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Upaaksh increases his size as he laughs. He comes in his Asura avatar. What can I not do! Be assured. I will bring Kalp-Vriksh to Pataal Loka. Be it anyone, no one will be able to stop Kalp-Vriksh here. Ravan remarks that over confidence at times becomes the reason of doom. Be careful, you have to do it in the presence of that vanar kid and Rishi Durvasa. Vali is sure their plan will work.

All the citizens are amazed to see Kalp-Vriksh. They speak about its benefits. Rishi Durvasa tells everyone to calm down. Pay attention to what I say. Till I complete my tapasya, there will be only Hanuman here except me and my disciples. I have given him the responsibility to protect it. I request you all to vacate this area asap. Everyone leaves from there. Anjana stops for a second. What

if Hanuman makes any mistake? Kesari keeps a reassuring hand on her shoulder and gestures her to come. Hanuman watches them go. I should have touched their feet before starting my task but as per Rishivar’s order, I cannot leave this place. Vali and Atibal are nearby only.

Rishi Durvasa says it is important to take a bath before starting a tapasya. I will go to Mansarovar along with my disciples. You have to be alert in my absence. Hanuman agrees. Rishi Durvasa says Asuras can cross any limit to get Kalp-Vriksh. I have full faith in your abilities though. Hanuman says my responsibility will be of utmost importance to me. I will do it diligently. I promise you nothing can happen to Kalp-Vriksh till I am here. Rishi Durvasa says we will be back by tomorrow morning. Hanuman tells him to be assures. Rishi Durvasa leaves with his disciples.

Vali thinks Markat you will fail before Upaaksh’s maya and Atibal’s idea. This is the perfect time. He tells Atibal to do as he had been told. Upaaksh laughs seeing it. He addresses his army. It is time. Kalp-Vriksh will make us rich with money, jewels, and women.

Hanuman keeps looking at Kalp-Vriksh as he walks around. Earth begins to shake as the Asuras stomp their feet on the ground in Pataal Loka. Hanuman hears the sound as well. Something is going wrong inside earth. I will just check. He kneels down to hear. Vali thinks Markat is clever. Everything will be finished if he gets to know about the Asuras. Atibal shouts for Hanuman in Rishi Durvasa’s voice. Hanuman recognizes it. He must be in some problem.

Upaaksh digs his way up to earth like a grill machine. On the other hand, Hanuman runs to help Rishi Durvasa. Atibal laughs. Vali says Markat fell in my trap. He left Kalp-Vriksh alone.

Upaaksh is still busy digging. He finally pulls Kalp-Vriksh under earth by its roots. Earth becomes normal once again.

Hanuman realises that no problem can come on a Rishi like Rishi Durvasa. Is someone trying to fool me? He comes to his original place but Kalp-Vriksh is gone by that time. Where did it go? Vali says no one can save you from Rishi Durvasa’s anger now. Hanuman can see no marks on earth (of Kalp-Vriksh being pulled out from earth by its roots). He flies up in sky to get any clue but in vain. I couldn’t realise it earlier that someone can cheat me. He says Ma loudly. Anjana and all the family members stop hearing his voice. She gets concerned for her son. Hanuman is in tears. I
Vali says now you will understand how much defeat hurts.

Anjana and everyone join Hanuman. They see the place empty. Hanuman shares that he couldn’t live by his word. Someone abducted Kalp-Vriksh stealthily. Kesari wonders who can take such a huge tree, that too in such a short time. Anjana calls it impossible. It surely is some big trap. How will Hanuman escape from Rishi Durvasa’s anger? What will happen? Kesari says Rishi Durvasa curses on a small thing. Hanuman has made a really big mistake. Hanuman says I don’t fear curse. I fear what all the Asura, who has got it, can do with the help of Kalp-Vriksh.

Asuras are mesmerised seeing Kalp-Vriksh. It helps Gods. Now it belongs to us. Upaaksh laughs. Now we will make Pataal Loka better than Swarg. It will help us get all the luxuries. Other Asuras cheer for him. UUpaaksh says Gods have used this for their own good till now. Now it will do as we say. It is our servant from now.

Hanuman says I became unsuccessful. I couldn’t fulfil my vow. He tells his father that his name will be stained because of him now. Marjarika is sure some big mayavi Asura is behind it. Hanuman cries. Anjana looks at him. How can I let my son accept defeat so easily! She wipes her tears and caresses his head. I haven’t taught you to accept failure. A fighter is someone who gets up once again after falling. One who does not accept defeat till end will never lose. You have defeated such great people till now. Why are you crying over such a small defeat? Your tears question not just your father’s name but my upbringing too. You aren’t weak. You are a fighter. Wipe your tears. Turn this defeat in your victory. Hanuman gets thinking. He wipes his tears. I wont let it happen. That Kalp-Vriksh will be back in its place before Rishi Durvasa is back. I promise you. Anyone might have taken it in any corner of the world but I will find it. I need your blessings. He touches his parents’ feet to seek their blessings. He flies away. Vali remarks that he can look in any direction but will only be cursed by Rishi Durvasa now. You wont find Kalp-Vriksh.

Hanuman checks every corner of the world but cannot find Kalp-Vriksh. This puzzles him.

Upaaksh says our servant will now give us all the things we need. He asks Kalp-Vriksh to give them gold and jewels but nothing comes. This angers the Asuras. It is beginning to lose its charm. Upaaksh tries again but to no avail. It dulls and ends up turning into a black tree. They are puzzled. I will do anything to make you fulfil my wishes.

Krishna says big tasks and wishes are fulfilled only when you are pure from heart, mind and body. Kalp-Vriksh is a divya and pure tree. The ill intention of Asuras and the filthy environment made it stop from fulfilling the wishes of Asuras. If you are pure from heart, mind and body while praying to God then your wish will surely be fulfilled.

Hanuman has checked everywhere but could not find any clue.

Rishi Durvasa and his disciples reach Mansarvor. He tells his disciples to hurry up. We have to be near Kalp-Vriksh before sunrise.

Hanuman comes back empty handed. He tells his family members he couldn’t find Kalp-Vriksh anywhere. Kesari says how someone can take Divya Kalp-Vriksh so far in such a short time. Neither you nor anyone saw it. Hanuman gets thinking. Whoever has stolen it has done it really cleverly but has made a mistake as well. His that mistake will only take me to him. Kesari says what mistake that thief has done. Hanuman replies that his Guru Surya Dev is always there in the sky looking over everyone. He would know who did it. Surya Dev thinks Hanuman is really knowledgeable. Hanuman is sure his Guru would know who has stolen Kalp-Vriksh. He wont disappoint his disciple. He will surely tell me.

Rishi Durvasa and his disciple pay their respects to Mansarovar Lake. This lake came into existence because of Lord Vishnu. Manas (heart) and sarovar (lake) made up for its name. His disciple wishes to know something about this lake. Rishi Durvasa says those who take bath in this lake get free from their sins for life. They get moksha and also get to be under Mahadev’s feet afterwards. We will also meet the same fate. We don’t have much time. Tapasya starts at sunrise tomorrow.

Hanuman thinks I have only time till tomorrow’s sunrise. I have to place Kalp-Vriksh back in its place before everyone is back.

Precap: Upaaksh says this Kalp-Vriksh has lost its worth. Make arrangements to burn it down. Hanuman understands his Guru Dev’s signal. I am sure whoever stole Kalp-Vriksh has taken it to Pataal Loka only. I will go there to bring it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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