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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan speaks of an Asuri (Krampika) who acts to cry before kids to mislead them. An incident is shown where an old mother is crying. A kid goes to her. She says I feel as if my son is standing right before. Listen to my request. Offer the garland kept there to Devi Ma. Eat the food cooked by me. I will feel that I gave it to my son. She cries. The kid goes to offer the garland to Devi Ma.

Ravan says first of all she traps innocent kids’ hearts acting to be emotional before them.

The old lady tells the kid that her son used to do the same thing before eating food. The kid touches the plate in which the garland is kept when an electrifying energy makes shocks him. He screams for help but the lady only laughs at him. The lady turns into Krampika holding a khadag (a heavy

sword with a wide knife) in her hand. The kid requests her to let her go but Krampika kills him. You will become my food now.

Vali is happy knowing that Markat will surely go to Krampika upon hearing her cry. Mother’s love, which has been his strength till date, will become his weakness today.

Hanuman reaches the second Dweep. I will leave soon after taking dirt from here. He thinks of Rishi Durvasa’s words. He greets Mother Earth so as to seek her permission to collect dirt. He collects a part in his potli and then thanks her. There are still 4 Dweeps to go. He looks up towards the sky. I have time but I wont delay. He is headed to his next destination when he hears the sound of someone crying. He gets down to check.

Krampika (in that old lady’s attire) acts before Hanuman. He gets emotional hearing her. Make me eat kheer. Think of me to be your son. It can decrease your pain a little. Krampika thinks he is a vanar after all. He is falling in my trap so easily. She goes inside to bring food for him. Hanuman thinks hope I don’t get late. I cannot leave Mata alone and sad like this though. He keeps looking up towards the sky.

Rishi Durvasa’s disciples talk about the fact if Hanuman will be able to come back in time or not. Rishivar is taking tough test of Hanuman.

Hanuman hopes he does not lose out time. Mata is taking too much time.

Krampika pours food for Hanuman. Hanuman is outside. He notices a khadag there which is used by Asuras. How come it is here? There is something weird here. Krampika turns into an old woman as she comes out. You are looking at this khadag? I cut woods with it. Hanuman notices her hands shaking. How would she pick it up with such feeble hands? He takes the plate of kheer from her. Krampika thinks Hanuman saw the khadag. Hope he should not doubt on me. I will have to do something so as to avoid any mistake or Lankesh wont spare me. She stops Hanuman just when he is about to take the first bite. We have the tradition of praying to our Kuldevta before eating. You should also do the same. You got to touch the garland kept right there. Hanuman goes towards where the garland is kept. The lady smirks. Hanuman will fall in my trap now. He wont be able to escape.

Anjana and Kesari are worried as Hanuman is still not back. Time is passing by. We all are aware of Rishi Durvasa’s anger. What if he gets angry? Kesari tells her to be positive. Hanuman will do his work on time. He wont give Rishi Durvasa a chance to get angry. Let us pray that he is home on time.

Hanuman senses everything that has happened in that place all at once. He understands her plan. How is it to be done? He keeps asking her about which hand to pick it with. She ends up showing him because of which she only gets rooted to the place. She comes to her real avatar. What did you do Vanar? Hanuman replies that he dint do anything. You got stuck in the problem you have created. She warns him not to even touch the weapon. If you try to kill me then! He tells her against it. I am getting late for my work. She requests him to free her atleast. He reasons that she must have troubled and hurt many people and kids this way. Now it is your chance to pay back for what you have done till now. She shouts after him for help but he flies away. She screams in pain.

Hanuman collects dirt of all the places finally. He notices his shadow. It seems like time is running fast. I will have to reach Sumeru asap. He recalls another work that he has to do before that. He flies away.

Narad ji wonders what Hanuman is up to. He has collected dirt but he is going in another direction instead. Why?

Rishi Durvasa says Hanuman wont be able to return on time. One should not vouch to do what they cannot do. He made a very big mistake. Anjana looks at the sun. Hope Rishi Durvasa does not get angry. Lord, please save Hanuman from Rishi Durvasa’s anger. Rishi Durvasa turns to Kesari and asks the same thing to him. Kesari is positive Hanuman will come while Rishi Durvasa gets up angrily. How will he come when he hasn’t come till now! Hanuman reaches just then. He gives dirt to Rishi Durvasa who ends up smiling. One disciple takes it from Hanuman. Rishi Durvasa says you brought dirt but we need Gangajal as well. Anjana thinks Hanuman left the task incomplete. How Rishivar does not get upset. Hanuman shares that his father used to need Gangajal for yagya’s. I remembered it so I went to take it already. A flashback shows Hanuman requesting Mata Ganga to give him Gangajal for the yagya. She is happy to see him. You need all the 5 elements for a pious yagya. I will give you Jal. She gives him a small kalash. Flashback ends. Hanuman gives Gangajal to Rishi’s disciple too.

Rishi Durvasa is impressed with Hanuman. It was a test of your capability and your patience. I am happy that you have cleared it finally. I can trust you now. Hanuman is happy that he thought him to be trustable. I will be really lucky to serve you. Rishi Durvasa nods. Now I have to do tapasya under Kalp-Vriksh for the betterment of the world. I leave it on you to protect it. I will summon it on earth now. Atibal has heard it all. He goes to inform Dashanan.

Vali angrily breaks a mountain. Ravan remarks that his plan failed. Vali says not my plan but your mayavi Asuri, your mayavi weapon and everything is getting unsuccessful. Ravan disagrees with him. That vanar kid’s powers were snatched from him because of maya only. He became unconscious because of my maya. Vali reasons that it dint get them anything. Ravan says it could have happened if your mother hadn’t intervened. Vali is angry thinking about his mother coming in between war, freeing Hanuman from his promise. Ravan adds that that vanar kid wouldn’t have gotten those powers then. Situation would have been otherwise today. Vali says come what may that Markat should not live. Atibal seconds Hanuman. He is too smart. Gods also support him. Rishi Durvasa has already summoned Kalp-Vriksh. Ravan stops him. Vanar wants to save Kalp-Vriksh but this only will become the medium of him getting cursed now.

Everyone stands with folded hands as Rishi Durvasa summons Kalp-Vriksh on earth. His prayers get fulfilled. Everyone looks on happily.

Ravan is irked. It isn’t some unusual tree. Do you know? The Asura (Paaksh) nods. It came out during Samudra Manthan. It fulfils every wish. Vali adds that if you steal it and bring it here in Pataal Loka then you can make it as good as Swarg. Ravan says only you can do this task. We need you. Paaksh says what good will it do to you. Ravan shares that Rishi Durvasa has got Kalp-Vriksh down on earth. He has appointed that vanar kid for it. Vali says Rishi Durvasa will get angry on that MArkat if you succeed in your plan to steal it. He will be cursed then. Will you be able to do it? Asura laughs.

Rishi Durvasa tells Hanuman to remember that it is his duty to save Kalp-Vriksh now. If Asuras figure out about it then they will try to get it at any cost. Hanuman assures him he will safeguard it.

Paaksh increases his size as he laughs. Epi ends on the split screen of Hanuman and Paaksh.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa says Asuras can cross any limit to get Kalp-Vriksh. Earth is shaking when Hanuman hears someone calling out for help. Kalp-Vriksh is gone by the time he comes back to his earlier place. Vali laughs that his plan was successful.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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