Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Mansarovar Lake
Rishi durvasa stands near the mansarovar lake, with other pious saints. he addresses his men that if they keep heading east towards this road, then they shall reach well in time. he says that its time to return, and without any delay, they need to start their journey. he leads while others comply. while pacing ahead, he keeps urging his men to move at a faster speed, to reach before sunrise anyhow. they comply.

Scene 2:
Location: Fiery Caves, Pataal Lok
Hanuman talks to himself wondering what to do, as he is stuck inside this cave, and doesnt know a way out, and wonders how to find the pious Kalpavriksha. he wonders what to do, and then thinks that the tree he is here t save, fulfills everyone’s wish, and closes

his eyes and prays to the tree, to help him out, to find the tree, and requests of some signal as to where is he. meanwhile, upaaksh warns the tree that he has set the funeral pyre, and that if he doesnt comply to his wishes, he shall be turned into ashes within seconds. but the tree doesnt waiver. he warns him, igniting a ball of fire, that he shall burn him down. suddenly, a leaf starts glowing and upaaksh gets hopeful that he finally is complying. but the leaf leaves the tree, and falls on the ground, losing its brilliance, tha forms a ball of light, and moves away, while the leaf stands withered and lifeless. he is enraged and fumes at this audacity. he decides to burn it down, and then burns the rope tying the tree. Meanwhile, the light finds it way to hanuman who is shocked to see it, and then finds a shadow of the tree inside it, and understands that its been sent by the tree itself to guide him. he immediately starts flying with the leaf, that finally leads him to the place where upaaaksh and his men have kept the tree captive. they are shocked to find hanuman there. he says that he has tread in his territory and that isnt the rightful thing to do. hanuman requests them that the tree’s rightful place isnt here, and that he be allowed to take this tree with him. He says that he wont be allowed to do so. upaaksh comes to attack him, but he resists his attack, and he falls some feet away. they both eye each other tensedly. he makes another lunge ahead, but hanuman makes him retreat this time too. others are surprised ans shocked. upaaksh continues to try, while hanuman says that he merely uses muscle power, but he himself uses brain too with muscle power, and thwarts his third attempt too. a furious Upaakash shows his true self, to scare and threaten him, by screaming aloud, and gaining him magnified status, as a giant demon. all are stunned to see it, as hanuman eyes him tensedly. he understands this is the true self, he was warned about. upaaksh ignites a ball of fire, and then says that he wouldnt be able to do anything to save this tree from him, and right in front of his eyes, he shall turn this tree into ashes, and he wont be able to do nothing. hanuman gets tensed, while upaaksh guffaws. hanuman gets to praying, to Lord. Vishnu and Maa. Lakshmi, so that their boon materialises and he is allowed to get Varah Avatar. they both bless him from the heavens, and he too gets the varah avatar, amidst huge thunderstorm. Upaaksh is shocked, and understands that he knows the way of his death, and decides to kill him before that happens. he progresses towards Hanuman, with rage and fury and then hanuman too starts walking, as they confront each other. In that final collision, hanuman pushes him, and he is thrown to the ground, with a huge thud, that brings him back to normal self. As upaaksh lies on ground, whimpering and wicing in pain, hanuman returns back on the ground. the others think that hanuman shall kill them too, after having killed Upaaksh and hence scurry away. hanuman progresses towards the demon, and he is lifted up in the air, as he vanishes into thin air. then he finds that the tree is becoming holy and sacred yet again, from its whithering form. he salutes the tree, and says that he wont allow any harm to befall on him, and shall take the tree back safe and sound.

Scene 3:
Location: Fields
Anjani waits anxiously for hanuman to return, as the sun starts rising, and she gets tensed that the sunrise can happen anytime now. she is tensed for hanuman and the tree, while durvasa and his men have still not returned. Kesri too stands beside her. he assures her that the work which is done with full sincerity and dedication, is never unsuccessful, and that it might take time, but it does succeed and that he has full faith on hanuman that he shall get back the tree at its rightful place, before Durvasa returns back, and keeps his parent’s promise. Finally, they find that Hanuman had indeed returned back with the tree, and places it back to its rightful position, while the beaming parents suport him with pride. they praise hanuman while he places it back at its plac. all are overjoyed and ecstatic. Hanuman comes back to his child form, and then humbly bows before the tree. his parents too bow, and mention that they are grateful that they got its blessings yet once again, in such times of trouble. hanuman then bows down to his parents. he is blessed, and kesri tells him that he knew that his son shall return back in time. she says that she is extremely relieved now. hanuman gives them credit for this sucess, by giving him the power of courage and faith that he could do it, that made him do it. kesri says that he knew with his courage and dedication, he would manage to succeed. The screen freezes on his face.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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