Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman expands his size. Lakshman thinks Hanuman went ahead him in saving the yagya as well. Hanuman picks up the cart in which the brothers and the ingredients for the yagya are. The thugs cheer Jai Hanuman.

Anjana rudely tells his mother to go to her house. Till when will you sit on my head? Nani says the same to her. Anjana is about to retort when she feels dizzy. Kesari holds her in time but she pushes him away. stay away from me. you distanced me from my son. don’t come near me. She leaves from there. Nani is irked with Anjana. Kesari cannot understand why they both are behaving this way.

The Pishachs are on their way to Ayodhya and so is Hanuman and the brothers. Shatrughana asks Hanuman to speed up. We are still very far from Ayodhya. The ingredients

for the yagya must be over by now. Hanuman nods.

Guru Vashishtha points out to Maharaj that tha Agni can douse anytime. How will we continue it? The ingredients are about to finish. Sumitra is worried for Lakshman and Shatrughana. Maharaj asks Yuddhajeet to send someone to look for the kids. Yuddhajeet nods.

Commander tells Kesari that everyone is fighting amongst themselves in Sumeru. People have gathered outside the palace. They revolt against Kesari and try to break open the door. Commander cannot understand how people became rebels suddenly. Kesari is also puzzled. Anjana and Ma are also behaving differently. What has happened to everyone?

Only the ingredients worth a few more aahuti’s are available. The yagya will end then. Maharaj and Guru Vashishtha pray to Bholenath. They notice something in the sky. Pishachs reach Ayodhya along with the storm containing trees and stones. They all look out curiously. Maha Pishach cannot go there. He orders the storm to head towards the palace. Kaikayi asks Maharaj to do something. He himself is concerned. The yagya is incomplete and now this problem has come up! Ram’s sister says Hanuman bhaiya is also not here. Manthra smirks. This is the attack of Ravan’s army of Pishachs. Now no one will be able to save the yagya and Ram. Maha Pishach directs the stones towards the yagya. Everyone at palace wonder how to stop this problem. We cannot lift a weapon.

Lakshman notices the storm above Ayodhya. Shatrughana says some mayavi power is behind it. Hanuman nods. These stones did not come here naturally. He notices the Pishachs hiding in between.

The yagya continues. The storm is headed towards the palace. Hanuman tells Lakshman that the Pishachs have attacked on Ayodhya big time. We will have to go there asap. Guru Vashishtha prays to Mahadev. The ingredients for the yagya are about to end. The effect of the pious smoke sprinkled by Hanuman is also decreasing. Show us some way now, Mahadev. Save this Agni of yagya. Lakshman tells Hanuman only he can stop this problem now. Hanuman closes his eyes.

Maha Pishach decides to go down himself. The effect of the yagya is getting weak. I will see who saves Ram now. You all attack from the sky and earth. Dig up to Ayodhya and end everything!

Manthra wants to meet Maha Pishach so they can plan further. She removes her Raksha-Sutra. Yuddhajeet is surprised to see them there. Maha Pishach says we have to use your bodies to stop the yagya. Manthra and Yuddhajeet look panicked. Maha Pishach says we Pishachs are of no one. You made a very big mistake by trusting us. The Pishachs enter inside Manthra and Yuddhajeet.

The friendship of an evil takes us to wrong path. Same was happening with Manthra and Yuddhajeet. This is why people say it is good to befriend good people.

Yuddhajeet and Manthra laugh out evilly. No one will be able to stop us now!

Maharaj says I am losing out to the situation today. I am helpless before fate! I can neither save the yagya nor Ayodhya. Please help us Lord! Ram’s sister notices Hanuman high up in the air. Everyone is relieved to see him. Maharaj says the kids are with Hanuman only. If he comes here then what the condition of Sumeru will be!

The citizens fail in breaking open the door. The soldiers and Kesari stand guard on the other side of the gate. Anjana and Nani try to run towards the gate. Kesari stops them. The Pishachs enter inside. Anjana and Nani smile seeing them. The Pishachs tell Kesari it is they who have got a hold of everyone in Sumeru. These people are doing everything as per our wish. No one will be saved today. Everyone will die! The doors are open now. Anjana again shouts at the soldiers. Don’t stop them. They are our citizens. Kesari tries to hold them. you too are under the influence of Pishachs. I wont let you do anything. Come inside. Anjana apologizes to him. She has been acting. She pushes him as soon as his attention is diverted. The Pishach inside ANjana says we only are doing it. No one will be able to stop us now!

Kesari is concerned for everyone. Will everything end all of a sudden? Pishach says I could have manipulated your mind too but I want someone to be in fear too! It is so much fun to see people in pain and fear! Kesari keeps holding Anjana and nani back.

Devi Kaushalya is sure they will be free from the Pishachs now. Hanuman has come as a ray of hope. Maharaj agrees with him. Hanuman brings the brothers and the puja ingredients safely inside the palace. Everyone is happy to see them safe. Hanuman returns to his original size.

Precap: The last part of yagya has begun. Ram is asked to step forward. Yuddhjaeet / Pishach warns Maharaj that he wont let the yagya complete. I will take away your son right before your eyes! Hanuman is busy controlling the storm.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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