Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
Rama asks sugriva to start with the final rites of his elder brother, while all are grieving. his wife screams and lashes that she wouldnt let it, or else she too shall die along with her husband, as what shall become of his son now, who was to be the future king. but ram relieves him of this tension, and instructs sugriva. sugriva proclaims that he shall consider angad his own son, and shall not cause any trouble to baali’s wife too. sugriva rejoices as he unites back with his wife. he then turns to rama, and asks him for further instructions, so that they can find his wife, Sita. but rama asks him to handle the responsibilities of his kingdom first., and after the rainy season, they can meet again, to find her. sugriva

extends his hospitality, but he denies saying that he cant as his father wants him to stay in jungles, and not in palaces. sugriva took over the kingdom and complies to his wishes, while rama, along with laxman and hanuman wait inside the cave to see the rainy season get over. after a couple of months, the rainy season is over, but sugriva is still drowned in the vices of being a king. laxman gets enraged, at the promise that sugriva had made, but never complies. hanuman senses his rage and decides to go and check on sugriva, as to why she didnt keep his promise.

As expected, sugriva is drowned in the glories of royalty. Hanuman arrives in sugriva’s courtroom, saying that he needs to know whats going on and act fast, as he cant afford delay, or else soon, they shall all have to face an enraged laxman’s ire and that shall be very difficult. sugriva is least bothered as he continues his merriment. hanuman reminds him of his duty, responsibilities, and how he is betraying ram right now. sugriva asks him not to worry, as he shall himself come and talk to lord rama. but hanuman’s tension isnt in vain. An angered laxman arrives and throws one arrow that straightens them up completely. sugriva is taken aback, while hanuman rushes out to calm him down. laxman is enraged, but he somehow manages to pacify him, saying that now sugriva is out of his royal fetishes, which he had gotten lost in. but a furious laxman swears that in a single arrow, he shall burn down his entire reign. they both calm him down somehow. sugriva complies to helping rama and apologise too.

In the caves, sugriva apologises to rama, for the way he misbehaved, and forgot his promise. rama readily forgives him, and then hugs him tight. they decide to set their task now. hanuman is instructed to do the needful. hanuman reaches the top of the cliff, and sets his shankh resonating in four directions, that gathers in monkeys from all corners of the world, while he meditatingly plays the shankh. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Hanuman asks lord rama that if he meets sita, then how shall she believe, that he has been sent by him. rama takes off his ring, and gives it to him, as a sign of his recognition.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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