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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with laxman getting up. The sun rises and all the injured and dead soldiers get up and get healed by the medicine too and all commanders get up. Everyone start saying jai shree ram. Ram and laxman are happy and so is everyone. Sita there feels that something good is happening and tells her servant that she has a notion that everything is good now and ram will win. Ram tells laxman that he will be happy to know that his Bhabhi-maa is fine and alive. Hanuman says yes she is alive. Laxman is happy and hugs ram. From heaven all the gods and Shankar and Krishna see and are happy. Ram says hanuman because of you everyone is alive now and I am grateful for this. Hanuman says I am your servant and willing to do anything to protect you laxman sita and everyone here. Everyone

is praising lord ram.
Ravan who is sleeping in his palace gets up and says what was this praise and must be a dream and it should be a dream. Ravana hears the sound of rams army praising him and he sees from his window and sees the dronagiri mountain. Ravana says this is not possible and the entire army of ram and his brother laxman are alive because of this mountain. Meghnad comes and says laxman is alive and what if ram attacks here first and takes our palace and seems he is a god. Ravana tells meghnad not to worry and he should not think he is a god and he is just a human living in a forest. Meghnad says what should we do now? Ravana tells meghnad that he should use our crucial weapon now and go and meditate near the volcanic mountain and pray to goddess saraswati. Vidyut says what if ram reaches there? Ravana tells he wont because no one can reach there even through flight and the only other way to reach there is through hell and only me and meghnad can reach there through hell and even if he comes somehow then I have 4 asurs like devils and they will protect you. Meghnad smiles cunningly and says he will go there and meditate and get the power of stealth and telepathy. Meghnad goes. Ravana tells vidyut to put secret soldiers in rams army so that we get all the updates of their plan. Vidyut goes.
Laxman there tells ram that he will kill that meghnad this time with his blessed arrows and this is a promise. Hanuman says that evil vidyut killed the holographic appearance of sita and distracted me with that and he has taken a personal enmity with me so I promise to kill vidyut with my gadha. Vibhishan says there were so many distractions before hanuman brought the mountain here and this means ravana has made a plan very dangerous and we should do something soon.
There ravana tells a devil to disguise as a canary and go amongst ram and hjis commanders and see what they are planning. Devil goes.
Vibhishan tells ram that ravana must have sent meghnad for meditation and he is about to wield a very powerful weapon and will have dangerous powers. There meghnad is meditating and 4 monsters are protecting him. Vidyut tells ravana that as planned meghnad is meditating and the monsters are protecting from each direction. Ravana says now ram will face my powerful son and he gives evil laugh. There on battlefield suddenly everyone see a lightning bolt coming down at the volcanic mountain and it covers meghnad as he meditates. Vibhishan says this is definitely meghnad meditating to the goddess and he is going to get his powers. Hanuman says he has a nice plan, hanuman spots the canary and understands it’s a devil. He tells them just wait and see what I do. Hanuman takes his tail and catches the canary. The devil says leave me monkey, hanuman says come to your devil form otherwise I will kill you. Devil comes to his form and says leave me. Hanuman says tell me what ravana is planning otherwise I will kill you. Devil says I wont tell you. Hanuman tightens his tail around the devil, devil says please stop and I will tell you. Hanuman smiles. Devil says I just know meghnad is meditating and he is about to get powers and a strong weapon and vidyut is ready too.

Precap: hanuman laxman and vibhishan go from and underground way to where meghnad is meditating to stop him before its time. Hanuman kills a monster with his gadha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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