Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram telling sita you are not safe here so you have to go from here. Sita says yes lord but I wont live in lanka’s palace and you are still in exile, so even I cant live in any palace or nagar. Vibhishan says then we can take mata to anashwar cave where no evil can enter and it can not be destroyed. Lord ram says that is proper and where is the cave? Vibhishan says it is in front of lanka palace. Lord ram says that is a good option and laxman you take sita to anashwar cave. Laxman says yes brother and he takes sita and some soldiers and commanders.
There shatanand laughs and his fiery heads spray lightning, poison and fire bolts from their mouth on the army. A soldier says if shatanand comes in front of us, lord will kill him but he is hiding

and attacking us. Lord ram attacks arrows and everyone on ground destroy the attacks with their weapons. In heaven, indra dev says shatanand is doing all possible attacks to bring everyone on his planet.
There lord ram and everyone fight the attacks. Hanuman goes in the sky and he attacks the bolts of the heads. The heads of shatanand say you cant kill us, they come towards hanuman, hanuman says you think you will kill me? Hanuman destroys the heads. Everyone is happy and hanuman comes down.
There laxman is taking sita with her servants and vibhishans daughter and sita’s lady soldier guard. Three heads come there and laugh. Shatanand says did you think you will escape? No. laxman removes and arrow and says I will not let anything happen to mata sita. Laxman attacks the arrow, the heads dodge and laugh. Then one head turns into a monster and it stands very tall. The commanders say wait brother laxman, we will fight him. They both head towards the monster, but the monster kills the commanders with one lightning attack. The other soldiers attack too but are killed. Hanuman listens from the sky and he come son ground and stands tall. Laxman smiles. Hanuman then fights the monster and throws it behind. Laxman attacks arrow , hanuman tells sita and the women to go in the cave. They go. Hanuman then hits the monster with his gadha and it falls down but later gets up. Hanuman says why didn’t it die with my gadha blow? Laxman attacks the heads. Hanuman again hits the monster on the head with his gadha, the monster is destroyed. Hanuman comes back to his normal size and flies to the battlefield. There shatanand says I will force everyone to come on my planet, father says this hanuman was the reason for the death of ravana’s demon warriors. Shatanand says this was just the start and now I will show them my extreme power.
In heaven, indra dev says shatanand is attacking devi sita and trying to force lord ram to go on shatanand’s planet and fight him.
There sita’s lady soldier guard says the terror has become silent, vibhishan’s daughter says ys and maybe lord ram must have killed shatanand. Sita says no, this is the silence before the storms and I think shatanand is bring something very dangerous upon everyone. Suddenly the earth starts trembling again and lightning. Shatanand’s voice says now ram has to come and fight me here on my planet otherwise I with my power will destroy earth and all of you.
There lord ram says he is luring us on his planet but this is the truth, I have to go to shatanand to destroy him. Hanuman says no lord, I will go and fight shatanand. Lord ram says no hanuman, you cannot go alone and shatanand is very powerful even more than ravana and to fight him everyone here has to go, but no. only I alone will go as everyone has to rest. Hanuman says no lord, everyone will come wont we? No one says anything. Hanuman says lord see, no said anything and let them rest but I will not rest until shatanand is killed. Angad says I am the prince of kishkindha and even I will come and fight with you and lord ram hanuman. Sugreeva says a king rests only when the battle is over and I will not rest until shatanand is killed, even I will come. All commanders says yes lord ram and hanuman, we all will come and fight shatanand. The soldiers say we all will come. Hanuman says see lord ram, where there is excitement to fight, there is no rest so everyone will come. Lord ram smiles and says but shatanand’s planet is 7 planets far and we have to travel through space. How will we take all this army there?

Precap: hanuman gets tall and is continuously increasing his height saying jai shree ram. Hanuman gets tall and tall and tall. He finally gets so tall that he reaches deeper space from earth itself and shatanand stands tall on his planet. Hanuman stands tall in front of shatanand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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