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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman holds the giant pillar with his one hand shocking everyone present in the courtroom. He pushes it to the other side. Vali angrily shouts Hanuman. Sugriv gets tensed. Hanuman walks up to Vali. Welcome in Sumeru. Vali is irked. You will welcome me? Hanuman asks him if he is upset because of something. You first too out your anger on me and then you broke this pillar, being angry by Sugriv Bhaiya. What do you want? Vali says I have enough strength and capability in me. I want to rule! I want the possession of all vanar’s, Sumeru, Kishkindha, Papmasur, of entire Vansangha, of Vansabha and of this throne of Sumeru. Everyone is shocked. Hanuman politely says just this much. You got angry for such a small issue? All this is yours only. We had already chosen you as the ruler of entire

Vansangha. Flashback of the same is shown. I not just call you Bhaiya but mean it as well. Anjana comes there. Hanuman says you have as much right on this throne as much I have. Whatever belongs to us is yours too and vice versa. Kokat and Vali are completely taken aback. Hanuman tells Vali to take the throne if he wants to. Did I say the right thing father? Kesari nods. Anjana also seconds him. Kokat is in disbelief. I never thought this can also happen.

Kesari steps down from the throne and gestures Vali to go ahead. Hanuman asks Vali to sit on the throne. It belongs to you now. Vali thinks I am getting this throne with so much easy. Is there something fishy? He looks at the throne and smiles. Who can dare to cheat the Great Vali now? This is all because of my fear. He smiles at the throne. His inner selves question him on his act. You will take the throne you will get in alms? Great Vali does not accept alms. Jackals eat leftovers. Since when did you become a jackal? They reproach him. Vali is highly disturbed by the time he is near the throne. He smirks and then turns to look at everyone. I don’t need alms. Alms, pity and donation are the mediums used by weak and not by brave. Great Vali needs you all under me. From now onwards, Sumeru will be under my rule. Whoever will not accept it is welcome to fight with me. Hanuman tries to say something but Vali says enough. No one can stop me from taking what I want! He walks out of the courtroom.

Hanuman looks at the sad faces of his parents. He folds hands before his father. did I make any mistake or did I say something wrong? Why did Bhaiya leave upset? Sugriv denies. You haven’t made any mistake. Bhaiya is not on the right path. Kokat thinks Sugriv does not fear Maharaj Vali at all.

Vali is very much angry as he comes in jungle. He is about to hit a stone when he sees Hanuman’s reflection in it. He thinks of his words in the courtroom. You will give me alms? He breaks the stone with his fist. Narad ji says Narayan, Narayan. You took out so much anger on a lifeless stone! Seems like you did not get from Sumeru what you actually went to get there! Vali says I have it under me now. I will very soon get all the Van-Rajya under me too.

Sugriv shares how Vali wants to have all the Van-Rajya under his control. Hanuman says my father has taught me that expectation is the first step in the ladder of success. What’s wrong with it if Vali Bhaiya is ambitious? Anjana reasons that being ambitious is good but trying to fulfil your ambitions, suddenly becoming enemies with your own people; troubling them wrongly will not take you towards success but downfall.

Narad ji says you went to get them under your control. You would have got Hanuman’s powers too then? Vali says that was my only motive. But I don’t know why my boon stops working when I am around that Markat.

Kesari says boons also become inactive when the ambitions of people take them on the wrong path and divert his mind. Vali too is on the wrong path. Sugriv agrees. He has sent a warning message to other provinces as well. He has even kept father captive to fulfil this ambition of his.

Narad ji expresses surprise. The boon given by Devraj stopped working? Vali nods. Narad ji says what the point of this boon is then. He has surely given you incomplete boon. This is why you dint get Hanuman’s powers. Vali is shocked. How can he do this? Narad ji replies only Devraj Indra can tell you the secret behind it. the boon bound by limits is incomplete. It is just like when a father gives a toy to the baby to play. Something similar has happened with you. Vali gets angry. He cannot joke with me!

Hanuman is shocked to know what Vali did. I will have to free Maharaj asap. Surgiv calls it impossible. Stay away from this. Anjana too tells Hanuman not to go there. I will not allow you to go. Hanuman asks her what she is saying. Will you stop me if something similar happens with father? I have thought of Maharaj Riksharaj as my father always. I cannot let him stay in the jail. It is my duty to free him. I will have to go. Kesari nods. He has always been with us in our pain as our support. You should surely go to help him. Sugriv calls it difficult. Bhaiya has increased the security since the time you escaped from there. No bird can even go there. Hanuman says whatever be the consequences, I will have to go there. He greets his parents. Anjana is worried. Hanuman flies away.

Vali says Devraj Indra cannot do this joke with his own Ansh. I did tapasya for years to get the boon. I will think of him just now. He will have to come or I will end my life. He leaves. Narad ji smiles.

Hanuman thinks Vali Bhaiya dint do right by keeping his father captive. But this son will now free Maharaj who is a father figure for me.

Vali sits in the middle of fire. Devraj Indra joked with him in the name of boon. I don’t want such a life or such an incomplete boon. I am going to kill myself. He screams in pain. All the Gods look shocked. Devraj Indra appears there. Don’t do this. Step out of that fire. I will stop the fire if you wont listen to me. Vali makes him swear. You cannot go against my wish and douse this fire. Devraj Indra feels helpless. Don’t do this son. Vali is in pain. Why shouldn’t I do this? I am born because of you. I have done tapasya for years but it got me an incomplete boon! I get everyone’s half powers but not of that Hanuman’s! Why is it so? This boon is useless. Devraj says I gave you what you asked for. Vali counters that he set a limit on it. I don’t get half of the powers of that Markat. Why? Devraj explains that he will get half powers of anyone who will face him with a feeling of enmity in his heart. But Hanuman did not have any such feelings towards you. Stop being stubborn Vali. I cannot see you in pain. Vali screams in anger. Devraj suggests giving him another boon.

Hanuman reaches outside the cave in which Maharaj Riksharaj has been kept. Soldiers tell him to stop. As per Maharaj Vali’s orders no one can meet Maharaj Riksharaj without his permission. Hanuman says I dint come here to meet him but to free him. Soldiers refuse to let him go inside. Hanuman looks at them.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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