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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman thanks Matang Rishi for his guidance. We do get successful when we do what elders tell us to. Matang Rishi calls him a great example of patience and modesty. You made the impossible possible. No one else could do it. He blesses Hanuman.

Another King (Jamawant) enters just then. They all greet one another. Kesari welcomes him. All the guests have come. Matang Rishi asks Kesari to start the meeting. Kesari waits for Panchfann and Jatayu. Someone says they are enemies since the beginning. They continue fighting with each other. It is possible that they came face to face and got busy in fighting. It is useless to wait anymore. Kesari agrees. Let’s start the meeting then. Everyone cheers for him. Sugriv comes running there. He asks Hanuman to come with him to the musicians

and dancers. It will be fun. He greets Jamawant who asks for Vali. Sugriv shares that he is still not back from his tapasya. Hanuman says it would have been fun if he was here too. He will certainly complete his tapasya. I have full faith in him.

The citizens see something unusual and look tensed. Everyone looks in the same direction. Riksharaj says it seems like my son Vali is coming back after gaining a boon because of his tapasya. It turns out to be Panchfann and Jatayu. Kalnemi is shocked to see them together. Hanuman recalls his previous encounters with Panchfann. Riksharaj asks them how they are together. This is a miracle. Jatayu replies that their enmity is over. We are friends now. Sugriv thinks everyone thought Vali Bhaiya was coming. Where is he?

Vali hits his mace at the mountain and it breaks a little to make space for him. One stone flies in the air.

Ravan is doing tapasya (of Brahma Dev). The stone lands there and destroys the havan kund. He is angry. Who did this? My wish to get Amrit did not complete. Who is that unlucky person who challenged Ravan? Who intervened in my puja? Who doused the fire of my Agni Kund? Whoever he is he has done a very big mistake!

Vali jumps down and lands safely on his feet. I am coming Hanuman. I will defeat you and kill you! Ravan notices Vali. Surprisingly, it isn’t a big warrior but an ordinary vanar! Another vanar! I will kill him with my own hands now. Think of your God vanar as you are going to die soon. I am Ravan! He gathers his energies.

Hanuman is happy to know that the age old enemies are friends now. How did it happen? Panchfann says you are the reason behind it. You showed me the right path. I followed that only. I caught Meghasur. If I wouldn’t have done it then there would have been a war between garud’s and Naag’s. Meghasur is a very dangerous snake who used to attack garud’s (eagles), pollute water, hurt animals and nature. It was important to catch him. It was difficult but I succeeded in doing so with the help of other Naag’s. Jatayu adds that Panchfann did a favour on us by doing that. Since then we have become friends. Hanuman is glad to know it. Hope you both remain friends for forever. Hanuman’s friends request Hanuman to sing a song. He notices everyone’s expectant faces and agrees to sing.

Ravan is looking for Vali. Vali thinks I am coming before you now Hanuman to break your pride with my powers.

Hanuman sings a song in praise of Mahadev. Many avatars of Hanuman spread between the citizens, play different instruments and dance merrily. All Gods smile. World stops for a fraction of second as he chants Om.

Ravan wonders why his Pushpak viman stopped.

Hanuman chants Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and resumes singing. On the other hand, Ravan’s Pushpak Viman moves again.

Tridev bless Hanuman. Citizens cheer for Hanuman. Anjana wipes her tears. Hanuman thanks everyone. I did not realise that it is time to do evening puja.

Vali thinks the same. It is time for evening puja. Ravan begins to follow Vali. He asks Vali to stop. Ravan addresses him as vanar. Vali turns to look at him. Ravan says you are the same fool who created a hindrance in Dashanan Ravan’s tapasya. Vali says whoever you are, don’t try to create a problem for me or I will punish you. Vali is going for evening puja. Ravan laughs. Do you even know who am I? Vali does not care and is neither interested. It does not even matter to me. Ravan comes before Vali in his Dashanan avatar. Vali does not get afraid. He instead smiles seeing Dashanan Ravan. I got a chance to use my boons on this fool before using them on Markat.

Precap: Ravan attacks Vali but nothing harms him. Hanuman wonders why the birds flew away before night. I sense something wrong. I will have to check.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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