Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with luv and kush getting up and they both become fine now. pushkar comes and sees luv and kush. Luv and kush say you can attack now, we are ready. Pushkar says children, you have too much confidence on yourselves, when I was a child I went with kaka shatrugan and hanuman ji for the ashvamedh yag and we defeated all enemies. Pushkar says even this time we will do the same, so give us the horse now and save yourselves. Luv and kush say you both save yourselves, shatrugan says angrily you both have not yet learnt your lesson, remember this arrow injured you but my next arrow may kill you both. Luv and kush say now we will show you what our power is. Luv and kush close their eyes and pray and from the sky, 2 lights come down and fall on luv and kush. Shatrugan and pushkar

are shocked to see this.
There hanuman is in the cave, inside a crystal trishulrom is there. Hanuman looks out of the cave and sees 2 lights and says these lights? Something is happening, I should be there to protect the horse and luv and kush too. Trishulrom listens and says monkey, it seems someone close to you is in danger but I will not let you go from here, trishulrom attacks trishul and it hits the cave wall and stones and crystals collapse on the entrance. Trishulrom says see monkey, I told you, you cannot hurt me. Hanuman thinks trishulrom said something that can hurt everyone cannot hurt him, which means something which cannot hurt others can hurt him. hanuman remembers him singing bhajan which hurt trishulrom, hanuman thinks I shall sing bhajan which may destroy trishulrom. Hanuman says I will kill you trishulrom. Hanuman starts singing the bhajan for lord ram, this bhajan annoys trishulrom and he says keep quiet hanuman. hanuman sings until from his effect the crystals start melting and trishulrom is hurt, hanuman stops, trishulrom’s body starts shining from the inside and suddenly he bursts and dies. Hanuman says now I have to get back to the horse. hanuman comes out of the cave. On a mountain there is a demon and he says who killed my nephew trishulrom? I will not leave the one who killed him!
There luv and kush pray and get arrows, they attack on shatrugan and pushkar. Pushkar and shatrugan attack their arrows and both clash and destroy. They start having a battle of arrows. Luv attacks his arrows and it opens into many arrows. Shatrugana and pushkar fight those arrows, pushkar destroys the arrows with his sword. Luv steps on his flying spear and attacks arrows from above, shatrugan thinks like last time I will defeat them, a flying arrow comes and hits shatrugan and he falls down unconscious. Pushkar is shocked and thinks I will save myself from these arrows but pushkar is also hit by an arrow and he falls unconscious too. Luv and kush say we have defeated 2 raghuvanshi’s. Lord ram sees and says why is hanuman not there to tackle these boys? 2 rishi’s come and says pranam shree ram, they tell hanuman has gone to kill the demon trishulrom because he pillaged our ashrams and was about to become an obstacle in the path of ashvamedh yag. Lord ram says then brother bharat you should go and make these kids understand that they should give our horse back. Bharat says yes brother. Laxman says let me go to brother ram, if they wont listen I will make them prisoner and bring them here. lord ram says yes. Laxman and shatrugan go.
There hanuman is flying back and from above he sees shatrugan and pushkar unconscious and general tied and horse too. But there is a black cloud above him and hanuman says what is this now? whoever it is I wont let it near the soldiers of ayodhya. Hanuman enters the cloud and suddenly reaches another planet. Hanuman says what is this maya? I have to get out of here, he tries to fly but is not able to get out. A demon comes and says I am gardhmasur, you killed my nephew trishulrom, I will take revenge. Gardhmasur says you cannot go out of this planet monkey but I will kill you. hanuman says you demons never learns, I will defeat you. hanuman hits gardhmasur with his gadha but nothing happens, hanuman thinks I gave him such s strong blow but nothing happened to him. hanuman then thinks I will become huge and get out of here. hanuman becomes huge but cannot go out of that planet as he is trapped. Garhdmasur laughs and says now see my power, he turns into a form sitting on a lion and says I will kill you now. he runs towards hanuman but hanuman with his gadha gives a huge blow to the lion and the demon and his lion is thrown away. Garhdmasur comes to his form and says monkey now the attacks you will put one me will go to someone else, I have the power to transfer someones attacks on me to someone else and I will put it on the gods in heaven. Hanuman says demons are liars and you are lying. hanuman comes running and punches on gardhmasur’s chest, the heaven starts shaking and gods say what was this quake?
There laxman and bharat come and laxman says do not say another word kids. Luv and kush say we are ready to defeat you raghuvanshi’s too. Bharat says listen kids we are not here to defeat anyone or get defeated, what you are doing is wrong and you should give us the horse back. Luv and kush say tell the man who did wrong, he who abandoned mata sita and is living royally in the palace. Laxman is angry and says that is enough! I will hold them prisoner. Laxman attacks his arrow and a cage comes out of it. luv kush say we should save ourselves. Bharat attacks his arrow and luv and kush are trapped inside the cage.

Precap: hanuman is angry as luv and kush insult lord ram and say he has lost his status of god and has lost shree as he abandoned mata sita. Hanuman becomes huge as luv and kush attack arrows on him but nothing happens to hanuman. hanuman says you kids have become very arrogant and you need to be taught a lesson. Rishi vashisht sees and says this rudra form of hanuman can kill these kids.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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