Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Sita taunts him and his mandhood, reminding him, how Raavan didnt have the guts, to abduct her in front of ram and laxman, and had to disguise himself. she says that

he isnt brave but a coward, who cant face either lord rama nor lord laxman. she says tht he is a fool too to think she would be trapped by the jewellery, grand

luxuries and others. she asks him to shift attention from her, and focus on his wives instead, as he has committed the heinous crime, of eyeing on someone else’s wife,

for which he shall be punished and ruined. hanuman tears tensedly. raavan eyes her enraged. she points out to him as to how his teachings have been in vain, as he

committed the greatest of crimes. Sita tells Raavan,

that by committing this heinous crime, he has ignited such a fire, which shall burn down his entire Lanka, like

wax. Raavan is enraged and asks her to stop, having heard enough, saying that he didnt do anything wrong, as being demons, they can get any wishful thinking over

anyone’s wives, and if he wanted, he could have consummated the relationship, but when she was brought to Lanka, he didnt even touch her, as he wanted her to accept

him, but now his patience and her time is ending out. she says that his time is up, as her husband beckons his ruins, and for the remaining time, he should utilise,

and be a pious hearted person, and return her to her husband, and beg for an apology from him. he smirks and ridicules the mention of this idea. mandodari and other

wives are tensed. raavan says that she has lost her senses. sita says that the punishment of her abduction shall be his death. they are aghast while raavan fumes. she

clarifies that rama is no ordinary mortal, and shall unsettle him and his Lanka. Raavan says that this is true, that he has tried to coax and convince her of his love,

but the more he sweet talks with her, the mose she insults him, and hence she doesnt deserve his sympathy, and proclaims that today he shall make her mine, or else

kill her, and forever be free of her temptation. he puts the spade near her throat. Hanuman is enraged, while the ladies are tensed of his ire. hanuman thinks that if

he as much as touches sita, he shall kill Raavan immediately. raavan leeringly progresses towards sita, while his mentor, shiva fumes enraged, and emerges in the form

of a huge black shadow, that stops him. Mandodari reminds him that he is beckoning his fate, as per lord brahma’s curse, that proclaimed, that if he tried to use force

on a woman, he would be killed, and that his leering nature shall be the reason of his ruin. he is set to thinking. mandodari tells raavan that this isnt becoming of

him, and if sita doesnt accept him, then she should be returned with respect, to her husband, or else there shall be trouble looming over. raavan says that trouble

shall befall, but not on him, and instead it shall fall on Sita. he says that only two more months remain, and he shall wait for that much more time, and if she still

doesnt come to his bed by then, he shall cut her in a million pieces. he asks the maids, to use any tactic, to force sita to become so helpless, that she herself

complies to be with him. hanuman is enraged. raavan tells them that if they fail, they shall die too. he leaves while the ladies follow. the demons are petrified.

Later, the demons strengthen their security, while hanuman starts getting impatient that he has to reach sita anyhow, or else these demons shall try and harm her,

which he wouldnt allow. he thinks that they shall try and scare her. sita listens tensedly, yet composed, as the demons try and petrify and try and instigate her to

accept raavan. hanuman smirks at their foolishness. anila thinks that this is wrong, but she cant go against raavan’s wish. hanuman’s patience is ending up, as the

demons continue to pass taunts and sarcastic remarks. Anila leaves from there. hanuman decides to do something. he finds a statue of a demon and then throws the Gada

to destroy it to pieces. this wakes up their main demon security officer, while all others are boggled as to the sound of the explosion. the main demon finds the

statue destroyed, while the gada returns back to hanuman. the demons are sure that they shall not let the invader leave. hanuman smiels overwhelmingly, telling lord

rama, that his plan succeeded. anila arrives with the other demons, and meets the main demon, Trijata, asking whats the matter why does she seem so scared. she talks

of the evil dream that she had, proclaiming that everything shall be ruined, including the demon clan, just like this statue. she says that she doesnt know about this

statue, but then explains the dream that she saw, when they coax it out of him. she then explains how a devoted wife to her husband, is an immortal power in itself.

meanwhile, hanuman is apalled that sita is in such condition, and decides to go rightaway to tell her about ram and he himself. then he denies, wondering what if she

gets scared seeing him like this, and thinks that he is sent by raavan. anila points out the dreams seen in the morning, and seen by trijata, always materialise. she

talks about how rama came and took sita away, and the goddess of death, taking away, a shaven raavan, along with kumbhkaran, meghnad, and the royal prince. she also

talks about the perils of that would befall, on lanka, now that sita is here, as she herself means trouble. she also talks about lanka burning, and how ram’s servant,

hanauman shall be responsible for it. the screen freezes on Sita’s apalled face.


Precap: As hanuman appears in diminished stature before sita, she is apalled, despite the fact that he gives her attention and explains how has ha been sent by lord

rama. but an enraged sita says that she wont fall for anymore of raavan’s traps.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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