Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Sita starts being humiliated and insulted in the name of lord rama. she screams out finally, clutching her ears, blaming herself that she has to bear her husband’s

insults, due to the fact, that she got too attached to the golden deer and lost everything in return. she says that she insulted him, not listening to him, and now she

has to face insults directed at him, and that she deserves this, and maybe thats why he didnt come to take her, as this is the punishment for not listening to him.

hanuman is apalled to see sita sad. sita wonders why hasnt rama come till now, to kill Raavan, and if he doesnt know that she is in Lanka, and then discards the

thought thinking that he can search for her in the

entire universe, then why he hasnt. she wonders if he has relinquished all materialistic pleasures, and hence

sacrificed her too. she wonders if Raavan managed to kill him. she is extremely scared that something is wrong. hanuman feels restless in this helpless condition, and

wonders why should she stay alive in such a condition, and decides to kill herself. she clutches her hair, and entangles it around her throat, to gag herself and die,

while chanting Rama’s name. hanuman is apalled, and thinks that he shall have to stop her from doing so, and convince her, but wonders how. he tries to think of an

idea, so that she doesnt get scared and is convinced too. he decides that he has only one option left. she thinks that there is no meaning to life, without Rama, and

now only hell is the option wherein she can easily stay. she starts feeling her suffocated throat, while alarms him, who thinks that sita cant do this. she screams out

Rama, and he calls out Sita. Hanuman understands and starts chanting Lord Rama’s name, and talks about the entire story of rama until now, and sita unties herself and

gets listening. she wonders who is singing this in Lanka, and wonders if its a trap, or a hallucination or her assumption, but she gets good vibes. even the demons are

spellbound by such good singing, that soothes the soul. Trijata talks about how its divine. all the demons are lulled into a lullaby, by the melodious voice. sita is

boggled, as she looks around. she looks up and finds hanuman descending down. From heaven, Parvati and shiva discuss their first meeting, and how its divine, and shall

be remembered, as Sinddhi Sangh, and whoever reads it, shall be blessed immensely, by Rama, sita and hanuman, and shall get wit and intelligence. she is boggled to see

him, and wonders if he sang, and wonders its true or not, and whether its a figment of her imagination. hanuman expresses her greetings and tells that he is here for

rama’s message to her. she thinks that whoever this person is, she is hopeful of a glimmer of hope for herself. she hopes that his words are true, and hopes nothing

turns into lies. he too hopes that sita is convinced, so that she can be assured, and she shall be happy from her grievous state. she asks him to come and introduce

himself, and remember not to try any tactics, or else it shall bear severe copnsequences for him. he jumps on the floor. As hanuman appears in diminished stature

before sita, she is apalled, despite the fact that he gives her attention and explains how has ha been sent by lord rama. he says that he cant betray her, as he

idolises her, and then gives the entire background and introduction. she is tensed to hear this, and wonders if its another trap, just like the golden deer. she asks

him to stop this. she says that she has understood who he is, and talks about how he has betrayed her earlier and yet again he is trying the same. he asks her not to

address him, by his idol’s arch enemy’s name. but an enraged sita says that she wont fall for anymore of raavan’s traps. he is apalled, and asks her to believe him, as

he is Rama’s messenger to her. but she turns around tensedly, unable to believe. he is tensed and boggled and wonders what to do. he starts blaming himself, as to how

he can impress her. she is however boggled, thinking that heart heart feels he is genuine, but the mind says that its one of raavan’s trap. he again begs her to

believe him and talks about his blind devotion towards Rama, and then tells everything that happened to him, after she was abducted and narrates everything, while she

hears tensedly and teary eyed. she believes him, and asks if he is true, then she blesses him, but she is still boggled by many doubts and to resolve it, she needs to hear everything about Rama, in detail. he explains that he shall readily comply. she asks him to narrate about his good qualities. he says that he is very happy to hear this, as this is his biggest luck, and that he is always eager to do so. He chants lord rama’s name, and then he says that when Rama sent him as a messenger, he gave this ring, as an identification. she is overwhelmed and full of tears hearing and seeing this. she immediately recognises that its Rama’s. she collapses in gratitude, while hanuman is ecstatic. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap: Sita tells hanuman that now she is extremely anxious to meet rama. Raavan and mandodari watch from the balcony tensedly, while she still continues to voice her

concern, as he is frustrated. hanuman asks her to get atop his back, so that she can take him to Rama. She asks him, how he shall manage this feat in his miniature

form. he then appears in his grand form, seeing whom she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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