Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalnemi and Jatayu engage in a fight.

Hanuman notices the water approaching real fast. I only have one option – to put this mountain in front of the water. This mountain is too huge. I will have to think of something. I will pick it up with full confidence. Hanuman greets the mountain. Only you can help me in this problem. I am helpless in this situation. He expands his size so as to pick the mountain and flies away. He notices the Garud Kid still at the same place. Maybe he got affected because of fire. I will have to quickly keep the mountain in the way of water or everyone will be drowned.

Citizens see Hanuman in the air. Hanuman will save us by keeping the mountain before water. We will be saved. They cheer for Hanuman. Everyone looks relieved. Hanuman places the

mountain before water so as to divert its direction. Tridev’s smile. Everyone cheers for Hanuman. Kesari and Anjana look on proudly.

Jatayu is relieved to see the scene. Kalnemi thinks to run so as to save himself as this is the right time. Jatayu throws his weapon at him. You got saved this time. I will kill you if you come to this side next time.

Vali is happy that he ended Sumeru with his strength. Hanuman will also die with it. Why should I become friends with you when there is no one left to challenge my greatness? Kalnemi comes there just then and informs them about Hanuman saving Sumeru again. Vali calls it impossible. I saw Sumeru getting drowned in water by my own eyes. Kalnemi says that water went in that direction but not inside Sumeru. Vali angrily calls Hanuman Markat. You are a hindrance in my way. I will be at peace only after killing you!

Hanuman comes to save his Garud friend (Jitanta) next. He touches Hanuman’s feet but Hanuman makes him get up. They share a hug. Jitanta thanks Hanuman for saving him today. Hanuman says I am always with you.

Ravan fills Vali’s ears against Hanuman. He is Chiranjeevi. It is impossible to kill him but it is possible to hurt him. your strength alone wont suffice for it. you will need my maya for it. Vali says I only hate Hanuman. Ravan thinks to make use of it against Hanuman. That kid has unusual powers. He can fly, can jump across rivers, increase or decrease his size, and can roam in the galaxy freely. It is not easy to defeat him. Vali tells him to stop. I am the great Vali! I have Indra’s boon. Whichever enemy will come before me will share half of his powers automatically with me. I will kill that Markat with the very same boon. Ravan suggests him to gain equal powers first. I am your friend. I can help you gain all the powers using maya. Accept my friendship. We both can defeat that vanar kid together. We can become most powerful by being together. Vali gets thinking. Can he (Ravan) really acquire magical powers?

Hanuman hugs his mother and father one by one. Anjana says my son is so strong and brave. I had full faith in you that you wont let anything happen to anyone. Jitanta also greets everyone. Citizens cheer for Hanuman.

Ravan extends his hand towards Vali. We will rule in the future. No helper of that Narayan’s Nar avatar wont survive. You are great. You deserve to be the King. Your friend Ravan is eager to help you in this journey. He produces Agni on his hands. This will be the witness to our friendship. We will rule for forever. Vali thinks if he is making a mistake by refusing Ravan. I will only make use of it if he comes to my side. but how do I trust him?

Riksharaj asks the crowd if they have any doubt in their head now. Who is to be made your Mahanayak? Everyone gladly takes Hanuman’s name. Hanuman politely refuses to accept the position of Mahanayak. How can a kid be given such big responsibility? I enjoy playing with my friends. Mahanayak should be the one who is brave and powerful like Vali BHaiya.

Ravan says Yuvraaj does not suit you. By becoming a Maharaj you will climb the first step in the ladder of your success. Vali thinks his father is still alive. Ravan reads his thoughts. Take out your father’s thought from your mind. I have a solution to it. Your father is old. You are stronger than him. it is your right to be made a king. Please accept my friendship Maharaj Vali. Vali joins hands with Ravan and they share a hug. Vali thinks I will decide that Markat’s future now. I am coming Markat! Ravan addresses him as Great Vali, Maharaj Vali and friend Vali. See how I help you gain that vanar kid’s powers. Kalnemi asks him how he will do it. Ravan laughs. I will use maya.

Hanuman asks everyone to wait for Vali. Panchfann says Hanuman saved us all but he still says he wont become our Mahanayak. Jamawant ji and Riksharaj ji compliment Hanuman on his politeness and down to earth qualities. You have a very bright future.

Ravan wants to gain the power of flying first of all like Hanuman. The secret is with Jatayu. Kalnemi points out that it is impossible to enter in the state of Garud’s. The Naag’s and Garud’s were enemies earlier. We could have made use of it but they are friends now because of Hanuman. Ravan says Vali knows how to make the difficult thing easy. He asks Kalnemi to turn this friendship into enmity. Kalnemi leaves to do his work. Ravan tells Maharaj Vali all his dreams will come true. I will make you reach new heights. Vali thinks this Ravan wants to help me but how do I trust him.

Precap: Meghasur is shown. Kesari says only Hanuman can fight this war. Anjana refuses to send Hanuman to face another problem.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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