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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan is glad to know that Urvashi’s jealousy separated that vanar from his mother. He lifts Atibal high in the air. That vanar kid is killing our brave Asuras regularly! This is your punishment. Go and keep an eye on Sumeru! Don’t bring any negative news in future. Atibal runs away.

Urvashi is waiting eagerly for Anjana / Punjisthala to reach Swarg. Anjana reaches there. Urvashi and other apsara’s welcome her. This is the sign of the victory of apsara dharma. She gives her nupur. Wear them. Get ready. Everyone is waiting for your dance in Dev Sabha. Or maybe I should help you get ready for the same. I have readied your room with my own hands. Anjana says I came back to Swarg while abiding by the laws of Swarg loka but I wont fulfil apsara dharma now. I am Anjana,

Hanuman’s mother and I will stay like that always. From now onwards, I will stay in the temple here. She leaves. Urvashi thinks that her arrogance of being a mother is still not over. You will have to accept apsara dharma one day now that you are here.

Anjana kneels down in the temple. I am bound by fate yet I am unable to bear this separation from my son. He is a kid. He is not compelled. How will he bear it then? Why does he have to be punished? I request that Swami returns safely to Sumeru. Now he only has to raise Hanuman up as both his father and mother. Give him strength to face this situation. I am feeling so helpless. She cries thinking of Hanuman.

It is morning. Hanuman wakes up. He chants the morning shloka and touches his palms to his face. He feels tears in his eyes. He recalls that his mother was disturbed last night. He chants another shloka for mother earth before stepping down from the bed. He goes to seek his parents’ blessings.

Anjana is making a garland. She is teary eyed as she cannot stop thinking about her son. My son must be looking for me. He does not even eat without me. I don’t know what will happen when Swami will not find me there!

Hanuman is looking for his mother but she is not in her room. He cannot find her anywhere and neither can he see his Nani. He heads towards the kitchen.

Anjana greets Maharani Shachi. Maharani Shachi says this is Swarg loka. You don’t need to make a garland like this. It can be easily made only by wishing for it. Why did you have to work so hard? Anjana replies that it is good to pray to God by doing things on own. Maharani Shachi suggests her to rest for a while. Anjana is sad to be away from her family. My heart is still with them. I am thinking what my son will be doing at this moment. He doesn’t even eat without me. His father will still not be back who can take care of him.

Anjana is not in the kitchen as well. Hanuman cannot see his Nani too. He notices the laddoos. Seems like mother made it early in the morning. She is so good. She takes care of me so much but where are Ma and Nani? He asks a daasi but they too have no clue. Maharaj has gone to Dandak van for a fight. A daasi says maybe Maharani ji would have gone out for some work. She offers to help Hanuman in getting ready but Hanuman thinks of his mother’s advice. I will get ready myself. Ma too says that I have grown up. I have become Yuvraj. I should do my work myself. You do your work. I will get ready on my own.

Maharani Shachi can understand Anjana’s pain. A mother and a baby can be in any separate corners of the world but the inner connection never breaks. Your sadness can easily affect your son. You have to put the pain away from your heart so Hanuman can be happy. Anjana is stunned by her words. Forgive me son. She goes to rest for a while. Urvashi has overheard their convo.

Maruti excitedly takes bath so his mother gets happy. Sakha helps him. He wears his clothes and ornaments himself. He thinks of his mother again. He does puja next. The daasi is impressed. Hanuman is thinking only of his mother. She too will be happy. I will eat only with Ma. Hanuman continues to wait for his mother. Daasi’s bring the laddoos that ANjana has made with her hands. He takes a bite but gets sad. I don’t know why I do not like it. It tastes different when Ma feeds it with her hands. Why it happens? Nani says that is when a mother’s love is added in it. Hanuman asks her about his mother. She too has no idea. He thought that she was with her. Nani thinks of the incident that happened yesterday. Hanuman too wonders if his mother is in some problem.

Precap: Hanuman is looking for his mother. He finds her in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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