Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman is on his way to Swarg Loka. The soldiers at the gates notice him. They get alert, and ready to stop Hanuman (unaware who he is). Hanuman lands at the Swarg Loka entrance. The soldier tells him to stop. No one can enter inside without permission. Hanuman says it is important for him to go inside. The main soldier still stops him. He surrounds Hanuman using his powers.

Ravan comes inside a cave. He holds an arrow in his hand. It is his death arrow. I have all the arrows with me. I snatched them from the Devi of death. He remembers her telling him about Narayan’s human form, vanar kid and of Nav Graha working together to mark a death of his death. He was about to attack his own shadow but then stops realising it. I got scared of my own shadow! Everyone gets scared

of me. I am Ravan!

Hanuman gives his intro. I want to go to my mother Anjana. She is inside. The soldier tells him he is stuck in the magical gates of Swarg as he walked forward without his permission. You will neither be able to get inside or go back on earth. How will you meet your mother then? Hanuman breaks the fog that was surrounding him. He tries to break the magical powers that are blocking his way. The soldier explains that he is stuck between Swarg and earth now. This door wont open so easily. Hanuman uses all his powers but fails to break it. All his attempts go in vain. The soldier says it is useless to use your powers. If you are an intelligent person and a good soul you will have to answer a few questions. A few problems will come in front while doing so. If you answer correctly then one door will open up. If any of your answer goes wrong then you will get stuck between that door for life.

Anjana serves food to Kesari. He is thinking aloud. I wonder when Hanuman will return with my Anjana. Nani and Marjarika are shocked. Kesari wonders when he will get the same food cooked by Anjana like he used to earlier. Marjarika and Nani get thinking. Kesari tells Anjana (Marjarika) that she has stopped cooking like before. I know you are constantly thinking about your son. My Anjana will return with him only. Nani is relieved. She prays to Mahadev to help Hanuman. Hope nothing goes wrong before that.

Hanuman agrees to answer the questions. The soldier asks him the first question. Who is the one who is greater than Tridev? If you don’t answer within a given span of time then you will turn into stone. Hanuman notices a few such stones of people around him. He cannot delay or he wont be able to reach his Ma. He thinks of the soldier’s question and then thinks of his Mother. He gives the answer. Ma is greater than Tridev. The world would not have been there in the absence of Ma. She is Aadi Shakti of Tridevs. The first door opens for him. He greets the soldier and walks ahead.

Urvashi notices a daasi going somewhere. She asks her about the same. Daasi shares that a vanar kid is trying to get inside Swarg. Devraj is not here so I am going to inform Maharani Shachi. Urvashi realises that it will be Hanuman only. I will have to stop him or he will take Anjana with him.

Hanuman reaches the next door. He is greeted by the same soldier. The next question is – where is Swarg? Your body will melt away this time if you don’t answer asap. Hanuman gets thinking. Swarg is right in front of us but why this questions then? There is some hidden meaning in this question for sure. Hanuman calms himself down. He smiles. Ma. Swarg is in the feet of Ma. His body become normal once again. The soldier smiles. The second gate too opens up. The soldier nods at Hanuman who goes inside finally. Urvashi is shocked to see Hanuman.

Hanuman is surprised to see a third gate. The soldier shares that this time you will evaporate and get mixed in the galaxy if you don’t answer fast. Hanuman is ready to do anything to meet his mother. The soldier nods. Your third question is – what is concentration? Urvashi watches them from a distance. Hanuman finds this question a little tough as he is just a kid. I will still try. The soldier asks him to think carefully before answering. You wont be able to back off now. Your future depends on it. Hanuman looks at the door as he thinks. One wrong answer can take me away from my mother. What can be the possible answer of this question? I will have to focus. I cannot think of anything other than Ma. How do I get an answer to this?

Precap for Sunday: The soldier waits for Hanuman’s answer. Hanuman stays quiet. The soldier says maybe you don’t know the answer. Hanuman closes his eyes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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