taken aback. It even burnt the tree here. He asks the shadow to stop. Who are you? He notices the shadow nearing the main door of the palace. He tries to fly up but the shadow has bound him to his place. The shadow drops something and there appears a crack. Hanuman wakes up with a start. Anjana hears his voice. Hanuman is shaken up. It was a very bad dream. Anjana comes there calling out his name. He is still thinking of the dream. Anjana wipes the sweat off his face. What happened? She hugs him. Did you see a bad dream? He nods. She says dreams are an illusion. When you are strong in mind then a person can not just change situations but his future too. Kesari too joins them. I heard Hanuman’s voice. What happened? ANjana shares that he saw a bad dream. Kesari gives him flowers which were offered to Mahadev. Keep them near you while you sleep. You wont see any bad dreams then. Anjana notices Hanuman still looking restless. Keep your head in my lap. You wont be scared then. Kesari offers to sleep with his son. Anjana and Kesari sweetly fight with who will sleep with Hanuman. Hanuman ends up smiling big time. Let’s see who wins. Hanuman says neither Ma nor father. Today I will sleep with both of you. The one who has his parents hand on his hand cannot be disturbed by anything. I will sleep between you both. They end up sharing a family hug. All three of them lie down to sleep. Kesari advises Hanuman not to go get scared after seeing bad dream. The situation can be any but stay strong. Hanuman agrees. They decide to practise tomorrow.

Hanuman peeks at this parents. Why will a kid worry when his parents are with him? Anjana asks Hanuman what happened. Sleep now. He demands to hear her lullaby. Anjana happily sings the lullaby. Hanuman falls asleep in no time.

Hanuman wakes up. Maybe I got late. He looks for his mace. Father said we will practise today. He picks up both his and his father’s mace. It will be fun. Anjana tells him to freshen up first and eat something. He denies and rushes out.

Kesari asks his commander to call someone who can decipher dreams. Hanuman saw a bad dream yesterday. The commander agrees. Kesari smiles when Hanuman comes there holding both the maces. Go in the practise area. I will just come.

A soldier greets Hanuman. Hanuman is excited to see another new trick of fighting from his father. My father knows a lot many tricks. I used them to fight with the Asuras. The soldier nods. Kesari comes there. Hanuman gives him his mace today. I will practise with yours today. Kesari agrees. Kesari feels somewhat weird while practising. Hanuman can sense that something is wrong with his father’s feet. He gets concerned but Kesari pretends like nothing is wrong. Focus on your practise. They resume practise but Kesari is not feeling well. Hanuman leaves his mace with a soldier and does the same with his father’s. Kesari asks for his mace but Hanuman insists upon his father to show him his feet. There are sores under his feet. You must be in pain.

Kaal Dev thinks Hanuman would have completed his mother’s fast by now. He should have been here now but he did not. He deserves to be punished as per the rules.

Precap: Narad ji tells Hanuman that some situations have gone against him. You will have to face it. Anjana asks him about it. Narad ji shares that you make a few mistakes while trying to clean out darkness. Hanuman did something similar. Some Gods mistook it to be a sin and have decided to punish Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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