Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman takes the pot from Lakshman’s hands. He very sweetly kneels down before Ram but Ram helps him get up. Hanuman greets Guru Vashishtha next. He hands over the pot of water to him. Lakshman and Shatrughana bring down the ingredients as well. Everyone is relieved. Maharaj tries to tell Hanuman about the problem in SUmeru when Hanuman reasons that Sumeru will be automatically safe if Ayodhya is free from the Pishachs. The welfare of the world is hidden in Prabhu Shree Ram’s work. They all sense the storm. Hanuman requests Maharaj to allow him to tackle the PIshachs. Guru Vashishtha and Maharaj allow him. Hanuman gives his Raksha-Sutra to Lakshman. He shouts at the Pishachs. Hanuman is here to take care of Ayodhyna now!

Hanuman thinks how to stop so many trees that

are high up in the storm. Guru Vashishtha asks the Rishi’s to focus their attention on the yagya. Yuddhajeet and Manthra look at them. Maha Pishach says we will have to act fast. If the yagya becomes strong again then we wont be able to do anything.

Hanuman tries to tackle the storm his way.

Yuddhajeet / Maha Pishach wants to take away Narayan’s human Avatar with him before the yagya is powerful once again. Everyone looks at Hanuman as he manages the storm. Devi Kaushalya says I said it that only Hanuman can free us from this problem. Maharaj agrees with him. Guru Vashishtha asks Ram to sit in the yagya now. This is the last phase.

Ram takes a step ahead when the earth shakes. Everyone is worried for a second. Ram is hurrying up to the yagya area when Yuddhajeet / Maha Pishach asks him to stop. Yuddhjaeet / Pishach warns Guru Vashishtha that he wont let the yagya complete. Manthra / Pishach says Hanuman might be handling the situation in the sky, but he wont be able to do anything here. The palace will be mixed in dust soon. Maharaj is shocked to know from Gurudev that it is Pishachs inside Yuddhajeet and Manthra. Maha Pishach agrees. I will not let you do this yagya. Plus I will take away your son right before your eyes! Guru Vashishtha says sunset does not happen because of clouds. The yagya will gain power soon after which you will have to leave all the 3 Lokas. He asks Ram to sit down for the yagya. You have Raksha-Sutra tied on your hand. Maha Pishach wont be able to do anything to you. Ram sits with his brother.

Lakshman throws the mauli (holy thread) towards Hanuman, who ties them both with it. The Pishachs shout in fear. They leave Yuddhajeet and Manthra’s body. Maha Pishach angrily calls out for Vahishtha. My last attack will not go in waste. The yagya will be incomplete. No one will be able to do anything. Hanuman looks determined. He is about to move towards him when the earth shakes. Maha Pishach says you wont be able to do anything. My Pishachs are hollowing the earth. This palace will soon be mixed in dirt. Hanuman yet again tries to catch hold of him but fails. I will see you later. I will meet the other Pishachs first who are under the earth!

Kesari is clueless as to what he should be doing. Anjana and the citizens are out of control. Anjana and Nani free themselves from his control and hold the weapon in their hands. ANjana demands for Hanuman. I want my son! She tries attacking him but hurts herself in the process. Nani attacks on him now. Kesari feels helpless. Hanuman could have done something if he was here. Anjana passes out.

Hanuman digs his way down the earth. I will have to defeat the Pishachs soon. Ma will also be in so much trouble in Sumeru.

Ram and everyone from the royal family sit down for the yagya. They are still scared of the Pishachs though.

Hanuman reaches Pataal Loka. Maha Pishach is angry to see him there. He tells Hanuman that the yagya area will mix in dust before his own eyes just now. Hanuman is tensed to see that Ayodhya is standing tall only on the basis of one pillar now. Pishachs have done a great deal of harm to Ayodhya. Maha Pishach hits at the pillar. It begins to break. Everyone is worried during the yagya ut Guru Vashishtha advises them to focus on the yagya. Maha Pishach tells Hanuman that he wont be able to do anything now. Hanuman runs towards that area. He holds the half pillar. Meanwhile, whichever Pishach tries to come in his way fails to do any harm to him. Hanuman keeps his mace under that half broken pillar.

Shatrughana is sure Hanuman managed the situation well.

Hanuman returns to his original size. Maha Pishach tells the other Pishachs to break the mace while he will fight with Hanuman. The Pishachs take their positions. The yagya continues. Hanuman tells the Pishachs that they wont be able to even touch the mace. The mantras make the yagya and its Agni powerful once again. The Pishachs turn weak. Hanuman holds the hand of Maha Pishach as he tries to go from there. He is in deep pain because of the mantras. Hanuman thinks to end his powers along with him so that both Ayodhya and Sumeru are free of him.

Hanuman follows the Maha Pishach.

Kesari has tied Nani. He apologizes to her for doing this to her. the Pishachs continue to fight with everyone. Kesari prays to god to save everyone. Don’t know how the Pishachs will die!

The Maha Pishach remarks that the power of mantras makes them weak. That vanar wont be able to withstand us here now. He summons all the evil powers of Pishachs, requesting them to make him extremely powerful. He turns into a giant monster. Hanuman reaches there just then.

Precap: Hanuman and Maha Pishach fight. Hanuman is angry as Maha Pishach attacks him. He increases his size so as to fight with the Maha Pishach.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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