Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari and the soldiers continue to look for Hanuman. They are unable to see or hear anything. It is heading towards us only. We must alert everyone about the same. A few soldiers set out to alert the people. One of the soldiers thinks that maybe Hanuman has gone back to the palace. Kesari too thinks that it may be the case. Let us go back to the palace. We should inform the people of Sumeru too to stay away from lava’s way.

Hanuman hears his friends calling out for help. The friends are crying as they are pretty near lava. No one can save us now. Hanuman reaches there just then. He looks around the mountain but cannot see them. Lava is increasing. I cannot even hear them now. Did they fall prey to lava? No, it cannot be it! How do I find them? The lava is fast approaching

Hanuman’s friends. Hanuman recalls Vayu Dev telling him in the past to meditate / concentrate. I will surely be able to hear their voice. He focuses his mind and is finally able to hear his friends; voices. Hanuman’s friends are holding hand but their feet start swaying. Hanuman holds their hand in time. No problem can stand before unity. We can find a solution if we are together. Hold each other’s hands tightly. We will slowly move forward. Neel asks him where they will go. The lava is all around us. Hanuman blows on the lava once again but his friends fear falling in the lava because he was blowing real hard. Hanuman is in thoughts. He asks Sakha for help. Sakha holds all the friends together. Hanuman too tells his friends to hold onto Sakha. We will take a short flight. His friends nod.

Kaikasi tells Ravan the more you spread fear in the world the more you will be immortal. Mandodri disagrees. Strength, capability and chances aren’t given to everyone. The one who uses them wisely can never fall. You must use your power for the right things. You can set an example for the world. Ravan is angry with her already as she helped flee his captives. You only have one dharma – pati vrat dharma. Focus on that only. I will ask for your suggestion of I ever need one. Kaikasi advises him to focus on increasing his powers. Seek help from Guru Shukracharya. Ask him how you can increase the powers of Asuras. Ravan summons his special envoy. He orders him to find out what all is happening in and around Sumeru.

Hanuman’s friends thank Hanuman as they reach to a safer place. They also enjoyed the fight. They thank Sakha for saving them. One of the kids asks Hanuman about his new friend Atibal. Atibal is hiding nearby only. Earthquake comes. The kids are scared once again but Hanuman reminds them of the power of unity. Atibal remarks that this is just the beginning. You cannot even imagine the end. I will certainly complete the task which Ravan has given me!

Kesari reaches palace. He tells her about the natural disaster. The lava is heading towards the palace only. If this continues then everything will be finished. It is all because of Hanuman’s mistake. One volcano was erupting when Hanuman put a small piece of mountain inside it. Because of it the other volcano also erupted. Smaller eruptions also began happening. The lava is spreading all around. Anjana gets worried. They both realise that Hanuman still isn’t back. Kesari decides to go back outside to look for him.

Guru Shukracharya comes to Lanka. He notices Ravan’s sad face. Ravan asks him if he knew Vishnu has taken birth on earth in human form six months ago. Guru Shukracharya gets upset. You don’t keep a tab on your enemies! You should have killed him then only. Ravan wants the powers in his Raksha-Kavach to be revived. Can you do it without the solar eclipse? Kaikasi speaks up. Gurudev can do anything. Plus it is his duty. Guru Shukracharaya agrees to do this special yagya. Make all preps for it. Kaikasi tells Ravan to make sure nothing goes wrong this time. Vibhishan calls it wrong but Ravan does not want to get into dharma and adharam at the moment. Do you want me to sit quietly while the Gods plot to kill me? I am Ravan the immortal! It is impossible to kill me! Kaikasi does not want her son to be arrogant as it might lead to his fall. This yagya will help get my son all the powers that he needs.

Atibal appreciates Hanuman for doing what he did. You saved the lives of all the animals up there. Close the top of every point from where the volcano is erupting. The lava too will stop. This is creating havoc for everyone. Hanuman thinks that this way the lives of the animals living in the forest will be in danger. You are right Atibal. He flies back towards the volcano. Hanuman yet again drops another piece of land inside the volcano. Hanuman’s friends think that his friend is doing a great thing. Atibal smirks. Just wait and see what happens now. There will be massive destruction now. You close 3 volcanoes and now 6 will erupt!

Precap: Hanuman drinks all the lava. He jumps into the pond. Anjana too begins to get in but he tells her against it. I am burning. You too will be burnt.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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