Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thinks the weight of Vrita-asta is increasing with every passing minute. What should I do? Surya Dev thinks there isn’t much time left for Hanuman’s training. Hanuman realises he might get hurt this way because of the energy of Vrita-astra. He thinks of Devguru Brihaspati’s words. I will try to hold it using my patience, not strength. He repeats the mantra. There are significant changes in Mother Nature as Hanuman tries to hold the Vrita-astra in his hand using all his strength / patience. He is finally able to hold it easily. All the Gods are relieved. Vishnu Dev blesses Hanuman. The Vrita-astra merges in Hanuman.

Surya Dev says it is time to get Lord Mahadev’s Shiv-Shakti suchak Maha-astra. It can kill any army, and can break mountains. This particular

Astra will try to overpower you and will also try to go away from you if it fails in overpowering you. you will have to use all your powers to hold it. it will try to take you out of the circle. Even if you succeed, then getting it inside you will be really difficult for you. He chants the mantra for Hanuman. Hanuman repeats the mantra after his Gurudev. The Maha-astra tries to attack Hanuman. He ducks so as to save himself. Indra Dev remarks that it will be very dangerous for Hanuman if this Astra attacks him. Hanuman thinks to be extra careful so he can catch this Astra. He is about to fall out of the circle twice. Surya Dev guides him to focus his mind. Hanuman finally catches hold of the Maha-astra. It keeps puling Hanuman towards the edge of the circle. Hanuman holds it tightly.

Narad ji hopes Hanuman should be very careful now. If you go out of the circle then your education will remain incomplete.

Hanuman thinks to do something to keep the Astra inside the circle only. I will have to divert it. He holds the Astra high and chants the mantra again. The Astra calms down. Surya Dev and all the Gods bless him. Hanuman feels in pain as the Astra disappears in him. I will bear any amount of pain to complete my education. He stands steady. Surya Dev says I am happy that you got all the 3 Astras with true dedication, patience. You have proved it that you rightly deserve it. Hanuman thanks him. The one who has a Guru like you can achieve anything! Bright light appears around Hanuman.

Narad ji looks at the Kaal Stambha. There is only very less time left. I hope you complete your education. Brahma Dev too thinks now it is up to Hanuman only.

Surya Dev shares with Hanuman that all his knowledge transferred in to him when he gulped him down thinking him to be Aakash-phal. It is in your subconscious. I have to bring it to life. It can be a little too much for you. Indra Dev is worried for Hanuman. How will he handle it all in one go? It can be dangerous for him. He has no other option to obtain it otherwise. Hanuman tells his Gurudev he can tolerate any amount of pain to complete his education. My knowledge only will guide me in future and make me meet the one I am destined to meet! Surya Dev nods. He gets down from his chariot and walks closer to Hanuman. I am going to give you mine and Tridev’s entire knowledge. He prays to Tridev to help him. Tridev bless him with their powers / knowledge. Hanuman feels a little uneasy as he stands near all the energies. Surya Dev turns to Hanuman. Now it is your turn to imbibe all the knowledge. A lot of changes occur in Mother Nature as Surya Dev starts the process of transferring all the knowledge in Hanuman. He is having difficulty in taking it in, but he sticks to his ground. The pain only increases as Surya Dev gives Brahma gyan, and Narayan gyan one by one to Hanuman.

Precap: Hanuman is receiving Mahadev gyan from Surya Dev. All the Gods worry for Hanuman. There are chances of mishap (of Hanuman’s body exploding even).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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