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Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Hanuman beckons the tridev to give a way out, to relieve rama and his army, from this magical weapon. all, the lords look down upon him. Hanuman beckons all the lords, as to where are they, and why arent they coming down, for some advise, and asks how can they be silent at all of this. the lords watch from above tensedly. narad wonders what to say. indra says that they are helpless, as there isnt any countering to the Naag Paash. he then beckons the great tridev, as to how to relieve rama and laxman, and his entire monkey army, for this intolerable grief. suddenly, he gets determined, and says that if his lord doesnt stay alive, then so shall he, and all this world too, and that the tridev shall have

to succumb to telling him the way out of NaagPaash. brahma comes to shiva, and after niceties, they discuss hanuman’s aggressive turn, as that can only mean ill for the earth. he asks shiva, how lord rama and hanuman’s motive was to relieve the world from raavan and his sins, but it seems now, that some calamity shall ruin the earth, and in such a state, its imperative that he guides hanuman. then he apparataes before hanuman, who is overwhelmed to see him. hanuman bows in gratitude, and asks him to look for himself what happened. brahma asks him to handle himself, as he has to get rama out of this trouble. hanuman says that thats the motive of his life, to relieve his master of miseries. but needs guidance to be able to do so. Brahma tells hanuman that this can only be countered by Garud Deva, as seeing him, the snakes shall be scared, and shall free rama, laxman and the army, and run away. hanuman says that he should hurriedly go to Baikunth then. brahma asks him not to, as Vishnu is resting right now, and hence garud dev is serving his mother right now. he also reminds that he only has time till the next morning’s first sun ray hits lanka. he blesses hanuman to be victorious. hanuman thanks him and then rushes away to where Garud Deva is serving VRinda, his mother. he addresses Garud dev and says that he needs his help. garud dev says that whoever he is, he should wait, and right now, he is serving his mother, and wont stand any interference. his mother asks him to go and check. but he is insistent that he wont leave her side not even for god. hanuman is tensed and wonders what to do. he decides to hurry up, but thinks that its wrong, to separate him from his mother. as time passes, hanuman is tensed to take garud dev to lanka with him. he is baffled what to do. finding that his mother is asleep, garud dev steps outside stealthily. hanuman excitedly is about to tell, when garud asks him to be lower in voice, as he shall wake her up. he then leaves to get fruits for his mother, when she wakes up. hanuman wodners what dilemma is he facing. and how to get Garud dev to come to him soon. Meanwhile, she wakes up and demands water. hanuman rushes in to serve her. she asks who is he. he bows his head and with folded hands, indentifies himself as her son too. he tries to press her feet, while she asks him to let be. he asks her to give a permission to serve her. she complies, and asks him why he seems tensed. he tells everything and explains how only garud shall be able to save him and the army. he explains his dilemma too. Garud dev who heard it from otuside, assures hanuman that they shall reach in time, and asks him not to bother. hanuman is excited and asks if he shall go. garud looks at his mother, and seeking her permission, he solicits his compliance. they both rush out.

In ashok vatika, sita is sure that since hanuman is out of meghnad’s trap, she is hopeful and ensured that rama is safe. tijata asks what shall happen when raavan knows that she didnt comply to his orders. Raavan comes just then, asking why was his order not followed, and she didnt go to the warfront, to see the plight of her husband, and tauntgs whether she didnt have the strength to do so. he again asks her to accept his proposal. she asks him to stop right there and asks if he knows who has meghnad trapped. raavan declares aggressively. sita is apalled. he says that had she gone, she would have seen for herself. she remembers hanuman’s promise, and asks him if he knows hanuman is stil, out, and as long as that is, rama is out of danger. raavan gets enraged and tells her that hanuman escaped and ran away too. he aggressively says that tomorrow she shall witness her husband’s funeral, and hanuman wont be able to do anything, who ran away seeing his arm like that. asking her to wait for his marriage, he rushes off. she is distressed, and hopes that hanuman is the last link, that can save rama.

Raavan says that he too is waiting for tomorrow’s daybreak, while raavan tells him that tomorrow the sunrise should happen earlier than usual. but the sun lord doesnt comply at all, saying that its against his ethics, and he wouldnt do anything like that. he swears, but raavan says that he shall ruin him if he doesnt comply. the surya dev, reminds him of what he tried earlier, to capture the nine planets, and hanuman defeated him, and today, when he is a warrior, he wouldnt allow that. raavan says that once his rays fall, he shall see what hanuman can do.

As the time passes by, the sun lord is asked by his driver, if by creating his obstruction in hanuman’s way, who is doing the work of the lords, are they right. the lord says that he is assured that hanuman shall not only solve this problem, but also lead them all to victory. the sun lord meanwhile is forced to comply to raavan’s heinous wishes, and the sunrise starts progressing faster. hanuman asks garud dev, while they are mid flight to increase his speed, so that they reach the army, before sunrise. he chants lord rama’s name, and surges ahead. All the lord wait tensedly, in anticipation. Indra is tensed too as to how garud deva shall save, as they dont have time. hanuman too understands. he then again reminds hanuman how he had swallowed the sun. hanuman says that he shall try that, while garud deva frees them all from Naag Paash. they both go their separate ways.

MEanwhile, in the royal palace, raavan notices the sun rising, and is happy thinking the sun is rising faster, as he threatened her. the screen freezes on hanuman’s face.


Precap: Raavan guffaws that the sun is rising soon, and how he got threatened by raavan’s warning, and complied to his wishes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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