Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravanas chariot coming. Hanuman says devi tara will protect ravana and that will make him more dangerous for you. ram says whichever god or goddess it is, no one will go on the path of iniquity and tara devi wont support iniquity. Ravana comes and stops his chariot. Ram walks ahead and everyone say pranam. Ravana starts laughing and tells ram that see you are saying pranam and now even you think you cant defeat me. Lord ram says I was saying pranam to mata tara devi and not to you. tara devi smiles. Ram says today only I alone will fight against you and no one else will. Ravana says see your army is standing there scared and all your warriors too and fighting alone is a wrong decision. Lord ram says I ordered them to stand back and not fight with me, ravana

is shocked. Ram says I will fight you alone. Ravana laughs and says I have the protection of mata tara devi and you wont be able to do anything. Ram says I am sure that mata tara devi wont go on the path of iniquity and you have forced her to protect you by your prayer. Ravana says I impresses mata tara devi and now no one will be able to do anything, ravana says and I have also heard that if you step even 1 step back then you will accept your defeat. Lord ram says yes I said that and if I step even 1 step back or if anyone from my army tries to help me then I will accept my defeat. Ravana laughs and says I defeated the gods and took them captive, I have been blessed by lord brahma and lord Shankar and now I have protection from mata tara devi then how can you even defeat me? And you are just a cheap human. Hanuman gets angry and everyone get angry. Hanuman says ravana your son akshkumar died, still you have your ego, your brother kumbhkaran died and still you have ego, and then even meghnad and mahiravana and everyone you had died but you still have ego and this ego of yours will bring you down. Lord ram says I have honesty and the path of righteousness and that is what you don’t have. Ravana says oh shut up and you still don’t understand my powers. Ram says you are misunderstood by mata tara devi’s protection and she wont help you in the path of iniquity, lord ram says you don’t have anyone and I have friends, and my family and my wife but everyone you had died and you kicked vibhishan out and that is what makes you weak.
Ravana says I will answer in attacks now. Ravana shows everyone the weapons he has from different gods. Ravana says see I have these weapon which I got by cheating, planning and also praying and you wont be able to defeat me in front of these itself. Hanuman says to ravana that ravana don’t have so vanity over your weapons and even lord ram has been blessed by great saints like vishwamitra and great rishi Agastya with powerful weapons and even he has weapons given by the gods to him. Lord ram shows his weapons, lord rams different weapons given by gods come and lord ram says pranam gods and so do everyone. Then hanuman says ravana showed his weapons like they were his servants but lord ram showed them with respect and took the gods blessings and that Is the difference. Ravana removes his weapon the parvastra of lord indra and attacks towards lord ram, in heaven all gods say that it is so unfortunate our weapons have to fight against each other. Lord ram attacks with lord indra’s weapon, hanuman says yes lord did the right thing and attacking lord indras weapon against his own weapon. Lord rams weapon bursts the mountain heading towards ram and his army. Ravana is shocked. Hanuman says jai shree ram and the entire army does. Ravana removes lord shankars trishul and attacks, lord ram attacks with lord shankars drum weapon. The attack neutralizes. Ravana then removes an arrow the divyastra which has the power of 3 gods and attacks in the clouds, the clouds bursts open and a dangerous chemical rains on the army and lod ram. Hanuman and laxman says soldiers protect yourselves from this attack, lord ram says ravana I am fighting with you and not my army and you did not do right by attacking those who aren’t fighting. Hanuman says lord ram has said not to fight ravana but I can at least protect my soldiers, hanuman turns huge and holds his hand over the soldiers, everyone is protected. In time, hanumans hand is filled by the chemical and it drops down, hanuman says lord do something and the soldiers are getting hurt. Lord ram attacks a volley of blue arrows which reverses the chemical and it goes back in the clouds. Ram attacks the yudhika astra which is the weapon of surya dev. Hanuman says this weapon will injure ravana. The yudhika astra removes a volley of arrows, but mata tara devis witches gulp all those arrows down. Lord ram says why didn’t these arrows work and mata tara devis witches gulped them. Hanuman says mata tara devi must be feeling so bad for helping ravana. Ravana starts laughing and says nothing will happen to me, ravana says now I will attack a weapon which will kill your entire army and you in a second. Ravana attacks a mayavi weapon which splits in three, sending a fire ball, ice ball and a laser weapon. Lord ram attacks 3 weapons, by then ravana attacks the durga astra of goddess durga. Ravanas 3 weapons are neutralized, but goddess durgas weapon a huge gadha heads towards ram. Hanuman says what will happen now? The gadha hits lord ram on the chest, everyone scream lord!!! Lord ram’s one leg is coming back, the gods in heaven say if lord rams leg comes behind and he steps back then ram will accept defeat. Lord ram there withstands the attack and the gadha rebounds back and hits ravanas chariot. ravanas chariot shakes, ravana says to ram that the huge blow of the gadha could not do anything to you but I will injure you so much that you will have to step back and accept defeat. Ravana this times removes a mayavi silver spear and attacks towards lord ram. The spear is disappearing in mid air and laxman says this is a mayavi spear and is disappearing. The spear comes and brushes lord ram on his hand and lord ram gets a scar. Everyone say lord!! Laxman screams brother!! There sita feels ram’s scar and has tears in eyes and says ravana you wont live for your sins. Laxman comes running and picks a chariot wheel and is about to throw when hanuman says laxman brother please wait. Lord indra in heaven says to vayu dev that if laxman attacks that wheel then lord ram will accept his defeat. Hanuman thinks that lord ram has given orders not to attack but laxman brother is getting very angry.

Precap: ravana removes the maha astra the great weapon the brahmastra and attacks on lord ram. The brahmastra heads towards lord ram but lord ram says pranam to the weapon and does not attack, hanuman says lord ram wont attack against lord brahma’s brahma astra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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