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Devraj douses the fire after taking Vali’s permission. Vali lies to him. I want to fight with Hanuman. I want powers like him so I can also save the world like him. Devraj questions his acts till date since he got the boon. Vali notices him getting angry. He speaks positively. Through this boon I got Ravan’s trust. I have to kill Asuras. Devraj falls in his words. But do remember that you all were born for a Ram Kajya. Vali asks for the boon he was talking about. Devraj agrees. Come with me.

Hanuman reaches outside cave. Soldiers get tensed seeing him. Noone can meet Maharaj without his permission. Hanuman replies that he came here to free Maharaj. Soldiers tell him against it. Hanuman extends Sakha and picks up a big boulder. The soldiers fall down in fear and Sakha keeps

the boulder on them. Hanuman thanks Sakha. The soldiers beg for mercy. Get us out of here.

Hanuman greets Riksharaj. He is all emotional to see Hanuman. Hanuman says I cannot imagine it that I will see you this way one day. He breaks the chains. It is enough. Come with me now. You look good at the throne, not here. Riksharaj says I understand your feelings but I will have to be here till Vali comes back on the right path. You should go from here. Hanuman says you have to come out from here to help Bhaiya come on the right path. He takes Maharaj with him.

Devraj brings Vali to the weapon room of Swarg. Anyone can be powerful but no power can work before these tools. Vali thinks to use them against Hanuman. Devraj turns to him. You said you get angry in no time. He makes Vali wear a necklace. You can try as much as you want but you wont get angry now. It can help you in any situation. Vali thanks him. He notices a Damru there. This is a musical instrument. What is it doing there? Devraj says this is Indra-Kop (anger). He stops Vali from touching it. This is made by Mahadev Shiv’s dangerous powers. Anyone can be held captive
Vali finds it interesting. Devraj says no one except Mahadev can manage it, not even me. Vali says it means it is unchallengeable.

Hanuman makes Maharaj Riksharaj sit back on his throne. Many kings gather there and shout. They have come to punish Vali. Riksharaj agrees with them. They say that they heard he was held captive by Vali. Riksharaj ji gets sad. It is my bad luck that my own son held me captive. Hanuman took me out from there. They speak in Hanuman’s favour. He has always taken a step against what’s wrong. Sit on the throne. It is your right. We are all with you. Hanuman says the same. Everyone cheers for Maharaj Riksharaj and Hanuman.

Vali laughs. Great Vali gets whatever he wants. He looks at his eyes. The Damru is there in his hands (it goes invisible). Flashback shows Vali picking up the Damru and it goes inside him. He diverts Devraj. Flashback ends. I will use all these powers against Hanuman, Kaka Kesari and all vanars!

At Kailash, Mata Parvti says Hanuman has such a pure heart. He never looked at Hanuman with enmity at Vali, not even now. Mahadev says Vali wants to fight with Hanuman at any cost. If that happens thenthere will be problem on Sankat Mochan Hanuman. He takes care of everyone’s problems but this way, he himself will get into problem this way. She stops him. Don’t say such things for Hanuman. Mahadev says you can turn Amangal (negative) into Mangal (positive).

Anjana wakes up. She asks for Hanuman. Kesari tells her not to worry. Hanuman can handle any situation. He will return safely from Kishkindha. Hanuman comes back just then. He greets them. Anjana hugs him happily. Sugriv asks him what happened there. Hanuman shares that he freed Kaka from jail. I made him sit on the throne as well. Kesari says I am proud of you. Yu did what I couldn’t do. Anjana tells him not to get into all this. What if some problem comes on you? Kesari says you are worrygn for no reason. She shares her dream. I saw Gauri Ki Gaiyya who warned me to take some necessary precautions. I have to keep fast for 9 days. I saw the dream in the morning itself. It is surely a sign from Ma. I will keep this fast. I will start the fast today itself.

Hanuman’s friends come to palace. Hanuman helps her in making preps for puja. Mahadev and Mata Parvati smile. The plates appear in Kailash.They bless everyone in Sumeru. Puja comes to an end. Purohit ji asks Anjana to have Prasad and Jal. Hanuman feeds Prasad and Jal to his mother.

