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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and everyone notice the birds flying away before night time. What all is happening? They hint at some problem. I sense something wrong. I will have to check. Jatayu goes to check. Hanuman sees big stones coming towards them. Everyone gets tensed. Citizens cry for help. Hanuman thinks to find out what’s happening. He flies away. Hanuman pushes away all the stones that come his way. He succeeds in saving Jatayu from getting hurt. The citizens cheer for Hanuman. Hanuman understands Jatayu’s hint. Water is coming towards Sumeru with full force. I will have to do something asap. Everyone sees water coming towards the palace. People cry for help. Jamawant says there is no point running. Only Hanuman save us now. water begins to fill in.

Kalnemi laughs. Dashanan will

succeed today. Sumeru will be soon immersed in water. Vali got affected nicely and put his own people in problem. He notices Hanuman. I will have to be alert.

Hanuman sees the water approaching Sumeru. I will have to be quick but what should I do. Citizens panic seeing the water flooding Sumeru. Kesari tells them to calm down. Hanuman brought me from Kaal Loka safely. He will certainly save all of us. Hanuman hears people crying for help. Water has reached palace too. kesari tells people to be positive and patient. Jamawant too has full faith in Hanuman. He will solve this problem. Hanuman thinks to save Sumeru with the help of a giant mountain.

Kalnemi decides to stop Hanuman. He recalls the last time Hanuman hurt him. He will kill me this time if I fight with this vanar kid. I cannot go before him. I will have to cheat him. I will have to fail this vanar’s strength.

People begin to say that no one can save them now including Hanuman. Anjana tells them to calm down. My Hanuman saves everyone. Have faith in him. he will not let any harm come to him.

Kalnemi pulls down a Garud kid by turning himself into a bird. The Garud Kid calls for help. His fellow notices him. Kalnemi decides to make a circle of fire around this garud kid. The other Garud’s wont be able to enter inside. Hanuman will have to come to rescue this kid. The Garud Kid shouts for help. Other Garud’s fail in saving him. Hanuman sees them. I will have to go back to save this kid but the water will reach Sumeru by then. The Garud kid is feeling suffocated. Hanuman thinks not to waste time. I will have to pull this kid out safely. Kesari and everyone look on from far. Kesari prays to Mahadev to give strength to Hanuman. He should succeed in solving both the problems.

Kalnemi goes away before Hanuman comes there. Hanuman realises that this is mayavi fire circle. Kalnemi thinks to create an illusion for Hanuman. I wont let you come out from this fire safely so soon. He produces many fire circles around using his maya. Hanuman is boggled. I will have to figure out the real one asap. Kalnemi enjoys it all from far. You had to turn back to save this Garud Kid. My maya diverted your attention.

Anjana is worried. I cannot see Hanuman anymore. Panchfann says our life will be meaningless if Hanuman dies in this fire. We all should be dead too. Anjana is sure no harm will come to her son. He has Agni Dev’s blessings. I have no doubt that my son will succeed in breaking this maya. He will come out of it safely. Nothing will happen to him.

Hanuman thinks of a solution. I will calm it with wind. He blows at the fire. The mayavi circles begin to disappear. Kalnemi looks angry. Kesari and everyone is glad to see Hanuman rescuing that Garud Kid. Kalnemi thinks to stop Hanuman himself this time.

Jatayu comes where Kalnemi is. You will now go to Kaal Dev! Kalnemi challenges Jatayu. You don’t have the strength to fight with me. They get ready for a fight.

The Garud Kid falls unconscious. Hanuman rushes to get him out of water’s way. The Garud Kid is in bad condition. Hanuman sprinkles water on him and helps him get up. He looks at the giant waves coming towards Sumeru. The Garud Kid and Hanuman exchange introductions. Hanuman advises him to join other Garud’s. This place is not safe for you. Hanuman flies away. The Garud Kid is unable to move his wings. If I call Hanuman Bhaiya again then he wont be able to save Sumeru. My life is not more important than the life of other people.

Precap: Vali says I ended Sumeru with my strength. Hanuman will also die with it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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