Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sita telling that young shatanand then said yes mother I will go to space and not come until I am called back to earth and once if I come back, I will establish my rule and destroy religion on earth but till then make my brother ravana very strong and powerful. Shatanand goes.
There hanuman says that is why shatanand is going to attack us and he will destroy earth too. lord ram says the motive of shatanand ravana is not only to take revenge but to wipe out religion from earth and destroy earth too. shatanand then says now I wont leave anyone and he uses his powers and sends a rain of pointed rocks on earth. As they head, lord ram and laxman remove their arrows. Hanuman thinks I have to stay alert and defend and protect everyone. Lord ram and laxman

attack arrow in the sky on the pointed rocks. Sugreeva tells everyone to use their power and destroy those rocks. Hanuman flies in the sky and he hits the rocks with his gadha. They burst and everyone on ground attack the rocks and rocks burst.
Shatanand is shocked and he says this is just the start and I will attack more. There hanuman goes on ground and sita looks worried. Hanuman looks at the sky and thinks lord ram is with us and nothing will happen to anyone. Lord ram tells sita, don’t be worried and I will not let you and anyone get hurt. Another wave of pointed rocks comes, this time with the fiery heads of shatanand. There shatanand is angry and he says I wont leave anyone alive and they don’t know how powerful I am. Hanuman goes in the sky and lord ram and laxman attack arrows and destroy some rocks and heads. Sugreeva and the army fight too. hanuman thinks I have to use a tactic and use shatanands attack against his own attack. Hanuman breaks the rocks and then stops 1 rock with his gadh, the gods think what is hanuman doing? Hanuman reverses the attack and the rocks hit each other as hanuman reverses the attack. Everyone on the ground is happy. Sugreeva says hanuman reversed the attack and he is intelligent. Shatanand gets angry and says that monkey failed all my attacks, but I am very powerful and I can keep doing this all time. I will keep attacking unless they all are forced to come to my planet and fight me, then I will show my real power. Father is shocked.
On earth, shatanand attacks huge stones and rocks from the sky. Hanuman gos around thoise stones and rocks and brings them together and throws them back. The attack fails and hanuman comes down. there father tells shatanand that shatanand ravana see that hanuman is failing your attacks and do something. Shatanand says I will lure everyone on my planet and kill each one of them. On earth, shatanand’s many fiery heads come one head says I will not leave sita and I will kill her first. The heads, head towards sita, lord ram stands in front of her. Hanuman looks at them and he stands in front of lord ram to protect them. Hanuman says jai shree ram. The heads come and hit hanuman’s chest but are destroyed. Lord ram says evil monster, I will not let anyone harm my wife and anyone on earth and I will destroy iniquity and vanity. Lord ram attacks arrows and some heads are destroyed. Shatanands’s heads are laughing. Lord ram says sita you cannot stay with me in this battlefield and you have to go back to the palace of lanka. Devi sita says but lord I want to be with you. Lord ram says sita, you have always been with me even when you were in lanka and even now you will be with me but your presence here is a danger to your life and I cant let that happen. Sita says I understand you lord but I shall not go to the lanka palace as you are still in exile and I will follow your exile too and just like you not live in any palace or city, but take me to some place safe other than lanka. Vibhishan says lord ram, there is a place panchvati which is a safe place and no evil can come there and it cannot be destroyed. The heads of shatanand come laughing.

Precap: laxman and some monkey soliders and sugreeva and hanuman are taking sita to panchvati. Some heads of shatanand come there and shatanand says what do you think? You will escape?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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