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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana says I would have let him go to any corner on earth but not Surya Loka. I have lost him once. I cannot lose him again. Devguru Brihaspati appears there. He tells Anjana that Guru is the one who guides a disciple. It gives a meaning to their life. You are a mother. Do you want your kid to be away from such knowledge? A mother’s love should not be selfish. You should be proud of your son. Hanuman’s life’s meaning is to help people and the world. Don’t you want him to accomplish his life’s aim? A tearful Anjana allows Hanuman to go. Complete your education; give your life a meaning. I will wait for you! Hanuman touches his father’s feet. Kesari blesses him. Always listen to your Guru. Devguru Brihaspati tells Hanuman that serving your Guru is equal to serving

God. He too blesses Hanuman. Next, Hanuman takes his mother’s blessings. She says do remember me. Whenever I will miss you, I will look at the moon. Hanuman too says the same. He greets his Nani and Dai Ma. Kesari asks Hanuman to hurry up. The sun is about to set. Hanuman agrees. He flies away in double speed.

Anjana looks at the sun. I have sent my son so far away but how do I make my heart understand this. I don’t know when he will come back now. Please protect him God. Kesari hugs her to comfort her. Parents have to sacrifice for their kids’ benefit. Anjana says a mother’s heart is too soft. She cannot take such a decision. I got my son after so long but I had to send him far away from me. He reminds her of her wish. You only wanted someone like Surya Dev to teach your kid. It’s all happening because of the prayer you once had made to God. FB shows Anjana writing down a few of her wishes for Hanuman and keeping them in temple. She had spoken about Surya Dev as her son’s Guru. FB ends. Kesari adds that Hanuman has gone to fulfil her wish. She doubts it Surya Dev will accept Hanuman as his disciple. Kesari suggests her to have faith. They pray to Surya Dev together.

Hanuman thinks of reaching Surya Loka asap. I have to make Surya Dev accept me. Mother somehow made her heart understand.

Surya Dev’s charioteer tells Surya Dev about Hanuman coming to meet him to make him his Guru. He has helped you so many times in the past. Surya Dev says I am indebted to Hanuman for what he did in the past. But one needs to have dedication, trust, seriousness and disciple to become my disciple. Hanuman will have to prove himself to me first.

Hanuman has to go big tasks. He has to face big problems right away and learn to win over them. The more the gold is put to heat more of its brightness increases. Similarly, Hanuman too has to face many obstacles. Guru’s teachings make anyone shine. It is really tough to find a suitable Guru. Whoever succeeds in this accomplishes the meaning of his or her life.

Hanuman reaches Surya Loka. I have to meet Surya Dev asap. If he doesn’t accept me as his disciple before sunset then everything will be wrong. Devguru had said that I should find my Guru before sunset only. The doormen allow Hanuman inside. Hanuman notices a few kids there already. Maybe they have also come here to gain knowledge too. He finds a little kid crying. Don’t know if Surya Dev will accept me as his disciple or not. Hanuman is confused to see the kids all sad and heartbroken. He asks one of the kids about the same. The kid shares that he came here with a dream of becoming Surya Dev’s disciple. Hanuman suggests him to go to some other Guru to fulfil his dreams. The kid nods. Hanuman says you can fulfil all your aims by meeting another Guru. The kid thanks him and leaves.

Surya Dev tells the kids that whoever passes his tests will be accepted as his disciple. The rest of you will have to go back. Hanuman realises that the kid failed in the test. He too stands in the queue. A Arun Dev points at the time limit. Only those who we can accommodate in this much time will be accepted today. The rest will have to come again tomorrow. Hanuman gets tensed. I will have to speak to Surya Dev.

Hanuman greets Surya Dev. I have come here to seek knowledge from you. He narrates whatever has happened so far. Surya Dev asks him if he is capable enough to be his disciple. A Guru and disciple should deserve one another. You will have to prove it to me. There are already too many disciples lined up here. I will take their test first and then come to you. Wait for your turn. Hanuman tries to say he is time bound but Surya Dev firmly tells him to wait. Hanuman thinks that he will lose time this way.

Precap: Hanuman walks up to Surya Dev. Surya Dev gets unhappy. You dint listen to me. I had told you to wait. You lost your patience. I cannot accept you as my disciple. Hanuman is in tears.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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