Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxman picking the chariot wheel and he is in anger, laxman shouts ravana!! And says you hurt my brother and I will not leave you now. Hanuman thinks if laxman attacks then lord ram will have to step back from war. Lord indra says if laxman does anything dangerous and attacks ravana then lord ram will accept defeat, agni dev says yes lord ram is true to his promises and whatever may happen he will not step back from his promise. There laxman shouts ravana and says I will kill you as you injured my brother, ravana thinks if I make laxman angry and make him attack then ram will accept defeat, ravana says you all raghuvanshi are the same and you laxman have to shut up and stand like those monkeys because you can not do anything except just shout, lord ram can

not see behind as he will have to step back and says I hope laxman doesn’t attack ravana. Hanuman says I will do something and as laxman is about to throw the wheel, hanuman becomes big and comes in front of laxman and says please stop laxman brother, ravana says this monkey will foil my plans.tara devi is worried for ram. Hanuman tells laxman that please remember lord rams promise and he will accept defeat if anyone attacks ravana and please don’t attack him. Laxman thinks and comes back to senses and says how could I do this mistake? And I am sorry and thanks hanuman for saving me from doing a mistake and being the reason for brother rams defeat. Hanuman comes back to normal size.
There ravana takes his chariot at a more height and says this height wil give me advantage against you. ravana attacks a divyastra and lord ram attacks with an arrow too. The arrow destroys the divyastra attack but 2 arrows are left and they come and hit the ground. Ravana says see I told you I have an advantage over height. Hanuman thinks this ravana is evil and he will use the height to defeat lord ram and I have to help lord. Hanuman starts walking ahead, sugreeva says no hanuman can never do something which will be the reason for lord rams defeat. Lord indra in heaven says what is hanuman doing? Hanuman steps ahead, ram says hanuman don’t lose your anger and do anything. Hanuman stops and says prabhu you said we can not attack but I can at least be your chariot, lord ram smiles. Hanuman says I can bring you to the height of where ravana is there and you can attack him. Lord ram says are you sure because if I stand on you then even you can not step back. Hanuman says takes an oath and says I swear on my mother mata anjani that I will not step behind even 1 step. Ram smiles. Ravana till then attacks a gadha on ram, hanuman runs ahead and become big and ram climbs on shoulders. They stand strong and ram attacks an arrow which turn into gadha and destroys ravana gadha. Ravana is angry and attacks more divya astra’s, lord ram attacks his weapons and neutralizes the attacks. Lord ram then attacks a chakra which breaks ravanas weapon before he attacks, ram attacks another chakra on ravana but mata tara devi protects ram. Hanuman says lord, we can not attack ravana as he is being protected by tara devi but we can attack his weapons and his chariot which is not protected by tara devi. Lord ram says that is true hanuman and I will attack like that. Lord ram attacks a blue arrow on the chariot and it shakes, ravana gets angry and says now I will use mahadev’s great bow and arrow. Ravana gets lord shankar’s bow and arrow and attacks and says that monkey now its your work too, to keep up to the oath ram has taken and if you step back he will lose. Lord Shankar smiles.
The arrow removes tornado and there is vigorous storm, lord rams army is coming back from the vigorous air and say this storm is strong. Hanuman stands strong and lord ram stands strong on hanuman’s shoulder.

Precap: sugreeva says ravana it is sunset and the war gets over at sunset and stop now. Ravana says now even sunset can not stop me from attacking the great brahma astra. Ravana attacks the brahma astra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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