Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rukmangat this time attacking the brahmand astra on pushkar. Rukmangat says this weapon will kill you this time and you will go into deep space and suffocate without oxygen. Rukmangat attacks the weapon and shatrugan tells hanuman that pushkar does not have any weapon to destroy brahmand astra. Hanuman thinks what to do? As the weapon heads towards pushkar, pushkar uses a shield which reflects the weapon, the weapon hits rukmangat and he himself goes into space and is killed.
Virmani is very angry and says no! I will not leave anyone now, kid you will die today! Virmani tells his army to attack. Both armies start fighting. Hanuman fights virmani’s brother. Virmani attacks his arrow on pushkar and says you killed my son, now I wont look at you as a child,

I will kill you.
Virmani’s brother uses his long weapon through which he fires chakras on hanuman. the chakras hit hanuman on his chest but nothing happens to hanuman. hanuman stands and looks at him and smiles. Brother is shocked and he now attacks pointed weapons on hanuman’s chest and nothing happens. Hanuman smiles as brother is shocked.
There virmani attacks his two weapons on pushkar and says you will die now. pushkar stands and then holds those two weapons with his hands. Virmani is shocked, pushkar throws back the weapons on virmani. Virmani ducks down and is saved.
Shatrugan fights with other son of virmani. The son has 2 shields which are invincible and cannot be destroyed by any weapon. Shatrugan first attacks his arrow on a shield but nothing happens. Son laughs. Shatrugan attacks another weapon which remove 2 arrows but they are disappeared into the shield. Shatrugan thinks how do I destroy his shields?
Hanuman fights the brother of virmani. The brother this time uses his weapon and runs towards hanuman and pushes him, hanuman goes back a bit but brother is thrown away, he falls down. Pushkaris attacked by another weapon of virmani, virmani removes a divya astra and attacks on pushkar and says save yourself from this pushkar. The divya astra splits into many arrows, pushkar runs towards the arrows and then starts stepping on them one by one. The arrows go behind and hit mountain. Pushkar then removes his arrow and attack on virmani’s chariot. the chariot is damaged a bit. Virmani shouts loudly and says kid!! Pushkar attacks 2 more arrows and the chariot is damaged even more.
As hanuman fights the brother, the brother puts mud into hanuman’s eyes, hanuman tries removing the dirt and then stands. The brother then attacks his weapon in the air which split into thousands of the same weapons. Brother says now monkey, save your army from these dangerous weapons. Hanuman thinks what to do now? hanuman goes and hits his gadha on a mountain, thousands of rocks head towards the weapons and neutralize the attack. Virmani’s brother is shocked, he says I can again bring my weapon back, he merges his destroyed weapons and brings his weapon back.
There shatrugan is pushed back by the shield of the son. Shatrugan then thinks he can use a weapon to get rid of these shields. Shatrugan removes a divya astra and attacks on both the shields. Son says nothing is going to happen raghuvanshi, don’t try. The weapon hits the shields and the shields start getting red hot by heat. Son says this is so hot, and he throws them down. Shatrugan smiles. There virmani’s brother tells his soldiers to hold hanuman. hanuman smiles and says yes hold me please. The soldiers hold hanuman. hanuman stays still as brother comes near him with the weapon, hanuman then reverses the attack and throws the brother down. There pushkar now uses his arrow and destroys virmani’s chariot and he falls down. Virmani is shocked. Pushkar and shatrugan, hanuman come together and stand. Pushkar says now surrender virmani and accept lord ram’s rule, give us the horse with respect. Virmani gets up and looks in sky and says mahadev it is time for you to come and help me as you promised. Please help us, come with your great army and your destructive form and help us to fight this battle.
In heaven, lord Shankar gets ready, his army heads towards earth through meteors. Lord Shankar has his dangerous form get ready, the form has blue hands and looks destructive. Down, shatrugan says virmani is calling for mahadve, which means lord Shankar will come and fight for him? Lord Shankar sits on his bull and heads towards earth for the battle. All the gods are worried. Lord ram sees from the fire and says this problem has come over hanuman and shatrugan, what will they do now? everyone is worried as they see through the fire.
Virmani falls down on the ground saying lord Shankar, come down and help us! Lord Shankar now is seen in the sky, coming down with his army. Hanuman thinks will lord Shankar go against lord ram’s ashvamedh yag? So will he fight to keep the horse with virmani?

Precap: lord Shankar and his form of vir bajrangi comes down. King suman says this is the form of vir bajrangi. Hanuman says if this battle happens, there will be destruction everywhere. Lord Shankar says the wish I granted is what ties me, sometimes even gods are forced to do what they have to. Hanuman says I will fight your army mahadev and if ashvamedh yag has to be successful by defeating you, I have to fight you lord Shankar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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