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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan comes before Vali in his Dashanan avatar. Vali does not get afraid. He instead smiles seeing Dashanan Ravan. Ravan attacks Vali but nothing harms him. I still don’t know who you are but half of your powers are with me now. Ravan is stunned. Vali advises him to leave if he wants to live. You will have to lose your life then. No one can ever defeat Kishkindha’s Vali in war. I hope you have understood. Ravan tries to attack him again with his sword but Vali wards it off with his mace. Ravan is not at all happy to lose out to a vanar. He summons another great weapon with his powers but Vali hits it with his mace. Same happens with all else that he tries on Vali. Ravan looks angrily at Vali who smiles. I don’t have time for this stupid fight. I have to do evening puja.

He sits down to do puja. Ravan keeps looking at him intently. He tries to summon more of his powers when Vali’s tail extends and ties Ravan in its grip. Ravan fails in freeing himself. Vali holds him by his neck while he prays. Ravan demands to be freed. He soon begins to cough.

Riksharaj ji addresses everyone. We need a great army and leader to fight against the evil powers. I request you all to choose a leader / commander who will guide us and protect us. Jamawant speaks of everyone’s qualities and responsibilities that they are shouldering already, including him. But there is someone amongst us who has proved himself time and again. Citizens take Hanuman’s name. Hanuman says I am only a kid. Riksharaj ji says you only deserve to be our Mahanayak. Please accept it.

Kalnemi turns himself into a bird and flies away.

Hanuman praises Vali. There is no one better than him. He should be given this position

Ravan says I only came to be friends with you. You mistook me as your enemy and are behaving that ways with me. Vali finishes his puja and frees Ravan. Ravan looks angry. This vanar is too powerful. I can use him to accomplish my mission. He calls out after Vali. I want to be friends with you. Vali says what kind of friendship. You are of no use to me. Hanuman is my enemy. I can kill him alone. What will you do in that? Ravan agrees with him. You are extremely powerful but our enemy is same. He is very clever. You will need my mayavi powers along with your strength. Accept my friendship. Kalnemi appears there and greets Kalnemi. Ravan introduces him to Vali. Kalnemi is hesitant to speak before Vali but Ravan calls him his friend. Kalnemi shares that the citizens and kings have chosen Hanuman as their Mahanayak. It has become all the more tough to kill him now. He notices Vali’s expressions. How could he become Mahanayak when Vali is there? This is wrong. It is injustice to Yuvraaj Vali. If you want then you can still join hands with me. Vali says I have all the strength I need to end Hanuman. I don’t need anyone else. I will just show you. Ravan and Kalnemi smirk. Vali begins to throw huge stone in the river thereby creating a bridge of stones in the river. I stopped the flowing river. A dam of water will soon build up here. I will break the dam at the right time. This will be the reason of a big flood for Sumeru. It will completely sink under water.

Riksharaj sings a bhajan in Hanuman’s praise. Everyone joins him. Hanuman is touched.

Vali hits the stones and water begins to flow fast. That Markat and his Sumeru will drown in this water now. Birds fly away. Hanuman and everyone notice the birds flying away before night time. What all is happening? I sense something wrong. I will have to check. Jatayu goes to check. Hanuman sees big stones flying in the air.

Precap: Hanuman notices someone in trouble. The citizens panic. Hanuman is in a fix as to who to save.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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