Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with luv and kush trapped in the cage. There hanuman is with the demon gardhmasur and demon says monkey you cannot handle my attacks, I will show you my power. Gardhmasur comes to his form on the lion.
There luv and kush say to each other, if we cannot break this cage, we have to move this cage away from here. Luv and kush attack their arrows and laxman says no one can break this cage. The arrows turn into gadha and then throw away the cage. Laxman and bharat are shocked. Laxman and bharat then attack their arrows as luv and kush attack too. one arrow goes through a stone and diverts on bharat, it hits bharat and bharat falls down unconscious. Laxman is shocked and says brother bharat fell unconscious too. laxman attacks an arrow on luv and kush. Luv and kush

then attack arrows and tackle it. Laxman then calls for a divya arrow. Luv kush say what to do now?
There all the gods go to lord Shankar and say how will hanuman defeat gardhmasur lord? That demon wont let hanuman go and if hanuman doesn’t reach on time then something bad may happen to luv and kush. Lord Shankar says there have to be at least 2 gods from 2 loks to defeat gardmasur. Hanuman is my form, he is my ansh so I am present, but you have to go and ask for help from lord Vishnu. All gods say oay and go to lord Vishnu. the gods tell lord Vishnu about the problem and lord Vishnu says he is willing to help hanuman. Lord Vishnu smiles.
There garhdmasur tells hanuman that he alone at least cannot kill him as there have to be at least 2 gods from 2 loks to kill him. suddenly a divya fox comes. Gardhmasur thinks it is a demon who has come to help him and he says welcome fox demon, we will kill him and rule the universe. Hanuman see the fox and thinks I think it is someone else, maybe it looks like a form of lord Vishnu. the fox comes near and gardhmasur says kill him. from the fox, hanuman sees the form of lord Vishnu and smiles. Hanuman then does pranam. Gardhmasur says why is this monkey doing pranam? The fox pounces on gardhmasur and he is shocked. Fox comes back. Gardhmasu falls down and gets up. Then hanuman says lord Vishnu it is the time for this demon’s death now. Fox and hanuman head towards garhdmasur. Garhdmasur now sees the form of lord Shankar in hanuman and lord Vishnu in the fox and thinks they seem to be 2 gods of trilok, I should go away from here. But hanuman holds gardhmasur with his tail and the fox becomes huge, hanuman throws gardhmasur inside his mouth and fox eats him. then hanuman kneels and says pranam and says lord Vishnu I pray you to give me your darshan in lord ram’s form. Lord Vishnu comes in form of lord ram and hanuman takes blessings and heads for luv and kush and the horse now.
There luv and kush tackle the divya arrow by praying and then luv attacks a divya arrow on laxman which ties him and makes him unconscious too. hanuman is flying and sees from sky everyone fallen unconscious. There lord ram says now I myself have to go to fight these boys. Then they see in fire that hanuman has come. Lord ram sits.
There hanuman lands and hears luv kush talking, luv says kush lets take the horse to our mother and she will be happy from what we have done! Hanuman says no wait, she will not be happy. Luv kush see hanuman and say rishi you! You will be proud to see what we have done, by the weapons and knowledge you gave us we defeated the raghuvanshi army. Hanuman says no children, what you have done is wrong, these are the brothers of lord shree ram and his army, you have insulted him. luv kush say lord?! Even you think he is lord? Hanuman says children, he is the lord of this entire universe, he lives in everything, so you shall think him as a lord too. luv kush say no, he abandoned mata sita, he cannot be a lord. Hanuman says I will free everyone you made unconscious. Hanuman steps ahead but luv kush fire arrows and say this is a warning rishi! If you come ahead we will battle you too. hanuman says listen to me kids! What you are doing is wrong and what lord ram did was raj dharma! You are too young to understand raj dharma kids, so you don’t know what is wrong and right. Luv and kush say it is wrong, you are his disciple so you take your gods side but shree ram has lost everything after abandoning mata sita. Hanuman says kids you shall not say that, he had to do what was right, now let me take the horse as it is lord ram’s horse. Kush says take the horse with you luv and I will keep rishi busy, luv says I will take this horse with me. Luv and kush say fight us rishi, and then take the horse if you defeat us. Hanuman says so be it! If it is a fight, let it be one. Hanuman is about to attack but he hears mata sita in the ashram saying keep my children safe hanuman. Hanuman thinks I gave mata sita a promise to protect luv and kush, so I will not attack luv and kush but just defend myself. Luv and kush attack arrows on hanuman, hanuman destroys them easily with his hands. Luv and kush then attack heroes in different directions to distract hanuman. Hanuman smiles and thinks they are distracting me. Hanuman then destroys the arrows with his hands in both directions. Luv and kush are shocked and say we have to attack with more powerful arrows, luv kush attack their powerful arrows but nothing happens as hanuman is too powerful for them. Luv and kush then think and kush attacks a divya arrow agni astra, it hits hnaumna and fire is all around, but hanuman with his tail wipes out the fire. Luv and kush say that rishi is not attacking us, he is neither taking the horse, he is defending himself and shree ram’s soldiers. Kush says luv go take the horse with you. Luv is going but hanuman say no! stop. Luv says I will pull the horse with me and gift it to my mother and remove what lord ram wore him. hanuman says you insult the horse by your words. Luv and kush say you insult your lord ram, you are not attacking and not fighting us, so you insult your bhakti too! hanuman is angry. Luv and kush say shree ram after abandoning mata sita has lost his status of a god and lord, he is no more a shree! Hanuman is very angry and becomes huge now. Luv and kush are shocked. Hanuman is angry. Luv kush say your huge size wont scare us, luv makes a flying arrow bed and from there attack on hanuman and kush attack son hanuman from down. kush tells luv to attack dhrumastra which will make hanuman unconscious. Luv attacks and there is black smoke around hanuman. Hanuman is angry and says kids you have crossed all limits of your arrogance and you need to be taught a lesson.
In heaven lord Shankar says this rudra form of hanuman will be very dangerous to luv and kush, they can die from this and hanuman will later regret this after his anger calms down, parvati says as a mother I shall go and stop hanuman from doing this. There rishi vashisht says this rudra form of hanuman will be dangerous for these kids. There hanuman is about to attack from his anger but parvati says no hanuman! Hanuman sees parvati is sky and says pranam. Parvati says hanuman do not attack, this is your rudra form, and they are sons of lord ram and devi sita, you don’t attack and let lord ram himself come and make them understand, it is time hanuman! Parvati goes. Hanuman then takes all the sleepy gas inside his body. Kush says rishi is very powerful, he took our gas inside. Luv says I will attack arrows and distract rishi and you kush attack a divya arrow and make him captive. Luv attacks arrows on hanuman and hanuman tackles them, kush attacks his divya arrow and now hanuman is tied and he allows luv kush to make him captive, he thinks now lord ram will come and meet his sons and reunite with his family. Lord ram sees this and gets up, he says for the ashvmaedh yag, now I have to go and stop these kids.

Precap: luv and kush attack arrows on the chariot of lord ram and say this is to tell you shree ram that you are no more a god for us. Lord ram says kids do not do this! You are wrong! Luv and kush say you call us kids as if you are our father. lord ram says yes, I am. Luv kush look at each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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