Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying that ravana is trying to trick him into a trap and he is showing all his faces. Suddenly some monsters come and surround hanuman and say you monkey we will take our revenge by destroying you. Hanuman says seems ravana has released you from hell and lets see what you can do. Vidyut appears and says i have invested most of my powers into these monetser so you wont be able to defeat them. Hanuman smiles. All the monsters start removing lightning from the sky. Vidyut says laxman will die again. There the four troll like mosters are protecting meghnad. laxman removes his bow and aims at them. Hanuman says vidyut is trying to distract me and laxmannis in danger, i will finish them off and go from here. All monsters attack with lightning balls, hanuman

dodges and disappears. Vidyut says where is he gone? Find that monkey. Everyone is finding hanuman when hanuman appears behind one monster and says i am here. Monster says see hanuman is here’ hanuman attacks the monster and gives him a blow, he goes into the sun. Hanuman defeats other monsters as well. He tells vidyut now what will you do? I killed your monsters.there vibhishan is attacked by a huge monster protecting meghnad. Meghnad is getting power from the sky. Laxman attacks a monster, but in vain. Vibhishan is attacked, he dodges. The monster falls down after vibhishans blow. Monster gets up and attacks with an air bolt continuously. Vibhishan prays and gets a dagger and throws at the monster, but in vain. Seeing vibhishan in trouble, laxman jumps and attacks the arrow into the eye of monster which dies.
There vidyut says you pledged to kill me but you cant. Vidyut says look behind once. Hanuman sees and all monsters are still alive.vidyut says they can not be killed easily and they die only in the hands of lord narayan or krishna. As ram is the other soul of krishna. Hanuman thinks he should take vidyut to earth. Hanuman goes and puts his leg on vidyut and pins him to the back, he pins him down on earth. All monsters go behind hanuman shouting for him. Hanuman goes and everyone see him down. Hanuman tells ram that lord thses monsters can be killed only from the hands of lord krishna so kill them. Monsters laugh and says what will this meagre human kill us. A monster runs towards ram and ram attacks with arrow, he dies. Other monsters are shocked amd one says attack together. Three of them run towards ramm he attacks with triple arrows, they die. Ram attacks each ome with his arrows before they come charging towards him. Their leader says i will kill you human, he runs towards ram with his gadha and attacks, ram by then puts dagger inside the monster. Everyone gets scared for once but monster dies. Vidyut screams and says i will kill you. Hanuman takes him and attacks him and throws him towards rams feet and kills him. Vidyut falls at rams legs and dies, hanuman says your place is at his feet. Vidyut dies and disappears. Everyone say jai shree ram.
There at ravanas palace, ravana is telling his advisor that everything is going as planned. Vidyut must have killed that monkey by now and meghnad is getting his powers from the gods whom i have held captive.advisor says no, and shows him the scene of vidyut getting killed. Ravana says no he got killed and how did this happen. Advisor says ram and hanuman and their army will reach the palace. Ravan says no i have a plan.

Precap: ravana tells advisor the gods will give my son meghnad power as i have held them captive and no one will be able to defeat him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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