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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev asks Hanuman to stand in the queue. There are already too many disciples lined up here. I will take their test first and then come to you. Wait for your turn. Hanuman tries to say he is time bound but Surya Dev firmly tells him to wait. Hanuman thinks that he will lose time this way. Arun Dev asks another kid to step forward. He shares that he has come here to fulfil his father’s wish. Surya Dev looks at Arun Dev, who tells the kid to politely apologise to his father from our behalf. The kid leaves. Hanuman is confused. What wrong did the kid say? I too am sent by my parents. Hanuman is asked again to stand in the queue. He does so but is tensed.

Mata Parvati is worried for Hanuman. Why is Surya Dev doing this? How will Hanuman meet Narayan’s Nar Avatar if he

doesn’t get a Guru by evening? Mahadev suggests her to wait. This strictness is going to teach something good to Hanuman. Mata Parvati still remains worried for Hanuman.

Jayant is also standing in the line. He speaks to Hanuman. Hanuman speaks about a lot many kids going from here all sad. Hope Surya Dev accepts me. Jayant talks to him positively. You have already done so many good deeds. You will get selected. Hanuman nods but is tensed about the time. All the kids head back sadly. Hanuman feels bad for them. Their parents will be so dejected. I hope I get my Guru, just like my friends on earth have.

Hanuman’s friends hope Hanuman succeeds in finding his Guru within time. They hear some strange sounds. They think maybe some wild animal is in the vicinity. They are scared as the noise continues. They are startled when their Guru calls out for them. He advises them to head back home before sunset. All the kids begin to leave.

Surya Dev rejects another candidate as he says I am your assistant’s son. Plus it will be a proud thing for me to be your disciple. Arun Dev tells his own son to go back. One has to be equally capable to be chosen as the disciple. This amazes Hanuman. The time is passing by. Hanuman thinks of Narad ji’s words. He steps out of the line and walks up to Surya Dev. Surya Dev gets unhappy. I had told you to wait. Hanuman politely requests him to accept him as his disciple before sunset. Surya Dev cannot be biased with any other kid. How can I be biased towards you? Hanuman shares what Devguru had told him. This way I wont be able to meet the one, for meeting whom I have taken birth. I request you to accept me as your disciple. Surya Dev says you lost in your test already. Hanuman is taken aback. What test? Surya Dev says you lost in the test of patience! You dint listen to me. I had told you to wait. You lost your patience. I cannot accept you as my disciple. Hanuman is in tears. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. Surya Dev calls it a sin. You could have asked for permission from the other kids. You might have done big things for the world but I don’t differentiate between anyone on any basis. My rays illume everything equally. You lost your patience! I cannot accept you as my disciple.

Anjana looks at the setting sun. She does prayer along with Kesari. He notices the tension on her face. She says I should be blamed, in case Hanuman does not get his Guru today. I would have checked his Kundli had I not been in Swarg. Hanuman would have ample time with him then. Kesari blames himself for it. Anjana remarks that it is the duty of parents to arrange for their kids’ education. Today we have a big problem facing before us. Hanuman’s life will remain incomplete if he doesn’t find a Guru before sunset.

Hanuman is in tears. He notices the timer. Devguru’s words echo in his head. He kneels down on the floor before Surya Dev. Please forgive me. I accept my mistake. I will wait for my chance but please don’t renounce me like this. Give me one chance. If you don’t accept me today then I will never have a Guru all my life. My life will be incomplete. Narad ji is worried for Hanuman. He might lose time this way.

Hanuman’s friends hope to get out of the jungle before it gets dark. They sense some trouble around so they start running. Asuras observe them. They remember Ravan’s clear cut directions. We will abduct every kid of Sumeru today.

Hanuman makes Surya Dev understand his point. Please have mercy on me. Such mistakes happen when one isn’t educated. This is why I have come to you. Surya Dev agrees. You cannot break the rules though. You will have to wait for your chance. Hanuman thanks him for the same. He once looks at the time. I am not sure if I will be lucky today or not.

Precap: ANjana and Kesari pray that Surya Dev accepts Hanuman as his disciple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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