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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is on his way to Chandra Loka. He thinks of his misbehaviour with his wives; of his deal with Ravan. I gave Amrit to him. What they must be thinking of me? Hanuman brings Chandra Dev to Chandra Loka. Chandra Dev’s wives are glad to see them. Hanuman returns to his normal size.

Chandra Dev feels guilty. Hanuman freed me from Shani Dev but by now, all the Gods will be aware of the fact that I handed over Amrit to Ravan. Hanuman greets the ladies. They do aarti of Chandra Dev to welcome him. He feels all the more bad. I misbehaved with them yet they are so happy to see me. His wives know Sankat Mochan Hanuman took care of their Swami’s problem. Hanuman says I only fulfilled my mother’s promise. He turns to Chandra Dev. Please sit on the throne and let the world see

you. My mother hasn’t eaten anything since last 3 days. Please don’t make her wait more. Chandra Dev is all lost. He thinks of Ravan backing off from his promise and calling him a fool. Shani Dev and all the other Gods will be your enemy now.

Hanuman notices Chandra Dev hesitating in his step. Chandra Dev replies that he does not deserve to sit on the throne. I committed a sin. I handed over Amrit Kalash to Ravan. I was all rude to my wives when they tried to stop me. I don’t deserve to stay here anymore. He apologises to his wives for his behaviour. They very well know he was under Shani Dev’s influence back then. Forget it as a bad dream. Chandra Dev denies. I gave Amrit Kalash to an Asura like Ravan!

On the other hand, Ravan is excited to drink Amrit and become immortal. Chandra Dev committed a sin by giving Amrit to me. It is an unpardonable sin. Kalnemi compliments him. Today, you have done for what Asuras have done a lot of hard work. All the Asuras are feeling proud today because of you. Everyone cheers for Ravan. They are excited to get hold of even a drop of Amrit to become immortal. Ravan remarks that the most awaited moment has come. I, your Samrat Lankesh, will become immortal by drinking Amrit. He will make all of you immortal too. The palace echoes with cheers of his name.

Chandra Dev is worried thinking of the consequences if Ravan and his Asuras drink Amrit. His wife says it wont happen. Hanuman too asks Chandra Dev to sit on the throne. Chandra Dev knows that the Asuras will be waiting to see him in the sky. Hanuman repeats his request. Chandra Dev does not want to sit on the pious throne after committing such a sin. Hanuman nods at his wife. She nods back at him. Hanuman holds Chandra Dev’s hand and makes him sit on the throne. Bright light emanates from him. Hanuman takes a few steps back. They all look at the moon light. Hanuman asks Chandra Dev to open his eyes and illuminate his LOka. Chandra Dev opens his eyes. He looks around surprised. The moon shines in the sky. Chandra Dev is in disbelief. After what I did, this holy throne would have disappeared as soon as I sat on it, but it did not happen. Hanuman happily looks around. Vritt and Ritt planets come there. They give their powers to Chandra Dev. Hanuman is glad thinking his mother’s fast will complete now. She will get well soon.

Nani is in tears to see her daughter’s condition. Kesari shares that all the situations have affected Anjana badly. I have full faith no harm will come to her. Truth and dharma is with her. Marjarika is also sure of this fact. Hanuman has helped everyone. He will take care of his mother too. Matang Rishi points out that truth and dharma always win. I can see some light. Kesari also looks out of the window. Seems like Hanuman succeeded in his task.

The sky lights up. Chandra Dev’s wives are relieved that even after all the problems, their Swami succeeded in rising up in the sky on Maha Purnima. Chandra Dev is puzzled. How can this happen? Maybe the throne allowed me to sit but Maha Purnima’s Chandra is rising. It means there will be disturbance in Amrit too. Ravan will drink it then. We have to stop him from doing so. We should not let him do so.

Ravan opens the Kalash and sips Amrit. Kalnemi makes people cheer for their immortal Lankesh. Mandodari looks tensed.

Hanuman tells Chandra Dev to trust him. Nothing wrong will happen. Chandra Dev wants to be punished for his misdeeds. Shani Dev was doing the right thing by punishing me. I, even after being a Devta, gave Amrit to Ravan. I committed a very big sin.

Rahu tells Asuras it is time for everyone to become immortal. Ravan laughs evilly. Guru Shuracharya calls him a fool. Ravan gets angry. If it was someone else in your palce then I swear in Mahadev’s name, I would have killed him. Guru Shukracharya says one is knowledgeable when he understands things in a second. The Amrit, for which Devtas and Asuras did Amrit Manthan together; for which Rahu had to lose his head; Devtas fought with Asuras, do you think you will get it easily? Gods have cheated you once again. This isn’t Amrit! Ravan is shocked.

Hanuman tells Chandra Dev not to worry. What you gave to Ravan is not Amrit. Chandra Dev asks him what it was then.

Precap: Hanuman greets kaal Dev who asks him to wait for a while but Hanuman is in a rush. My mother has kept a fast since 3 days. Kaal Dev is irked that he is of no importance to him. Hanuman meets his mother back at home. Kaal Dev decides to make Hanuman understand his importance.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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