Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman taking the mountain dronagiri with him. As hanuman is going he says why do I feel like i am over some place very holy? Hanuman goes and then looks down, he sees ayodhya and says oh its lord rams city ayodhya that is why I feel so pure and nice. Hanuman says he will go as fast and save laxman and sita.
There in forest rams brother bharat is there. He sees hanuman coming with the mountain, he thinks its some monster who wants to destroy ayodhya by throwing this mountain on the city. Bharat thinks he should kill this huge monster before he does anything worse to aydhya. Hanuman says this city is so holy and everyone will be happy when ram laxman and sita return happily. Bharat attack hanuman with a blessed arrow. Hanuman gets hurt and says what

kind of arrow is this that hurt me too? The mountain falls from hanumans hands, bharat thinks the monster throw the mountain. Hanuman is hurt and he says nothing should happen to ayodhya and this mountain, hanuman with his strength goes and holds the mountain on the ground he saves ayodhya. Bharat sees this and does not fire the 2nd arrow and says what is he doing? Hanuman keeps the mountain and falls down. Ram there feels that hanuman is in trouble, vibhishan asks what happened lord ram? Ram says I think hanuman is in danger, jambhuvan says nothing can stop sankat mochan hanuman and he will complete his task. Sita feels that hanuman is in danger, her servant says what happened? Sita says I feel hanuman is in danger and he needs help, servant and a woman monster says nothing will happen to him my lady and he will do his task. There hanuman sees bharat and sees rams shadow in it. he comes back to his normal form and says lord ram, he says from lords rams shadow I know its your lord rams brother bharat and I am a servant of lord ram. Bharat says what? What happened to ram and laxman and what are you doing with this mountain? Hanuman says I will tell you everything my lord, hanuman tells bharat everything about how he met ram and laxman and after ravana took sita and that they are having a war now. Bharat has tears in his eyes, hanuman tells him about laxman getting hit by a dangerous blessed arrow and for that he needed sanjeevani buti from the mountain so he took the entire mountain as he could not understand which is sanjeevani buti. Bharat cries and says you are helping my brothers and I attacked you and I am very sorry. Hanuman smiles and says it is not your mistake and you are my lords brother and have his blessings and bless me so that I complete this task. Hanuman says laxman will be saved if I bring this mountain to sage Valmiki on time. Bharat says I will come too, hanuman says no you should not otherwise ravana will take this advantage and attack ayodhya. Bharat says okay you go and save my brother laxman and bring back sita ram and laxman. Hanuman takes mountain and goes.
Ram is worried, hanuman comes with the mountain. Jambhuvan says see there is hanuman. Hanuman stops with the mountain and lands on ground. A breeze comes as hanuman stands on the ground. Ram is happy as hanuman comes. Hanuman gets back to his normal form and runs to ram and says because of your blessings lord I did my task. Vibhishan says hanuman you are great and you are unbelievable, you brought the entire mountain here full of medicinal plants, you are truly great. Hanuman tells ram, lord I brought bharats regards too. Ram is happu as he hears about bharat and says my brother. As sun is about to rise. Sage Valmiki says hanuman the time is less so we have to go and collect the medicines together. Hanuman says okay and becomes huge. Sage Valmiki stands on his hands. Hanuman takes valmiki to the mountain and stands in front of it. Valmiki prays to god and puts his hands forward, the different medicinal plants come together in valmikis hands and they turn into a single medicinal holy leaf. Hanuman takes Valmiki to laxman and returns back to his normal form. Valimiki takes the red holy leaf and crushes it in his hand and puts it on laxmnas stabbed wound. The blessed arrow in laxmans wound gets red, Valmiki removes it and arrow disappears. Valmiki puts the medicinal leaf on laxmans stabbed wound and prays. Laxmans hand and legs start moving. Laxman opens his eyes. Ram Valmiki hanuman and everyone is happy.

Precap: ram and all the commanders and the army have gathered. Ram says I will kill that cunning ravana with my holy blessed arrow. There ravana says now my son will come to kill you ram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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