Vali reaches Sumeru. You did a very big mistake by freeing father. I can take him down anytime but it will cost you big time. Tomorrow’s sunlight will be more dangerous for you and your family. Markat, you and your Sumeru are going to be inside this Indra-Koop now. He holds the Damru in his hands. Get Hanuman and Sumeru inside your dark Koop. Lightning strikes. Weather begins to change. The Damru plays on its own and flies away. Vali laughs evilly. Everyone hears a strange sound and gather outside to check. Citizens are shocked to see the Damru. This appears to be a big problem. All the royal family members too look on. Hanuman excuses himself. ANjana hopes no problem came on them this time which can separate her from her son again. No one can understand what’s happening. Kesari is sure it is a big problem for them and Sumeru. He looks around for Hanuman. Sugriv points in the sky. Hanuman thinks to figure out what it is. Anjana is concerned for him.

Indra-Koop covers up entire Sumeru under it. Tridev’s look tensed. Hanuman turns his body into Vajra form but he is unable to break it. Vali smirks seeing it. No boon can help you now Markat. Hanuman is amazed that his powers failed before this Koop. He hears people shouting for help. How do I save him? Hey Prabhu, Gods, your boons fail before this Koop. Vali shouts that this is Indra Koop. It has been made using Shiv’s powers. Hanuman hears him. He goes there. How did it come here? Vali says I sent it here. Sumeru will lose out all its resources one by one because of its effect. Hanuman asks him why he is doing so. Your brother and army are in danger too. Vali laughs. How will the one who dint think about his father think of his brother and army? You are Sankat Mochan. Save them if you can. But before that, you will have to fight me. Hanuman repeats that he is like his elder brother. Hanuman refuses to fight with his own loved one to save his family. Vali tells him to think. Either save your family or fight me. Vali thinks of Devraj’s words clearly. What are you thinking? You have no other way than this. DO you want your friends and family to die? Hanuman denies. He politely requests Vali. Otherwise I will have to use my powers. Vali thinks this is what I want. You can anyways no break this Koop. Even I cannot remove it. Let it be. You will atleast come before me this way. Fight me and defeat me. I will defeat you then. Hanuman agrees. Devraj comes there just then. Vali thinks how he came here. Devraj tells Hanuman he wont get anything by this war. Not even Vali can remove this Koop now. Vali stole it and used it against Sumeru but it is under noone’s control now. Hanuman gets worried thinking about everyone. Devraj says no one except Mahadev can move it now. Hanuman says I will go to Bhole Baba just now. Devraj stops him. You will have to first do his puja and make him happy. Do puja of Shivlinga and offers flowers, bel-patra and everything. It will make Mahadev happy. Hanuman agrees to do what he just told him. I have to save everyone. Devraj blesses him. Hanuman flies away. Devraj too disappears. Vali shouts after them. Hanuman cannot succeed. He will have to fight!

Kesari and everyone are puzzled and shocked. The Koop has surrounded us from all the sides. It has put us in trouble. We have to find a solution first of all.

Hanuman prays to Shivlinga. He next goes to get flowers but someone else takes them before him. Who can it be? He notices one flower in other side but someone picks it before him this time too. Hanuman is surprised to see Nandi. Why are you doing this? Give me a few flowers as well. I have to do puja of Mahadev too. Nandi tells him to find them himself. I have to find Bel-patra. Hanuman is puzzled. Why is Nandi ji behaving this way? I should get Bel-patra and do puja. He finds a tree of Bel-patra but Nandi reaches there before him. He takes all the Bel-patra. Hanuman stops him. I am seeing it since long. You are taking whatever I want. You are not leaving anything for me. Do you want me not to pray to Mahadev and speak to him? Nandi replies it is up to him to do what he wishes. What can I do? Hanuman smiles looking at the tree. One Bel-patra is still there. Nandi pushes him when Hanuman runs towards the tree. Hanuman calls it wrong. It is mine. I reached there first. Nandi reasons that he plucked it out first, so it is his. Hanuman says it is important for me to do puja. You will have to give that bel-patra to me. Nandi takes it as a challenge. You will have to fight with me if you want it. Hanuman wonders what’s happening. Why is everyone interested in fighting me? He agrees.

Nandi and Hanuman come in an open place. Hanuman again tells Nandi he does not want to fight with him but is helpless as he has to save everyone in Sumeru. Hanuman tickles Nandi. Nandi tells him to attack him instead of tickling him. Hanuman hits at his stomach. Nandi balances himself somehow. Hanuman says looks like I will have to increase my powers to fight with you. Nandi tells him to try. Hanuman nods.

Mata Parvati is worried. What will be the outcome of this fight between Mahadev’s Ansh and his favourite devotee Nandi? Noone knows this except Mahadev.

Precap: Hanuamn tells Nandi his mission. I will keep fighting with you then. Nandi comes in his bull avatar and keeps attacking Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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