Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Kishkindha
While angad is taken care by hanuman, vishocika uses this time, to spread her worms directed towards Lord rama, and angad aks him to let go of him, as he is doomed to death, but he should focus on rama and his team. hanuman says that he cant allow rama’s journey thwarted at any cost. he placed angad on the floor. he then turns to face her, while she swears that she shall kill everyone. he raises his gada and throws it at her, which causes severe thunder and lightening, that makes her appear and stops her from being invisible. vishochika emanates and then threatens hanuman that she shall send in severe bio-organisms that shall plague the entire land now. She again starts pulluting the air, while hanuman watches boggled

and tensed. she starts screaming at hanuman for trying to be smart. she tells that he may have dispersed her organisms in water but she has more weapons up her sleeve, and sends in a new fleet of words. Laxman decides that as long as he is there, this demon cant hurt hanuman. rama asks laxman to calm down, as hanuman shall easily handle her attacks. as the fleet surrunds hanuman, all get tensed. she guffaws, and thinks that soon he shall melt down. but he fires himself up, and along with the whirl of worms, the fire also attacks the demon and she fires up and disappears. suddenly, brahma appears and all are overwhelmed to see him. they all bow down in gratitude. hanuman returns back in normal size. brahma says that he did a tremendous work, in defeating and killing vishochika, a form of his only. hanuman says that he hasnt defeated properly, as the organisms are still in water, and along with angad, many other monkeys who are affected by the plague, and are breathing their last. brahma says that he has restricted this plague, by stopping its dispersal through air, and it shall only spread through food and water. hamnuman asks what about his fellow men. brahma gives a blessing, that shall relieve everyone on the world, from this plague. he says that those who utter hanuman’s name 27 times, shall be relieved of any plague totally, and shall be totally healthy. hanuman thanks him profusely. brahma disappears. all of them start chanting Hanuman’s name, including Lord rama, and angas comes back too, along with the other plague affected monkeys. they all chant Hanuman’s name overwhelmingly. hanuman comes to angad and tells him that he is ecstatic to see him happy and healthy. all other monkeys thank him too. Rama too comes and talks about his grandeur and wit, and commends it galore. hanuman says that its due to his name and its power, as he is nothing without his blessing. rama enquires about everyone’s health, and get to know that everyone is okay. angad is more than ready. rama says that they have just survived the plague and should rest. but vigorously, they dont want to wait or rest, and finish their motive asap. they all chant in unison. hanuman expresses the same to rama, who finally gives the permission to go ahead. chanting Lord rama’s name, they start their journey.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Raavan meanwhile starts getting tensed that Vishocika took tso long, which means that she failed too. he decides that now he has to trap in a plan, that noone can get ahead and decides that now he has to send in his bestest spy, to thwart them, shaaran. Shaaran appears guffawing loudly, saying that he knows everything about everyone. raavan asks what he knows. shaaran says that he was remembering him. raavan asks him to tell then why has he been called. shaaran explains everything thats going on in his mind. raavan asks him what happened to vishochika. shaaran says that he doesnt know that yet, but shall find out and let him know. raavan says that he wants to know more. Shaaran says that he knows everything he wishes to know about rama, hanuman, their strategy and their army. raavan says that he knows what he wants, but now he should get to finding that out. shaaran complies.

Scene 3:
Location: On the grounds
Neel progresses with his part of the army. As the make believe trees shift and cover the area, giving the appearance of a forest, that make neel suspicious, as the weather around changes too. he asks them to be alert, as the forests shouldnt pose a threat like this. he asks them to gather up, a he shall see. they make a trampoline with their hands to send neel up for an inspection. neel comes back and comments that this looks like a hallucinating trap, as rama had instructed he might face in his path. Neel asks everyone to stay put, as he senses some danger looming ahead, since it doesnt seem like ordinary trees and forests. he sends the corresponding signs, the specific sounds and then the release of butterflies. rama and hanuman get tensed receiving the alert all, and are guarded and cautious, as they get the danger signs. hanuman asks rama for permission to go ahead and see. he complies. hanuman and angad place rama and laxman respectively on the ground. then hanuman and angad return back to their normal sizze. hanuman takes his flight to find out whats the matter and then joins neel and his army, and discusses neel’s suspicion. he says that the forests dont seem like an enemy, as they must have attacked by now. hanuman hears tensedly and then decides to eradicate this problem rightaway. he eyes the forsts. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Hanuman warns the forests, that they dont need the entire army of Rama, to thwart him, as he himself is sufficient to do so, and warns for the last time, to prevent facing his ire, and give way to them. a voice emanates from the forests saying that if he as much as tries to mess with him, then they shall have to face the consequences, not the forests.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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