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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana hugs Maruti and wipes her tears. She asks the lord to keep his blessings on Maruti like he always has. To save Maruti from troubles, she asks the priest to arrange a jaap and asks to call 108 Sadhua. The priest says best day for that would be tomorrow. She says not a problem and says she will help. Kesari asks her why she’s getting so worried. Mantriji and Taima will arrange everything. She says she doesn’t want anything missing tomorrow. He says if that’s the case, then he will get all arrangements done himself. He asks her to go and rest with Maruti.

Sugriv asks Vali for how long he will sit there and asks him to get up. Vali gets up and hugs him. Sugriv asks him to calm down and forget everything thinking it was a mistake. Vali says what mistake he

did? He didn’t do any mistake. Maruti has been interfering in his only mission of life and if he took Vrikshasur’s help, then he made a mistake? Going to Vrikshasur meant risking own life. He did that for himself, Surgiv and he made a mistake? If he made a plan to get rid off a wall between brothers, then was it his mistake? Surgiv says still it was his mistake. Great person is that who changes his destiny on his own. But Vali without any reason tried to kill that Maruti. Vali says without any reason? He explained so much and he’s still saying no reason? Vali leaves angrily.

A girl tells to Krishna still so much ego. Krishna says ego doesn’t go away that easily. A girl asks whose the third person that got affected from this? Krishna says he wasn’t present but he’s to get affected and he’s Raavan. Raavan is introduced. Krishna explains how selfish Raavan was. Even if he prays, then he prays to get more powers. Other hand, insecure Anjana arranged a jaap.

Maruti is praying while Kesari and Anajana are doing jaap. Anjana is constantly watching Maruti. Kesari says he’s proud of Maruti. Anjana says she doesn’t have any problem with what Maruti did, but it’s not his age to get into fights like this. Kesari says it’s a big arrangements, he’s there, but she is still looking at Maruti? She says she’s keeping an eye on him. Kesari killed Vali’s father and he tried to take revenge on Maruti and Maruti killed Vrikshasur so who knows how many enemies he has made. Maruti sees malas in priests hands and thinks of doing something naughty. He goes somewhere. Anajana says so now they will have to be more careful. Kesari says he also wants the same, but for how long they will keep Maruti under their protection. Anajan looks away from Maruti for a moment and tells Kesari she will do all she can to keep Maruti safe and that is why she arranged this jaap. She doesn’t see Maruti and gets shocked. She looks everywhere, but can’t find him.

A girl tells Krishna you do jaap for those whose lives are in danger, but Maruti himself is Sankat Mochan. Krishna says we know that, but mother is mother and it was not easy for Anjana.

Maruti comes to Anjana. She gets happy. He says it’s looking so good everyone doing jaap together and he wants to do it as well. Kesari says they have special yudraksh mala for it. He gets sad saying he doesn’t have mala like that. He asks Kesari if he has. Kesari says he does have. Maruti asks him to give it to him. Kesari says you don’t do jaap with someone else’s mala and calls a new mala for Maruti. Maruti gets happy. He again gets confused as there is no place for him to sit. He asks where he will do the jaap. He makes space for him and does jaap like other Sadhus.

Precap: Maruti is getting bigger and bigger. All are confused. Anajana says if this keeps happening, then how she will be able to protect him.

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