Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells Chandra Dev not to worry. What you gave to Ravan is not Amrit. Chandra Dev asks him what it was then.

Guru Shuracharya tells Rava that he drank normal Chandra Jal, not Amrit. No one can take Amrit without actually deserving it. Ravan refuses to believe it. I deserve to drink Amrit. I am Maha Shiva’s devotee. I am Maha tapasvi Ravan! I can drink Amrit. He shows the Kalash to his Guru. You are mistaken. There is a boil in Amrit. Guru Shukracharya explains that he lives in a city that is built around water yet you cannot differentiate between things. Boil comes in any water on Amavasyi night. Ravan decides to prove it to him. I drank Amrit. He asks his soldiers to attack him fiercely. Kaikasi tells him against it and so does Guru Shukracharya. Don’t act foolish.

Ravan is confident he is right here. He orders his soldiers to attack him. Kaikasi tries to talk him out of it but in vain. Ravan scares the soldiers saying I will attack you if you don’t hurt me. The soldiers attack him on his hands. Everyone looks on shocked. Ravan wants to wait to prove it isn’t ordinary Jal from Chandra Loka but Amrit. My wounds will heal up on its own. Everyone waits but the wounds stay put. Guru Shukracharya points out that it’s been long since the blood is flowing. If you drank Amrit then it would have stopped long ago. You have been cheated.

Chandra Dev says I gave Amrit to Ravan. How did this happen then? His wives share that its happening because of Hanuman. A flashback is shown. Hanuman assures Chandra Dev’s wives not to worry. I will tell you how to save Amrit. He shuffles the pages of mantra. The mantra will not be said right. If anyone tries to chant the mantra then he will get only Chandra Jal. I have replaced the 4th page from the 2nd one. It will be fine if you change the pages again. Flashback ends. Chandra Dev is elated. His wives say we did not change the mantra to save Amrit. Real Amrit is still safe in Chandra Loka. Chandra Dev looks at the real Amrit Kalash. His wife says it is important to save Amrit from Ravan and other Asuras in your absence. Chandra Dev thanks Hanuman for doing a great favour on him. Hanuman gives credit to his mother for the same. Chandra Dev says you not just saved Amrit from Asuras but fulfilled your mother’s promise too. By now, Ravan would have realised that what he has isn’t Amrit but Chandra Jal!

Ravan angrily throws the Kalash. Ordinary Chandra Jal in place of Amrit! I made a very mistake by trusting Gods. Chandra Dev will have to bear the brunt of this mistake. I am coming! Guru Shukracharya says you are going to make another mistake again. Get yourself treated first.

When a person acts smart with someone, he does not realise that his smartness can at times take him down. On the other hand, Hanuman’s smartness (towards the betterment of the world) saved the Amrit from going in the wrong hands. Truth and right always win!

Chandra Dev tells Hanuman he is really indebted to his mother for doing all that she did. You should now leave for Sumeru to complete her fast. It wont complete till you are with her. Hanuman nods. She must be waiting anxiously for me. He takes everyone’s leave and flies away. Chandra Dev’s wives think Hanuman is rightly called Sankat Mochan.

Hanuman is on his way to Sumeru. Kesari and Nani look at the moon. They greet it by chanting mantras. Anjana is still unconscious. The moon rays fall on her. Matang Rishi says she will regain her strength from Chandra Dev’s rays. Kesari nods. You were right Gurudev. These rays of Maha Purnima are amazing.

Hanuman thinks of his mother. I am coming. You must be in pain but I will end your all problems thereby ending your fast. He notices Kaal Dev appearing before him. Hanuman greets Kaal Dev who asks him to wait for a while but Hanuman is in a rush. My mother has kept a fast since 3 days. Maha Purnima’s Chandra is about to rise. I have to complete her fast asap. It wont complete without me. He continues his journey towards Sumeru. Kaal Dev is irked that Hanuman has no time to listen to him. Hanuman agrees to meet him again soon. Right now, I have to me with my mother. Kaal Dev thinks I only wanted to explain things to you. Kaal Dev decides to make Hanuman understand the importance of Kaal. Hanuman wonders if he misbehaved with Kaal Dev in a rush to break his mother’s fast. I will make up for it by meeting him again and apologizing to him. It is important to be with Ma right now.

Kesari tells Anjana that Hanuman succeeded in his endeavours. Chandra Dev has risen up in the sky. Nani too asks her to complete her fast now. Anjana cannot eat anything without her son. He too has kept a fast. Hanuman comes there just then. Anjana and Hanuman share a hug. Kesari says our Hanuman is back. She kisses her son. Hanuman asks her if she is fine. She nods. I saw my Chandra now. I am perfectly fine. Hanuman shares that he lived by her word by protecting Chandra Dev. They both are very proud of their son. Matang Rishi says everyone is proud of the son who gives his best to fulfil his parents’ words.

Chitragupta asks Kaal Dev if something is troubling him. Kaal Dev remarks that Hanuman has done a lot of misdeeds in his past. I did not say anything to him when he pushed Kaal Chakra in the opposite direction or shook my palace. He has to be taught a lesson. They all make him get a punishment. You will have to be punished for all your misdeeds.

Precap: Hanuman is heading inside the palace when he notices a big shadow approaching the palace. What is it? It even burnt the tree here. Maybe it is an Asuri’ shakti. He asks the shadow to stop.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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