Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devi sukanya saying no hanuman you shall not sacrifice yourself as you have to stay alive to complete your lord ram’s task. Hanuman says no mata, lord ram will understand my sacrifice and I cannot let you be the lions prey. Hanuman sits down and does pranam and says lion king, I am ready to be your prey eat me. Hanuman closes his eyes. The lion pounces, devi sukanya is scared and closes her eyes. The lion then comes into his form and its rishi chyavan. Rishi says says its me hanuman. hanuman gets up and says rishi chyavan? You? rishi says yes I was testing you hanuman. hanuman says rishi I have been sent by lord ram to get you as we need your help. Rishi chyavan says amazed, what? Is this true? Lord ram has called his small disciple. Hanuman says yes rishi.

Rishi says then I cant wait, I will get to ayodhya now. Rishi doesn’t wait and starts running, he runs with bare feet and there is stones which hurt rishis legs but rishi runs as his feet bleed. Hanuman sees this and goes to help rishi, at very step hanuman keeps his hand so that rishi doesn’t get hurt. This goes on as rishi runs.
Rishi suddenly stops and hanuman gets up and says what happened? Why did you stop rishi? Rishi says hanuman? why are you keeping your hands and protecting my feet? Hanuman says rishi I cant let you be hurt as you were in meditation for so many years which may already have tired you and I cant let you be more tired, nothing will happen to my hands. Rishi is impressed and says hanuman you always think about others and not for yourself. Hanuman says think of it as my selfishness for my lord ram and taking you safely there is the task I have been given rishi. Rishi smiles. Hanuman says rishi chyavan you shall rest on my hand and I will take you to ayodhya. Rishi says okay hanuman but remember if I rest, my sleep should not be disturbed and if this happens I will get down from your hand and walk to ayodhya and if my sleep is disturbed, my anger will know no bounds. Hanuman smiles and says yes rishi, I will take care of that. hanuman says jai shree ram and becomes big, rishi chyavan gets on hanuman’s hand and lies down and sleeps. Hanuman then thinks of flying but stops and says if I fly the wind may cause rishi to slip and fall and I should not fly, I will walk to ayodhya.
Hanuman starts walking and reaches some distance when he sees some dark shadows hiding into the trees ahead and he understand there are demons here. Hanuman says I know there are demons, I have to be careful as rishi is sleeping.
There nikumbh laughs and says now my demons will wake up rishi chyavan. There suddenly from the trees, long vines come out and they tie hanuman. hanuman is tied and says I cant even use my hands and as it will shake rishi chyavan and he may get up. What do I do? Suddenly from the sky a monstrous skull appears and it brings strong storms in the area, the tree are uprooted and hanuman says what do I do? Rishi chyavan will wake up because of this storm. Hanuman gets an idea and he uses his tail, Sakha. With his tail, hanuman breaks the long vines. Then he thinks and hanuman picks a huge stone with his tail and throws at the skull. The skull is injured and it disappears and everything comes back to normal. Hanuman says now I shall go, then he sees demon shadows jumping from trees here to there and hanuman says if they attack me then rishi chyavan may wake up. Hanuman thinks and with his tail he clears some space of dust in the forest and there hanuman keeps rishi chyavan on a hay bed slowly. Then hanuman comes to normal size saying jai shree ram. He then goes and punches one demon which comes towards him, the demon falls. Hanuman keeps his leg on the demon and says where are the rest of your demon friends and I will kill you all. The other demons are running with weapons towards hanuman and hanuman sees them. Suddenly the demon under hanumans legs goes there too and all coming running. They then stand in front of hanuman and laugh and say monkey you are in our trap now. All the demons make a spell and throw it on hanumans eyes. Hanuman gets partially blind and says what did these demons do? My eyes cant see. There nikumbh laughs and says I am nikumbh monkey and now my demon servants will do their work. The demons say to hanuman that now we will kill that rishi chyavan there and everyone in ayodhya will keep waiting.
There all rishis come and say lord ram we have come for the ashvamedh Pooja. Lord ram says yes rishis welcome and he takes them inside.

Precap: the demons are around rishi chyavan and laugh. Rishi chyavan gets up with his eyes red in anger and says who woke me up? From his anger the demons are thrown away. Hanuman kneels and says I am sorry rishi chyavan and you woke up I couldn’t prevent that, punish me for what I have done. Rishi says yes hanuman I will punish you and my sleep s disturbed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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