Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti makes space for himself and does jaap following Sadhus. Anjana gets impressed.

A girl asks from all this, how did Raavan come? Krishna says Raavan had his eyes on all the Loks. He was keeping uptodate with all news.

Raavan joins a meeting and takes place on king’s seat. All chant Raavan ki Jai Jai which impress him. He praises himself for being father of evils. Seeing everyone’s faces, he says seems like they are doing their evil work properly. He asks them to update him with the news. All are excited to give him the news, but one person is quiet and nervous. Raavan picks one of them and he says about his evil acts about kidnapping Indra’s most beautiful Apsara and all laugh. Even Raavan laughs and he is impressed. He tells him to keep kidnapping

more Apsaras. He gets happiness in bothering Indra. Another Devil tells his act and all laugh, but Raavan is not impressed. He wants to see worse. Another Devil gives him news about 4 brothers, Shatrughna, Bharat, Lakshman, and Ra.. Before he takes Ram’s name, Raavan stops him and says how many times he needs to explain, he is not interested in getting such news.

Krishna’s girl says hearing Ram’s name is not for everyone.

Back to meeting, Raavan now picks up the nervous Devil. He recalls Vrikshasur’s death and is silent. Raavan gets angry asking him will he say or he needs to take his tongue out. The Devil informs him about Vrikshasur’s death. Raavan gets up and says impossible! All say Vrikshasur is powerful. Who born to kill him? Raavan says he won’t spare person who killed Vrikshasur. He will give him death himself. All are terrified seeing this avatar of Raavan. Raavan asks who is that? He grabs the Devil’s neck. The Devil says a kid. Raavan can’t believe, nor other Devils.

Maruti is doing the jaap.

Raavan still can’t believe. He asks the Devil has he gone blind? Kid who is not even size of his leg, he did that?

While doing the jaap, Maruti’s size keeps getting bigger. All are stunned. Anajana says what’s going on? She was afraid of this happening only. If he keeps showing such Leela, then how she would be able to save him bad sight?

Raavan is still going crazy. One Devil, Mayaveer says, it’s possible. Raavan asks him he has gone crazy as well or what? Mayaveer says, some Devta. It then strikes to Raavan. He says, Devtas are using humans to try kill Devils. If there is any Devta involved, then result of this will be dangerous. He warns Devta’s bad days are about to come now.

Anjana is going to Maruti, but a priest stops her as Maruti is in middle of one round. Maruti finishes it and gets back to his normal size. She thinks it’s enough. Now she will keep him to herself only. That way he won’t be able to show his Leela, nor come in anyone’s sight. She’s taking him away. Kesari asks what she’s doing. She says, more she tries to hide him, bigger surprising things he does and becomes a topic of discussion. She leaves with him.

Raavan says he will need to send someone to know the full truth. One Devil takes a high class Devil’s name. Raavan says, for a kid, he will send a high class Devil? He then chooses one himself. He calls him out with name Atibal. Atibal appears.

Precap: Maruti wants to go and play outside. Anajana says she loves him a lot and she gets sad without him. Will Maruti like seeing her sad? Maruti says he will play inside only then, but tells her not to be sad. Maruti throws something. Anajana sees something and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Dev

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