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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman sticks to his ground as he receives Narayan gyan. Indra Dev wonders what’s going to happen. Mahadev’s gyan is still left. Hanuman bears the pain somehow. He greets his Gurudev. Surya Dev says you have been very strong and determined till now. You will need more amount of both to receive Mahadev’s gyan. Hanuman says I am ready for it. Hanuman is receiving Mahadev gyan from Surya Dev. Vayu Dev feels bad to see him in pain. Hanuman is in terrible pain. He brings his hands together so as to concentrate on things other than pain. Hanuman’s size increases. Surya Dev remarks that he cannot stop until he shares the entire gyan with him. Be patience. A second sun appears in the sky.

People are unable to bear the heat on earth.

All the Gods worry for Hanuman.

Two suns together are destructive for the world. The weather changes.

People cannot tolerate this much heat. Anjana and Kesari too feel the temperature rising. They look out from the window. They are shocked to see two suns in the sky. How will the world bear this much heat? She prays to Mahadev that nothing should go wrong.

Hanuman receives the Mahadev gyan inside him. His size has increased multifold,

Vayu Dev, Indra Dev, Varun Dev and Agni Dev greet Mahadev and Mata Parvat. There are chances of mishap (of Hanuman’s body exploding even). Narayan and Brahma Dev appear as well.Narayan says Surya Dev did his work. Hanuman’s education is complete. Chances of destruction has risen because of Hanuman receiving entire gyan in one go. Brahma Dev adds that Hanuman’s body can explode. Narayan nods. Only you can calm down Hanuman’s increasing heat. Mata Parvati says you have calmed down Hanuman previously as well. That saved the world. You only should do something now. Vayu Dev and all the Gods have pinned their hope on him. They all chant Kar Pur Gauram mantra together.

Surya Dev is shocked / concerned to see Hanuman continuously increasing in size. This is what I feared!

Anjana, Kesari and all the people on earth see the suns in sky.

Hanuman turns into Mahavir avatar. Surya Dev thinks to stop this. Only Mahadev can stop this. He calls out for Mahadev. I gave the Mahgayan to Hanuman as per your order. The situation is out of my control now. Hanuman’s body can explode anytime. Only you can stop this from happening.

Narad ji remarks that all the Gods feel really thankful after seeing this Mahavir avatar of Hanuman. I hope Mahadev saves Hanuman in time.

Mahadev appears before Surya Dev. He greets him and addresses the problem to him. Please calm down Hanuman. Mahadev looks at Hanuman. He too increases his size so as to reach Hanuman.

On earth, destruction starts.

Mahadev walks up to Hanuman. He says Ram near his ears. Hanuman opens his eyes. The word echoes inside him. He too says the word loudly. All the Gods say Ram thankfully. Narad ji says this is a very grand avatar of Hanuman. It will be known till all 3 time lapses and in all 4 Yugas. Everyone bows down to Mahadev. They cheer for Mahadev and Hanuman. Hanuman returns to his original size. He greets Mahadev. Both Hanuman and Mahadev return to their normal size. Life breathes on earth once again. people are relieved. Narad ji comes to Surya Loka. Mahadev thinks Hanuman is turning all devoted towards Ram.

Surya Dev gives last piece of knowledge to Hanuman. Hanuman repeats the Rakshakavach after him. Vayu Dev is relieved that Hanuman’s education if complete within the set time. Narad ji says his education isn’t complete yet. He has got all the knowledge but he has to repay his Guru. He has to give Gurudakshina to his Gurudev. Hanuman expresses his gratitude to his Gurudev. What can I offer you in Gurudakshina?

Precap: Narad ji is disturbed to see Ravan making his Asuras kill innocent people and kids on earth. Someone has to stop it. Mahadev agrees with him. Ravan has to be stopped. Anjana wonders why Hanuman isn’t saying anything. Where did all your enthusiasm go? Hanuman says Ram.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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