Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahu gives his intro. It is his task to eat up sun on solar eclipse. I am going to eat it. Maruti is surprised. Everyone was trying to stop me while he is already here to eat the Aakash-phal! You have no body? What will you do after eating the Aakash-phal? How will you digest it? Maruti is going to eat it as he is very hungry. Ma is also very sad because of my hunger. Rahu retorts that he has no right over any of it. It is my right to eat it. Maruti says the same facts again. Rahu decides to punish him.

Anjana and Kesari are disturbed thinking where their son could possibly be!

Rahu hits Maruti straight in the stomach but it only ends up making Maruti laugh. Rahu tries again but this time near the neck. Maruti is taken aback.

Lankesh is counting the minutes to

solar eclipse.

Maruti realises that he is actually hitting him but why! Rahu tries again but Maruti jumps aside. Maruti says I have no enmity with you yet why are you doing this with me. Maruti keeps saving himself. This infuriates Rahu. Rahu hits him on the head and Maruti reasons that he is forcing Maruti to do this. Forgive me please! He pushes Rahu away. Rahu disappears far away. Surya Dev is shocked to see this. This kid even defeated an Asura like Rahu! Maruti eyes the Aakash-phal hungrily. Narad ji was right that there will be lots of obstacles in my way but I will eat it anyhow.

The yagya gets over in Sumeru. It is about time for solar eclipse. Anjana thinks that the soldiers should have been here by now.

Lankesh and his FIL are shocked to see the shine gone from the guard. They see the sun all shining brightly. The priest points out that it is time for the solar eclipse but it hasn’t begun yet. I don’t see any indications of the solar eclipse. Lankesh is angry. It is time for Rahu to do his task. Where are you Rahu! Rahu is still flying in the galaxy because of Maruti’s push. Lankesh wonders if Gods have done another plan to stop Rahu from doing this. They are well aware that we Asuras do puja during this time to increase our powers. If it is so then they will have to bear the brunt of my anger!

Purohit tells Anjana and Kesari that the solar eclipse has got delayed. Soldiers inform them about Maruti heading towards the sky in an attempt to eat Aakash-phal. Anjana panics. I knew that his powers will create troubles for him one day. They look up in the sky. Anjana prays to Lord to save her son. Hope no evil befalls him!

Rahu complains to Devraj Indra. I have been cheated. The pact during the Amrit Manthan has been broken. I did not ease down on sun and moon because I am in this condition because of them. As per the pact, I had to eat sun today. it can create another war between Dev and Asuras. Devraj Indra is surprised. Rahu tells him about the vanar kid who dint let him reach near Surya. It pushed me away.

Devraj Indra has no idea who that vanar kid is. This shocks Rahu too. Devraj Indra agrees to punish the vanar kid if he is right and is playing with Nature. No one will stop you from eating the sun.

Maruti stands near Surya. Surya Dev doesn’t want to become a joke amongst other Gods in case this vanar kid eats me. I will have to stop him. Surya Dev goes out too. Narad ji watches Maruti. Kaal Dev, Agni Dev and Varun Dev failed before him (Maruti). Now it is your turn. Surya Dev still is confident that this kid wont be able to do so. I am very huge. Maruti makes up his mind to eat it. I had to come so far just to eat it. It is huge in size so Maruti too increases his size. He opens his mouth but the sun grows bigger.

There is extreme sunshine and heat on earth because of the same. Everyone on earth is tensed to experience it.

Maruti knows that Aakash-phal is increasing in size as it knows that I am really hungry. Narad ji has shown a very big fruit to me. My hunger will satiate and Ma will be fine too. He increases his size yet again and Surya Dev follows suit.

It has a direct effect on the entire world. People on earth are unable to bear the heat. They think that Surya Dev is angry. There is fire in the forest, lava bursts and sea is also unstable. Anjana calls out for her son. Where are you!

Ma Parvati points out that’s Surya Dev will explode if he tries to grow too big. The world will be doomed and he will be destroyed too. Maruti is in no mood to give up.

Precap: Everyone is either fainting or everything is reacting due to the extreme heat. Anjana pleads to God to do something. Lord Shiva stops Surya Dev from growing in size. Maruti eats it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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