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The volcano erupts. The citizens run helter-skelter. Hanuman tells them to stop. This mountain will stop the lava. You all are safe now. The citizens too see that the lava has stopped. We are saved. Hanuman feels something else. This lava is getting assembled. It will start flowing down in a while. He hears a kid crying. A big wheel is coming in that direction. Hanuman saves the kid in time. The mother thanks Hanuman. Hanuman looks at the mountain. He notices a pot of rice kept there on the gas. He realises that the lid of the utensil is still wavering as the rice boil. Now I understand that this situation wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done the wrong thing. Interrupting in natural processes can bring disastrous consequences! Hanuman flies back towards the mountain. He

removes the smaller mountain and keeps it back on land.

Kesari meets all the friends of Hanuman. He asks for Hanuman. They share that Hanuman has gone back to close all the volcanoes. They notice lava coming in that direction only. A rishi is meditating. He senses something and wakes up. He is trapped inside the ashram along with his disciples. The disciples think that they will now die but he advises them to be hopeful till the end.

The kids meet their mothers. Anjana comes there too. Kesari tells her that Hanuman has saved his friends. It means that he is safe. A soldier alerts everyone to be here only. The lava has surrounded them from all the sides. It will take 2-3 days when the lava will calm down. Keep your family members, children and animals away till then.

Hanuman holds himself responsible for what all is happening. I will have to do something. He recalls Agni Dev’s boon. No Agni or its element can affect him. Anjana and everyone look on as Hanuman drinks all the lava. They all look in shock. Hanuman turns all red as he drinks it. The Gods above smile. People cheer for Hanuman. Anjana and the royal family are worried for Hanuman. Anjana asks her son what he is doing. Hanuman gets back to his original size. He comes there. Anjana says I had told you against doing all this but. He stops her. He burps and fire comes out of his mouth. You only had told me to use my powers when it is needed. See the problem is gone. Father, can we go to palace now?

Atibal is shocked that such a young kid has such powerful boons!

Everyone is looking differently at Hanuman. He tells everyone to go to their homes. You all are safe now. Let us go home father. He turns to go when Anjana looks down. His footsteps leave behind burn marks on earth. Hanuman looks confused. His friends are concerned for Hanuman. Anjana too is boggled. Your body is burning badly. A Soldier points out that Hanuman drank all the lava just like Mahadev has drunk poison. This had an effect on him. Kesari too thinks of the same. Some things can go wrong if one gets powers even before they are grown up enough. Hanuman is feeling burning sensation. My throat is getting dry. I need water. Anjana touches him but her hand gets burnt. You are literally burning like Agni! Kesari thinks of take him home. Raj Vaid will cure it. They all hear towards the palace.

Atibal is confused. If he was blessed enough then lava wouldn’t have affected him. I will have to first find out all about his powers before telling Ravan anything.

Ravan has sat down to do the yagya along with Guru Shukracharaya. Nothing should go wrong today. This would have happened the day it was supposed to be solar eclipse but that vanar kid ruined everything. Guru Shukracharya assures him that he will summon all the powers through him so this yagya turns out to be successful. Everyone looks content as the Sun gets hidden. Guru Shukracharya is creating a situation like solar eclipse around this place through his powers. I will get Lankesh safety from Nar (humans) and Vanars too through this Kavach. You can hypnotize anyone with even a little evil mindset for your cause. He will only do what you will ask him too. Guru Shukracharya lights up the havan kund using his powers only.

Atibal hides in a tree as he notices everyone heading towards that side only. Hanuman notices the small pond outside. Water will soothe the burning sensation inside me. He jumps inside it. They all look up as it gets dark because of the yagya Shukracharya is conducting. Hanuman’s grandmother finds it inauspicious. The water starts boiling immediately. Anjana asks him if he is feeling better. He says not yet but I will be fine. Nothing will happen to me. Anjana too begins to get in but he tells her against it. Don’t come near me. I am burning. You too will get burnt. She cannot see him thus but he gives her his swear. Don’t come near me. She stands there helplessly. Kesari brings Raj Vaid.

Precap: Raj Vaid treats Hanuman but he is still burning. Anjana remarks that she will die if anything wrong happens with Hanuman. Hanuman is sad to see his mother upset. I always become a reason for your sadness. Kesari too feels helpless to see him thus. I am not able to do anything even after seeing my son in such a condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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