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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is on his way to Surya Loka. I have time till only sunrise tomorrow. I have to place Kalp-Vriksh back in its place before everyone is back. He reaches Surya Loka and greets Surya Dev. I came to seek your help. You are a witness to whatever happens on earth all day. Can you please tell me if you saw someone taking Kalp-Vriksh from earth? Surya Dev says no. Hanuman asks him if someone took it back to Swarg Loka. Surya Dev reasons that no one will dare to go against Rishi Durvasa. If it isn’t taken by air or earth’s medium then where can it go. Hanuman gets thinking. Pataal Loka! I understood your signal. I am sure whoever stole Kalp-Vriksh has taken it to Pataal Loka only. I will go there to bring it. Thank you! He turns to go when Surya Dev stops him. He tells him about

Upaaksh in Pataal Loka who can (kill him).

Upaaksh says I have a boon. Only Narayan can kill me or someone who has his permission can kill me in Varah avatar. Why will Narayan come here though? You (Kalp-Vriksh) are my captive.

Hanuman thinks to meet Lord Narayana to get the boon from him to take Varah avatar. Surya Dev calls it a difficult task. Hanuman says I have very limited time. What should I do? He thinks of another way to reach Lord Narayana. I will have to make Ma Lakshmi happy first of all. Ma says she blesses you with whatever you wish if you do her puja diligently. Surya Dev agrees. He guides him as to what all he will need for puja. Hanuman arranges for all the things in Lakshmi Ma’s temple. Do puja with a pure heart. She will definitely be happy and bless you.

Ma Lakshmi and Lord Narayana look on. Ma Lakshmi says Hanuman will have to give a test to please me. Kalp-Vriksh does not react.

Upaaksh is getting impatient. I told you politely, ordered you but you dint listen to me. I warn you now. Fulfil my wishes or I will burn you down. You will be completely destroyed.

Hanuman starts puja. In between, he hears a lady shouting for help. Someone please give me water. Hanuman continues with his puja thinking of his Guru Dev’s words. This puja is to be done without any hindrance. I wont be able to please Ma if I leave puja midway. It is also my duty to help a needy person. I cannot look over it. The lady seems to be in pretty bad condition. Hanuman apologizes to Ma Lakshmi’s idol. He picks up the kalash and feeds water to that lady. She blesses him. You have saved my life by giving me water. I stay in this temple only to look after Ma. No one came here since many days so my condition worsened. He shares that he has arranged for everything in the temple. He holds her hand and takes her inside. He keeps the plate of fruits before her. Please have them. She happily eats them. Hanuman looks at Devi Ma’s idol. The lady says you left your puja in between to look after me. You gave me all that you got for Devi Ma. You shouldn’t have done it. You left your puja incomplete. I am a part of your sin now. He replies that all women of world are a reflection of Ma Lakshmi only. She wouldn’t have minded it if I had served you. She would mind it if I overlooked the fact that you need my help. She says your puja is incomplete now. He replies that it is called praying to God only when you help a needy person. I will arrange everything once again to do puja. I know I have very less time but I had to take care of you too. My puja would have been incomplete if I hadn’t helped you. She happily cups his face. You are great. Your puja is complete. Hanuman is confused. She says doing my puja not just means doing my aarti. It means respecting all my avatars, follow truth and right path. You have done my puja understanding the real meaning of it. Bells begin to ring on their own. Hanuman looks around in confusion. Ma Lakshmi comes in her real form. Hanuman greets her.

Krishna says Hanuman did the best thing a person can do. His wife says Hanuman saved that woman’s life thereby proving that it is equal to praying to God. Krishna ji says Hanuman rightly said that a part of Tridevi’s reside in every lady. Insulting any woman is equal to disrespecting Tridevi’s. The society where a woman is respected prospers. The society where she isn’t respected is doomed. Respecting a woman is respecting Devi in real terms.

Ma Lakshmi tells Hanuman she is happy with his prayers. I bless you with the boon that you will be able to take Varah avatar in your life once. He thanks her for the boon after which she disappears. Hanuman says I am thankful to you for the boon. I will be able to go to Pataal Loka without any worry now.

Hanuman digs his way down to Pataal Loka. He looks around but does not see anything or anyone. there are so many doors of this cave. I don’t understand which way to go to look for Kalp-Vriksh. Rishi Durvasa will return anytime with his disciples.

Rishi Durvasa is shown paying respect to Mansarovar Lake.

Hanuman thinks I haven’t found Kalp-Vriksh till now though. What to do now?

Upaaksh says this Kalp-Vriksh has lost its worth. It cannot give me anything now. Make arrangements to burn it down!

Precap: Rishi Durvasa and his disciples are headed back to their ashram. Anjana fears it is about sunrise. They can return anytime. Hanuman is still confused which way to go. Anjana hopes her son succeeds in his mission.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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