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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
To test the genuinety of lord rama’s devotee, hanuman starts chanting prayers and hymns, disguised as a monk. vibhishan inside is utterly shocked and boggled, as to who has the guts to utter rama’s name, in Lanka, to face Raavan’s ire. he opens the door to find a monk. he tries to point out who is he devoted to. hanumamn utters the name Rama, and talks about its importance. vibhishan is skeptic of his identity, and asks him if he knows the consequences of his chanting. but he continues to chant on, and the things again revert back to what they were. vibhishan is aghast. he thinks that this must be a trap filled Spy. he gets a knife out, and asks whats all this, and whats he trying to prove. hanuman says that a true devotee

can hide his devotion to the lord, just like a flower cant hide his fragrance. he says that neither he, nor he himself can hide ram’s devotion. he appears in his true self, and assures vibhishan, that he isnt a Raavan sent spy, but he is merely a servant of Lord Rama, Hanuman, and asks for his introduction. vibhishan looks around tensedly, and then asks him to step in first please. hanuman complies. vibhishan talks about raavan’s scare at the utterance of lord rama. hanuman asks why does he believe him. vibhishan says that only a rama’s true devotee, can be so humble and polite. he asks him to sit. hanuman says that he is here for an important work, and until he finishes that, he can neither, eat nor drink or rest. when asked for info, vibhishan says that he is raavan’s youngest brother, but true devotee of lord rama. Hanuman is shocked. he says that he must be wondering how he follows lord rama, even after being a demon. he says that after praying to the Brahma, he had asked for devotion and prayer as a blessing, and he knows that Lord Narayna, has reincarnated as rama, and hence he chants that name only. hanuman asks how does he manage to stay within demons. vibhishan says that he stays in like the tongue in between teeth, and continues his devotion to lord rama. hanuman is overwhelmed. vibhishan asks him to tell about himself in detail. hanuman says that he is a mere servant, in search for sita. vibhishan says that he is lucky to have been his messenger, and do this pious work, and laments at his bad luck, that being born in demon ancestry, he cant stay anywhere close to him. hanuman asks him not to think so, as lord rama never discriminates between his devotees, based on their ancestry. he talks about how rama and sita are apalled, at being separated from each other, and his search is paramount. vibhishan is disgusted that lord rama is grieved, due to his elder brother, Raavan. he says that he tried to make him understand, but he didnt comply. he again laments at his bad luck, that despite being lord rama’s devotee, he cant come to his Lord’s aid. hanuman comes to him, and asks him not to be sad, as he has the trust, that he must have tried whatever he was capable of. he says that raavan shall pay for this heinous crimes, and offers that if he wishes to aid lord rama’s task, he should tell him about Sita’s whereabouts. vibhishan complies, but adds that the area is totally guarded by demons, and even if he enters, he wont be able to get out. hanuman asks him not to bother about that, as lord rama’s name itself shall solve all problems. he asks him to just tell where and in which direction he has to go. vibhishan complies and opens the door. they both step out. Vibhishan shows him the way, until he reaches a garden, Ashok Vatika, containing all types of trees, and thats where he shall find sita. hanuman is determined and overwhelmed as he starts his flight towards Ashok Vatika. he seeks his permission to leave, so that he fulfills the task soon and reaches back to lord rama. he is on the lookout for the gardens, thinking that merely a few moments later, shall the moment come, which he had been eagerly waiting for, when he shall seek sita’s blessings, after which he shall narrate everything and Ram’s condition to sita, who must definitely be happy to see him. but after a while, he starts getting impatient, as he is un able to find any kind of garden that Vibhishan mentiones. he finds a top tower, and lands atop it, to scan the area for any garden, as he arrives in his grand avatar. he is apalled that he is so helpless and disappointed with himself, that he isnt able to find Sita, and becomes frustrated, and asks if he would have to return back, disappointed, to lord rama, without seeing her or talking to her. ram too instinctively feels depressed. Hanuman is determined that he cant go like this to Rama, as he would give away his life, and then Laxman would sacrifice his life too, and then the brothers, Bharat and Shatrughan too wouldnt be able to live. he thinks about Angad and his sucidal mature, and wonders how many people’s lives’ burden he has on his shoulders, all of which he is to blamed for. he is determined that he wont allow this to happen, and that his success is paramount, in Lord rama’s work, and that he has to overcome all challenges, while chanting Lord Rama’s name, and achieve his motive. he starts his chants, with full vigour and aggression. the weather becomes tumultous seeing his aggression. finally, he spots a garden with utmost security, and thinks that this must definitely be the one, Vibhishan was talking about. he folds his hands in gratitude and progresses towards it. As he steps in the gardens, the minute hanuman’s feet touch the ground, it creates a ripple, that seems lik a strong earthquake to raavan and others. raavan is shocked as he is woken from his sleep. hanuman looks around in the garden, in all directions, and is amazed at the wonderful variety of fruits and flowers, that is beyond imagination, but reminds himself that he is here to search for sita, and starts in a particular direction. he is continuously tempted and distracted but he determined.


Precap: Hanuman continues to lure around in the gardens, and then finally, finds sita sitting under a tree, tensed and restless. he is overwhelmed as he eyes the lord’s ring and then sita sitting, peaceful, calm and composed. He talks to sita, who is visibly tensed, and explains how gratifying it is to have finally gotten to meet her and see her blessings. Meanwhile, an egoist Raavan arrives with his ladies, and confronts sita, while hanuman watches from a distance. he is enraged, as raavan eyes her viciously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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