Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Kishkindha
neel and hanuman are boggled if its a magical trap. a sudden voice alarms the sky and the monkeys are warned not to step in, or they shall be gobbled up. hanuman asks neel to stay put here and decides to look for himself, as he comes in his grand avatar. Hanuman warns the forests, that they dont need the entire army of Rama, to thwart him, as he himself is sufficient to do so, and warns for the last time, to prevent facing his ire, and give way to them. a voice emanates from the forests saying that if he as much as tries to mess with him, then they shall have to face the consequences, not the forests. hanuman says that he wont bear any obstacle in Rama’s way. he gets his tail to tie up the entire forst together,

while he watches on. he is about to dig out the entire forest, when a divine light appears and stands in front of him, The goddess of Forest, who says that she is here to meet Lord Rama, as she is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, and wanted to meet rama to seek his salvation. hanuman asks them all to be calm, as there isnt any danger. he unties the entire forest. she requests as one devotee to another. he asks her not to request him, as he would be more than happy to comply. he makes her sit atop his palm to be able to take her to meet Lord rama.

Meanwhile, hanuman returns back with Goddess of Forest, who is overwhelmed to see Lord rama, as hanuman happily complies. rama eyes her with blessings in his eyes for her. she rushes and touches his feet, while hanuman comes and introduces her, while she is too overwhelmed with emotions. she speaks up saying that she shall accept any punishment that he grants for having stopped his way. he instead asks her to bless him, so that they can defeat raavan and get sita back. she blesses the army, but then says that she cant let them go ahead, all are boggled and tensed. hanuman says that she has met lord rama, then what. she says that she hasnt sought salvation yet, as she wishes to see rama, through his devoted eyes. hanuman is boggled, as she asks for his help. rama smiles through, as hanuman looks at him. hanuman says that its impossible, while she says that there is nothing impossible for rama’s greatest devotee. he is set to thinking as to how to do it, and finally seeks rama’s help, and says that if his devotion does have that strength and magic, then he should guide him. rama smiles at both of them. They all start chanting Lord rama’s name, as Hanuman starts the Vandana, and all close their eyes. as she opens them, she experiences a grand divine light, and when she opens them, she finds rama, above the clouds, and only she to witness the various forms of lord rama, as she finds him everywhere around her. she is full of ecstasy and supreme satisfaction. as she descends down, she find rama as one of the many avatars, of lord vishnu, who she is devout follower. hanuman and others open their eyes finally, and she realises that she just experienced the supreme happiness as she bows her head and with folded hands, exprsses gratitude, to hanuman, for helping him realise this. rama blesses her. she continues to thank and praise hanuman galore for making this happen for her. she says that she isnt capable to see that grand avatar, but she did get to see it, and now she is satisfied. she tells hanuman that she knew nothing is impossible for him, and then blesses him, while he asks her humbly to allow them to get ahead. she clears the pathway, and then smiles back at them, while they are relieved. she apologises for wasting their time, but now they shall finish their journey soon, s she wont let any obstacle come in their path, while the time they take to clear the forest. she greets lord rama yet again and then disappears.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Shaaran says that he shall find out about rama and his team, and tells him that he is scared right now, not for himself, but for shaaran who he is concerned whether would be able to come back or not. raavan says thats why he wants someone else, Shook to accompany him. shaaran gets tensed. he asks whats the need. raavan asks if he is sufficient enough. shaaran complies, but then says that he wouldnt be able to do something like this, as he can only find out secrets and get info, while shuook can only read, alter and affect the victim’s mind. as he narrates, shook arrives in a demonic avatar. they are like the mouse and cat couple, who fight and squabble, and yet stay together. while they start their demonic bantering, raavan shuts them down, and asks them to do for the welfare of lanka. they are determined that they shall captivate hanuman’s mind, and force rama to return back.

Scene 3:
Location: On the grounds
all start chanting Hanuman’s name, while shaaran and shook, arrive in their disguise of birds. rama’s chants reverberate in the atmosphere. The screen freezes on rama’s face.


Precap: Hanuman gets water for rama. laxman interrupts and asks him not to work unnecessarily and do as much as told, when and where, and not use up his own mind, as he was never told to get water. hanuman says that he merely wanted to help. laxman takes the pitcher from him rudely while hanuman is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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