Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
Sugriva challenges baali, and the fight begins yet again. sugriva keeps growing weaker and weaker, as baali rejoices his easy win. While baali and sugriva fight, rama finally casts his arrow at baali, which turns fatal, and he falls on the ground. his family screams out, while all others are aghast. baali keeps wincing in pain, as sugriva is apalled, and baali’s family rushes to him. hanuman says that he understands sugriva’s pain, to see baali helpless and tormented like that, but baali didnt leave any other option. angad and his mother cries out. baali casts his vengeful eyes at sugriva, saying that he would have understood, had he killed him, but he took someone else’s help, and demands to know who

it was. rama and laxman arrive there just then, and baali eyes him in all his grandeur. baali wonders who it was, that seemed ordinary but arent. and then introduces them to baali. baali says that Rama’s bravery is known to all but demands to know that he never bore any enemity to them, and he didnt ever cause them any harm, then why this sudden harm to him, and asks if it isnt ethics. rama explains that he did follow religion only. baali’s wife vengefully spits out, demanding to know an answer, as to how is it ethical, to have fought from hiding. rama says that stopping an unethical person from doing unethical things is erthical, and recounts the torture that baali did to the human race, which is totally unacceptable. rama asks him to remember all the injustice he has done to his friends, family, relatives and his people. rama says that it was his duty to punish him. baali demands to know why he befriended sugriva, as he has defeated raavan earlier too, and would have freed sita in a second, and fulfilled his motive. rama says that he doesnt do friendship in selfishness, and hence befriended sugriva, since he knew he is on the right path. as baali nears his end, his vision goes blurry and finally bowing down to rama, baali almost breathes his last. he tells rama that he understands his teachings, a he ruined his life and committed sins, and that nopw he doesnt have to penance, and apologises and asks him to end him right now. he bids farewell to everyone. Hanuman asks baali to chant the name of Rama as that itself would give him salvation. baali listens to it all, and then with much struggle, chants Rama, as he tries to free himself from the world, and finds Lord Vishnu reincarnate in front of him. finally, his hands fall on rama’s feet and then he leaves the mortal world. his family cries out bitterly. as the entire family grieves bitrely, they hear sounds of scuffle. they find demonic monkeys coming towards them. hanuman decides to take care. The demonic monkeys, tell them that today, sugriva shall be killed, and they shall avenge baali’s death. one of them tries to get ahead, but hanuman pushes him back. they decide to take hauman out of the way, but get thwarted by him in return. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s tensed face.


Precap: Hanuman arrives in sugriva’s courtroom, saying that he needs to know whats going on and act fast, as he cant afford delay, or else soon, they shall all have to face an enraged laxman’s ire and that shall be very difficult. An angered laxman swears that in a single arrow, he shall burn down his entire reign.

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Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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