Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Things start heating up, boiling or ccatching fire on its own on earth. Anjana is worried about Maruti. He doesn’t know that Surya Dev is not a fruit. He learnt to fly and went up to eat it. If Surya increases its heat then! Kesari tries to tell her that nothing like that wont happen. Anjana tells him that she had requested Vayu Dev and Lord Shiva to stop Maruti from experimenting on his powers. I was sure he would invite trouble for himself one day. Please help my son Lord.

Narad ji eyes Surya teasingly. Your arrogance is going to be broken by a kid. There is still time. Realise it before its too late or you might explode.

Surya Dev continues increasing his size. This has a direct effect on earth and environment. Maruti too keeps growing. Surya Dev refuses to

give up. The people beg Surya Dev to show some mercy on them. Their skin burns. Lankesh looks at the situation and wonders what’s happening up there.

Commander of Sumeru faints. The soldiers too cannot hold themselves. A lady tells them that the situation of animals, elders, kids is worse. Surya Dev is getting angrier. ANjana yet again requests Bholenath to help them.

The situation turns grim. Everyone is either fainting or everything is reacting due to the extreme heat. There are small explosions from Surya Dev. He cannot grow himself beyond a limit. He realises this too. I will explode otherwise. Lord Shiva sends his blessings to Maruti. He turns him into little miniature version of Bholenath. Surya Dev greets Bholenath. Lord Shiva tells him how he isn’t seeing what’s happening in Nature because of his extra big size. He apologises to Lord Shiva. I am feeling really lucky to have seen this version of yours.

Rudransh will be loved by the world and kill all the Asuras.

Surya Dev returns to his original size. The heat on earth also comes back to its normal temperature. People feel better and relieved once again. Anjana thanks the Lord. One more request, my son returns back safe and sound home.

Lankesh gets impatient to know what’s happening in the sky.

Maruti opens his mouth and Surya Dev goes right inside his mouth. The lokas go dark and so does the earth. Eevryone is clueless about what’s happening and how the nature is changing so much today. Indra Dev is surprised. Maruti is finally satiated. Narad ji, Varun Dev, Agni Dev, Kaal Dev and a few other Gods fold down his hands towards him in respect. Lankesh questions his Purohit. How it went dark all of a sudden? The solar eclipse dint happen on its destined time. The priest tells Kesari that this is inauspicious. The solar eclipse dint happen when it was supposed to. Something is wrong!

Rahu tells Indra Dev that that kid has done something to Surya Dev. Ketu tells them what has happened. Indra Dev wonders how a kid can do it. Rahu reminds him of their pact. No one should stop me. If you break your pact then a war between Asuras and Gods is surely on the cards. This solar eclipse helps Asuras gain lot many powers on this day. Every Asura wont take it positively especially Lankesh. If you don’t stop it now then you should be prepared for the consequences. Indra promises to punish the culprit.

Maruti finds the fruit a little warm but it is very tasty. My hunger has calmed down.

Anger, jealousy, temptations, arrogance and all such negative virtues pull a person down. Whichever God becomes used to these attributes start thinking of himself to be the biggest of all. Same happened with Surya Dev. Arrogance and such things never stay with you forever. A kid like Maruti comes to break it one day or the other. It is better to give up on them. We have to see Lord Shiva’s leela to see how the world came out of this trouble.

All the Gods come to ask Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva replies that Sankatmochan only will help them. Maruti only will get us out of this Sankat (problem). He will be called Sankatmochan for the very same reason.

Precap: Sun shines again. Lankesh is irked thinking whether the solar eclipse has happened for real or not. Lord Shiva pats at Maruti’s head and Surya Dev comes out.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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