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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
After having made Lord Indra accept his defeat, he sets his ire on Lord Varun, and challenges him too, by forcibly getting in the way of the palace. he challenges him too, belittling him and his power. varun dev comes and accepts defeat, much to hiranyaksh’s amusement. Varun dev says that he is incapable of fighting with him, but he shouldnt be too overconfident, as he hasnt met the supreme yet. hiranyaksh is too egoistic to accept that there is anyone more powerful. the lord tells him that he hasnt confronted Vishnu yet. hiranyaksh is taken aback, while the lord snidely comments that he seems tensed at the mention of the name. hiranyaksh says that he isnt tensed, and shall challenge him straightaway,

and asks where would he find him. the lord says that he shall soon pay a visit to him, and since his crimes are up, he shall incarnate to punish him, and relieve the earth. hiranyaksh says that he shall very soon find vishnu, and force him to accept defeat, like him and indra. he continues to threaten the lord,s guffawing loduly. the lords are tensed. Hiranyaksh leaves from there boasting about his power. Hanuman asks if he had no remembrance of Vishnu, being the guard of Baikunth, and always being near him. saraswati says that when the human descends on earth, they forget their heavenly forms, and only good and bad deeds remain back, that are marked by earthly incidents. she says that he was progressing towards his ruins. he asks what happened next. she says that he was eager, and he started torturing people on the earth, to instigate vishnu that he comes to battle him. He doesnt even lave the Rishis doing their holy chants and yagnas. they beg for vishnu’s help. hiranyaksh is reminded of varun’s warns, and then thinks that this is the best way to instigate vishnu who comes to stop him, and then he shall defeat him, and become invincible. Hiranyaksh proclaims in front of demons, that he shall submerge Goddess earth, in the deep depths of the Pataal Lok. He takes the earth and throws it away, in the depths of the universe. the devi ios full of plight. he guffaws, while the devi earth is apalled. Hiranyaksh plays handball with the earth, having gotten into his demonic avatar. he then again throws it in the grave depths of the universe, while the goddess earth screams for help. Lakshmi is tensed, while lord vishnu calmly rests. Hiranyaksh challenges anyone who has the guts to fight him. hanuman then asks why was vishnu delaying to punish hiranyaksh. she says that vishnu was giving him one last chance to penance for the sins, but when the situation is beyond salvation, then he comes to the rescue. he understands that the lord even gives the sinners another chance, but hiranyaksh continues to commit one sin after the other, and hence his killing was essential, and then vishnu must have taken varah avatar. she tells him how the earth was in grievous pain, and her screams resonated in the entire universe. The devi starts beckoning for lord vishnu, that she needs his help, to be able to help the living beings on the earth. the lords also join her, in chanting for beckoning lord vishnu, and he finally helps her, waking up from his sleep, taking up the Varah Avatar. hanuman asks how would he manage to help the earth, in this avatar. she informs that the varah avatar, uses the smell sense to find out the earth, from the deepest depths of the ocean to save the earth. finally, he successfully manages to spot the earth, as he sails through the universe, in search of the earth. Hiranyaksh too stealthily arrives there and is he enraged to see the varah avatar, and asks him that he shall never be successful in his attempts, if he wishes to retrieve the earth, from the deepest depths, where he threw her into. he says that he shall have to confront him first, and then defeat him, if he wishes to take away the earth from his clutches. Lakshmi and vishnu eye appreciatively, as vishnu’s varah avatar, handles the entire earth, on his tusks. hiranyaksh is angered to see this. hiranyaksh runs after him, as he carries the earth out, from the depths of the universe, and says that he had the audacity to do this to him, and now he shall kill him. he continues to bad mouth him, and uses slang, asking him to stop, or else he breaks him into pieces, with his weapon. but vishnu doesnt pay heed, and continues ahead, while hiranyaksh continues to instigate himm to fight him. Hanuman asks her why did vishnu bear such insult for so long, and not punish him. she says that he merely followed duty, and first of all, he saved the earth and its beings from the pain, and then decided to punish him. he understands that vishnu protected the earth first. she tells him that goddess earth had to be placed back first in its proper position in the universe. he places the earth properly back, in the solar system, while she is full of gratitude and overwhelmingly releived. the lords are elated too. hinrayaksh brans him a coward and asks where shall he go now. varah turns around, and says that he seems highly impatient to fight him, and asks him to fulfill his wishes, and fight with him, as he so wishes. Varah gets into fight mode, and hiranyaksh progresses ahead in rage too. he is about to place a blow, when the varah avatar stops him, with his bare hands, while he is shocked. the earth and the lord watch this, as the varah avatar breaks his hands, and hiranyaksh screams in extreme pain, and then gives him a hard push, and he falls back. but hiranyaksh doesnt accept defeat, and proudces another weapon and throws it at him yet again, while vishnu faces it, and it shatters into pieces. he is shocked and enraged, while the varah eyes him steely. vishnu instigates and chides him if this is all the power that he boasts about. hiranyaksh is enraged, and lunges at him, but vishnu holds him by the shoulders, as he makes him succum down, and then throws his head away, and lets the bare body float around in space. Vishnu eyes this spectacle from Baikunth, amused, while everyone is relieved, and bow down in deep and humble gratitude, while the varah avatar takes the form of lord vishnu. Meanwhile the head lands in the courtroom, of hiranyakashyap, who is apalled to see this, and screams who dared to do this sin. he swears that he shall ruin the killer, and shall finish him. The screen freezes on hanuman;s tensed face.


Precap: Hiranyakashyapu covers the head and then is enarged. his counsellors give him his next strategic move, while hanuman listens on the tale of vishnu’s next avatar.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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