Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lord’s shadow appears behind Maruti and all get surprisingly happy. They fold hands in front of it. The shadow disappears. Maruti’s parents smile seeing him smile. All kids cheer Maruti’s name.

Krishna asks what did Vali and Vrikshasur get by doing all these? Everyone has to pay for their deeds and even a small kid can make them pay for their deeds. Vali and Vrikshasur try to kill Maruti, but what happened? One had to die and other got punishment. There is no one in world who doesn’t have to pay for their deeds. By this Maruti saved Sumeru, but affected three people the most. First Anjana.

Maruti runs towards Anjana, but then remembers about his cloth which Anjana made for him. He runs away. All get worried. Maruti comes back with the cloth and Anjana

get emotional. Nal thanks Maruti for risking his life to save him. Maruti says there is no place for thank you and sorry in friendship. They hug. Vali looks at them. Anjana smiles looking at Maruti and calls him for a hug. He runs towards her and suddenly an object falls in between them. Anjana gets scared. Fortunately nothing happens to anyone. Anjana thanks lords for protecting her child. Maruti tells his dad that he won in the competition. Kesari says he’s proud of his son. A kid comes forward and tells Maruti that he proved today he’s more powerful than any of them. He killed dangerous Vrikshasur. Anjana gets shocked. She says she won’t let her kid stay there for even a moment. She immediately takes him away. Kesari tells Surgiv to drop other kids at their places. Their parents must be worried as well. Kesari leaves.

The kids wish Murati could throw them in sky. They would visit different Loks. Vali quietly walks away. Sakha notices it.

Anjana is taking Murati away. Recent events are shown in flashbacks. Anjana is very thoughtful and doesn’t know whether to be happy or be afraid.

Krishna says there is no limit for mother’s love. No matter even if the God is in her son’s avatar, she will still take him as a child. Anjana thought her child is safest with her only. A girl asks Krishna, Anjana getting affected was expected. Who else got affected? Krishna says, after parents, either best friend or enemy is next to get affected.

Vali is shown thoughtful and helpless as he sits alone. Krishna says, Maruti saved Vali’s life, but because of jealousy, Vali was seeing his defeat in that. Vali was fully broken. Sakha sees him and is afraid Vali may do something wrong.

Maruti, Anjana, Kesari return to their place. Maruti is jumping seeing Daima. Anjana tells him to stop jumping. Anjana oust evil eye and gives salt to a servant to throw in water. Maruti asks why she wasted so much salt. Anjana asks him he is worried for salt? She is worried for him. She takes him to the God and they pray. Anjana says it was not possible to beat Vrikshasur without God’s help and she thanks the God. She turns to Maruti and asks he didn’t think about his mother’s suffer before getting into fight with Vrikshasur? Maruti says Maaa. Anjana says she fasted so long, prayed so much to get him. What she would do if anything happened to him today. Didn’t he think about her once? He says, you remember those who are away from you and she is always with him. Maruti hugs him emotionally. Kesari smiles seeing them.

Precap: Kesari says to Anjana that there’s such a big program, he’s there, and she’s looking at Maruti only. Anjana says she is taking care of him. Maruti killed Vrikshasur so now who knows how many enemies he will have. She will do all she can to protect Maruti. She looks away for a moment and Maruti is lost. She gets worried.

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