Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the Naamkaran Puja, Anjana whispers Shivansh in Hanuman’s ears. Hanuman instead asks her if his garland is real. She smiles and goes back to her seat. It is kesari’s turn next. He has chosen Harishwar. A lot many people tell many names to him but he only smiles back in return. Anjana and Kesari get tensed as he is not choosing any name. It is Sugriv’s turn now. A sage suggests him to speak the name that he has chosen in Hanuman’s ears. Maybe he will choose the name that you have thought of. Sugriv nods. He thinks of what his brother had suggested – Markat. He will choose that name. Hanuman has a big broad smile as he looks at Sugriv. Everyone waits with bated breath. Sugriv has chosen – Kanchanabha. Sugriv is all peaceful when he looks at Hanuman but his smile disappears

when he collides with his brother Vali who is standing there only. Hanuman observes them keenly.

Vali greets everyone. He knew that Surgiv has a soft corner for Hanuman. This is why I have come here myself to tell him a name that will suit him appropriately. Sugriv goes against his brother and holds out the kundli before him. Hanuman hugs him instead. Everyone looks on in amazement. Sugriv becomes emotional. Vali snatches the kundli from Sugriv’s hands when Hanuman takes his seat again. Hanuman breaks in a chuckle. Vali is happy thinking that now he will choose Markat only. Everyone will mock you then. Vali whispers Markat in Hanuman’s ears. Hanuman starts laughing. Sugriv doesn’t want Hanuman to choose Markat. Hanuman holds Vali’s hand suddenly. Vali is in pain as Hanuman does so with force but he cannot show it to anyone. Sugriv is worried. BHaiya cannot free his hand from Kanchanabha. He addresses Hanuman. Why are you holding Bhaiya’s hand instead of the kundli? He shakes his head at Hanuman so he lets go of Vali’s hand. Poor Vali is relieved. My fame was about to go for a toss. He mentally vows to take revenge from the Markat. Vali and Surgiv take their respective seats.

Anjana wonders why her son does not like any of those beautiful names. What’s going on in his mind? Will he not have any name? She prays to Lord Ganpati. Strong wind starts blowing. Vayu Dev appears there just then. Everyone gets up to greet him. Vali pulls his hands down blinded by his arrogance. Vayu Dev greets the sages and then signals everyone to sit down. Vayu Dev addresses Hanuman. Everyone is so excited to know your name. Vayu Dev whispers Maruti in Hanuman’s ears. Hanuman calls out for his Ma. His parents rush to his side. Vayu Dev gets disheartened thinking that Hanuman dint like that name. He recalls that he will have to take the kundli in his hand as per the tradition to tell everyone that he has chosen that particular name. He holds the kundli. Maruti echoes in the background.

Precap: The Anna-Prashan ceremony is next. Vayu Dev gets the right to do it. Anjana tells Maruti to open his mouth wide. Hanuman opens his mouth.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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