Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev agrees to give another chance to Hanuman. You cannot break the rules though. You will have to wait for your chance. Hanuman thanks him for the same. He stands in the queue. He keeps looking at the time. Jayant thinks Hanuman’s worry is right. He might lose the chance to find his Guru within the time limit.

It is Jayant’s turn. He tells Surya Dev that he will come after Hanuman. It is important for him to find a Guru today. It isn’t a necessity for me. He might lose the chance of having a Guru otherwise. All the other kids follow suit. Surya Dev is surprised. Hanuman smiles. It is his turn now.

The citizens of Sumeru call for help as they run helter-skelter. The Asuras follow them. They are after the kids. All the citizens think of going to Sumeru

as they will be safe there. Hanuman’s friends run upon noticing the Asuras. They all get tired. They remember Hanuman’s guidance. We should be patient and brave when in problem. One of the friends knows a shortcut. They run towards that direction as the Asuras close in on them. Neel stops all of a sudden. I should do something. His friend asks him to come. Your life will be in trouble this way. Neel says I have learnt it from Hanuman. I should save my friends.

Surya Dev allows Hanuman to step forward. Hanuman thanks all the kids. Surya Dev tells Hanuman to pass his test. Hanuman nods. I am ready for any test. Surya Dev asks him a question. You are blessed with so many boons. You have done great tasks like freeing the Nav-Grah. Why do you want to make me your Guru?

Anjana and Kesari pray on the riverside. They pray that Surya Dev accepts Hanuman as his disciple. Kesari adds that Hanuman is lucky to know who his Guru is. I couldn’t find one but my son is lucky.

Surya Dev waits for Hanuman’s answer. Hanuman is in thoughts. Ma told me that it is predestined who a kid’s parents’, Guru will be. I am sure you only have been chosen as my Guru by destiny. I cannot gain the same knowledge from anyone else which I can actually gain from you. It is also predestined that I wont be able to meet the one, to meet whom I have taken birth.

Ravan is angry thinking about Narayan’s Nar Avatar. Kaikasi is upset over it too. I have dreamt a lot about your fame and success. That cheater Vishnu has taken Nar Avatar. What have you done to end him? Ravan shares that Narayan will have to come out of his hiding place after what he is doing. My Asuras are kidnapping kids from all over the world.

Neel, his friend and another kid stay back to stop the Asuras while all the other people head towards the palace. They attack the Asuras. This makes them angry. They kidnap the kids.

Ravan shares that as per his orders, all the kids will be left in Dandak Van. No one but the Asuras can be there. That jungle is full of wild animals. The Raakshas will eat all the kids one by one. Narayan’s Nar Avatar will have to come to save them. I will kill him then! no one can stop me from killing him now!

Surya Dev asks hanuman if this is his answer. Hanuman nods. Narad ji is anxious. Hanuman only has little time left now. Surya Dev asks Hanuman how many answers he gave for one question. Hanuman thinks and says I gave 3 answers. Surya Dev calls it speaking extra than required. You gave too many answers for one question. Jayant wonders if Hanuman said something wrong. Narad ji gets worried for Hanuman. Hope Surya Dev does not refuse him now.

Anjana prays Hanuman’s wish gets fulfilled.

Hanuman thinks maybe he made a mistake. Surya Dev wont accept me as his disciple now.

Anjana looks at the setting sun. Don’t know what would be happening in Surya Loka.

Surya Dev shares that it is also an art to finish your point in less words. That person is called intelligent. I will teach you how to give one answer to one question. Hanuman smiles realising that he has been accepted by Surya Dev. Surya Dev confirms it. Everyone is happy for Hanuman. Hanuman greets Surya Dev with folded hands.

Precap: Hanuman reaches some place. No one is here. I got late. Guru Dev must be upset with me. Surya Dev questions Hanuman for coming late. He begins to state the reason when Surya Dev interrupts him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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